Asset Management System Database Design

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How does the enterprise choose Cloud Recruiting system?

Many enterprises pay more and more attention to recruitment management.   Drive hiring Manager or HR director There are many reasons to pay attention to the recruitment management, on the one hand, from the fierce competition from outside talent, recruiting and employing the right talent more and more difficult; On the other hand, the internal management efficiency and quality need to upgrade, recruitment process, internal synergy, resources within the sharing factors. What is recruitment management software recruitment software English is recruitment Software or recruiting Software, narrowly ...

Big data platform security construction plan sharing

With the country's strategic thinking of promoting big data to promote economic and social transformation and development, the construction of big data platform is now the focus of government informationization construction, and provincial governments rely on a strong information system to take the lead.

How to occupy the traditional newspaper industry in the big data age?

The data again "big" no useful is equal to zero, to collect "slow data" "Live data" on the internet every moment in the production of data, people's lives everywhere in the various devices, such as computers, mobile phones, smart appliances, sensors and so on, can always leave traces of human behavior, real-time data generation, These increased geometric levels of data deposition on the Web, become large data. These large numbers of data again "big" no useful is equal to zero, to collect "slow data" "Live data ...

Oracle launches first cloud operating system Solaris 11

Oracle recently announced the launch of the industry's first cloud operating system Oracle Solaris 11. Oracle Solaris 11 meets the security, performance, and scalability requirements of cloud-based environments, enabling customers to run the most demanding enterprise applications in a private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud. Is the industry's first fully virtualized operating system, providing comprehensive and built-in virtualization capabilities for operating systems, networks, and storage resources. In addition to the built-in virtualization features, Oracle Solaris 11 is also available for x86 based ...

How does "big data" strengthen or even replace management?

Marketing executives at a sizable retail company in the United States recently found themselves ignorant of sales reports. One of its major rivals is continuing to expand market share in a range of business areas. Despite a combination of online promotions and optimized sales, her company continued to lose ground in the city. So she summoned the top brass to do a thorough study of the competition and found that the root of the problem was far beyond their imagination. Opponents invest heavily to improve the ability to collect, consolidate and analyze data from stores and apply them to each sales unit. It also links this information to the database of suppliers, ...

Ten schools of marketing: from the essence

Mintzberg is known as the "deviant in Management", in its strategic course: the strategic Management School, he did not give a clear definition of strategy, but the strategic theory to 10 schools, and to comment on. The simple explanation of strategy from one perspective, he argues, is like elephant: The man who touches his nose says the elephant is a snake, the man who touched the ear said that the elephant is a fan, the person who touches the knee says the elephant is a tree, the person who touches the tail says elephant is a rope, the person that touches elephant body says elephant is a wall ... We may as well use this method to think and deconstruct the strategic tube ...

Decryption of quantitative investment

Xu Yibo/Wen, following the 2004, 2005, Everbright Baode Letter Quantification Core fund and the investment Morgan Alpha Fund respectively issued, after 4 years, with the establishment of the fine quantitative Fund, as well as the China Sea Quantitative Strategy fund issued a few days ago, quantitative investment method once again caused the domestic market and investors attention. In the qualitative investment in the domestic fund market, quantitative investment is slightly mysterious, by the Sino-Sea Quantitative Strategy fund issue, China Sea Quantitative Strategy fund manager Mr. Li Yangang, Joint Securities New Product Development department Xiaijiang and the National Gold Securities Fund Research Center Professional ...

Han Ding Consulting: entrepreneur Behind the entrepreneur

As the largest IPO consulting company in China, Ding-ting consulting industry and media attention in recent years.   We have an interview with Wang Yushou, executive director of the Han Ding consulting company, in order to have a deep understanding of the industry and Han Ding Consulting.   Journalist: What is the background of the fourth kind of financial service institutions that have been vigorously developed in recent years? Wang Yushou: In the process of listing, the main service providers include securities firms, accounting firms, law firms and the fourth type of financial advisory services. The fourth kind of financial Advisory service organization's characteristic is the service domain is more extensive, simple ...

Analysis: Private cloud practice of Beijing Network broadcasting and TV station

From the second half of 2013, the media and new media analysis. Is the traditional media a outworn or a bold change in the face of the new media, which is increasingly thriving through mobile interconnection and social networking? IPTV counterattack is the whole industry a solo show, but only small-tip angle? Chance, invited to Beijing TV station Suzhou Street site of the new media work base, and Beijing TV New Media Center deputy Director Chiu and Cloud software CEO Zhang Fubo talk about the Beijing Network radio and television station cloud platform practice, close observation of radio and television enterprises private Cloud project construction, experience and future development direction. ...

Big data is the killer app for cloud computing

The relationship between big data and cloud computing has caused some confusion. In order to facilitate the discussion of the relationship between the two, from the "calculation" and "data" of the historical relationship. Because cloud computing is first a kind of "calculation", large data is first a kind of "data", and computer is used to "calculate" "data". Computers are software-and hardware-separated, a software-defined electronic product (programmable). An important issue in computer design is how to effectively manage hardware resources such as CPU, memory, and I/O, and how to make these resources reasonably available to applications. These two major tasks are embedded in various ...

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