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Application and improvement of key agreement protocol in cloud computing environment

Application and improvement of key agreement protocol in cloud computing environment Nimmin in order to solve the problem of the adaptability of the existing key agreement protocol in the cloud computing environment, the paper deeply analyzes the security requirements of the cloud computing scene to the key agreement protocol, and combines the security performance defects of the existing IKEV2 protocol, adopts the puzzle mechanism, The key material and the delayed transmission of identity information are used to improve the IKEV2, and a key agreement protocol ike-c adapted to the cloud computing network environment is proposed, which effectively improves the responder's anti Denial-of-service (DoS) attack capability, and resolves the man-in-the-middle attack which leads to the identity leakage of the initiator.

A Resource Integrity metrics protocol for IAAS tenants

A resource Integrity metric protocol for IAAS tenants Hu Haiseng Anyan presented an IAAS (infrastructure as a service) Integrity metric protocol to the 騻, which allows tenants to initiate measurement and validation of IaaS resources. Enables tenants to detect the integrity of their own resources and enhance the visibility of the IaaS resource state. The security and completeness of the protocol are analyzed by using SVO logic, and the experimental platform is used to verify the attack capability and time performance of the Protocol. Analysis and experiment prove ...

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