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Opportunities and challenges of adaptive virtualization Infrastructure management

Opportunities and challenges for self-aware virtualized infrastructure Management Xiaoyun Zhu VMware June 3, 2012 [download Address] :

Document] OpenStack Overview

OpenStack overview [Download Address]:

Document] The way of SAE

The way of sae--work for PaaS up Sina App. Engine team Weibo @SinaAppEngine [download Address] Wtopic-13056.aspx ...

Create page as HttpHandler with Pagepaser

In, page is actually a httphandler, which processes the request, and then returns a whole bunch of HTML. So is it possible to instantiate a page class and get the results of its processing? A simple reasoning can explain that this is not possible. Because if we instantiate page, so the new page (), this is a standard. NET code, the compiler is not aware of the relevant page.aspx content. So need pagepaser help, and Pagepaser is also inside ...

Tanxiaosheng: The Crisis of the sky--the enterprise security to the cloud

Tanxiaosheng: The Crisis of the sky--the enterprise security in the cloud--the hot spot in the Enterprise security field • The network threat of the cloud Era apt Attack introduction • Exit • Corporate Security download Address:

Document] MapReduce and Intro to Cloud Computing

MapReduce and Intro to Cloud Computing Jim Dowling [download Address]

Introduction to MVC 3 beta new features

The return of National Day holiday, just in time to catch up with MVC 3 beta release, and you share some of my experience.   The first is the change in the selection interface when creating the project: 1.View engine.   Razor This view engine is added to mvc 3. If you have both index.aspx and index.cshtml in the project you created, the default MVC will select the ASPX view to display. But you can go through the g ...

Security issues in cloud computing environment (National Defense Science and Technology University)

Security issues in cloud computing environment (National Defense Science and Technology University)

Microsoft Cloud Computing platform Windows Azure and HPC application migration

Microsoft Cloud computing Platform Windows Azure and HPC Application migration Microsoft Schuffen Windows Azure Introduction-running HPC applications on Windows Azure-from applications to services [download address]: /showtopic-13987.aspx

[Documentation] Parallel Data Mining algorithm toolbox and data Mining cloud based on Hadoop platform

Parallel Data Mining algorithm toolbox and data Mining cloud based on Hadoop platform [download Address]

Interoperability and use-case analysis of Microsoft cloud computing

Microsoft cloud Computing Interoperability and use-Case analysis Section Snow Ming [content] Microsoft Cloud Computing Scenario features interoperability case analysis [download address]:

[PPT] OpenStack in Sina

OpenStack in Sina chenghui [catalog] OpenStack Overview Architecture Analysis Integration Changes Sina contributions [download address]http://bbs.

[Document] cloud computing and mobile internet

Cloud computing and mobile Internet LU Zuo [content] Cloud Computing Overview Cloud Computing Solutions Cloud computing Services Cloud mode Mobile cloud computing [download Address]

Cloud computing Security: Technology and applications

Cloud computing Security: Technology and application--China Telecom Network Security Laboratory [download Address]:

[Documentation] Mobile Cloud computing Frontier Information

Mobile Cloud Computing Frontier Information

[Document] cloud computing and pervasive computing

Cloud computing and Pervasive Computing [download address]

[Recommended] Microsoft Virtual College

Microsoft Virtual College your IT skills to help you get a career promotion through an easily accessible free training portal. At your own pace, concentrate on learning Microsoft technologies, getting points, and gaining recognition.

Document] Security in the Cloud

Security in the cloud [download address]

Document] Big Data 處理 using Apache Hadoop

Big Data 處理 using Apache Hadoop to explore the use of Hadoop for large data processing under cloud computing systems [download Address]

Microsoft Partner Network Cloud service vulnerabilities

April 15 News, according to foreign media reports, bug Lab experts are busy helping Microsoft fix some serious vulnerabilities that affect two types of services provided by Microsoft, the most important of which are persistent scripting code injection vulnerabilities that are found in Microsoft's partner Web cloud services. To prove their findings, the experts produced a video showing how an attacker could execute malicious code by injecting a persistent scripting code into a vulnerability in the Microsoft Cloud ASPX service. The main character in this video is Benj, CEO of the lab.

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