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Brand influence World World Influence organization named Haier as world famous brand

The world Influence organization, headquartered in London, has released the latest issue of the Global household Appliance Market Research index. China's home appliance brand Haier by virtue of the global market brand influence and reputation, selected "world famous brand" ranks. At the same time, Haier's air-conditioning, water heaters, freezers are selected in the world famous brand products. This is the first time the Chinese brand won the World Influence organization, this is Haier won the global sales champion, once again won the world's authoritative organization recognition. Haier's brand influence is global consumers as a set of international, public welfare, academic in one of the world-renowned countries ...

"Silicon Valley Link" Jobs died and still received 141 patents

In the daily link to the Silicon Valley, the most fresh information! The "Silicon Valley" here refers to the typical and innovative business representatives abroad. 1. American Black Friday authoritative electric War newspaper: soaring near 24% <> according to the US Science and technology news website Recode reports, from the authoritative organization Adobe, ChannelAdvisor and Custora Company's statistics show that this year's Black week ...

Authorities say the market size of hand tour will reach tens of billions of dollars 2014

The latest survey by Futuresource Consulting, the authoritative investigative agency, predicts that global mobile gaming will reach $10 billion trillion in 2014,/wendy. The forecast comes from the company's recently released mobile gaming report, which predicts that future Apple app stores and Google's Android store will be the main destinations for mobile gaming revenue. By 2014, the market share of mobile app online stores will rise from 40% to 95%. Analyze the amount of money purchased in the short term despite free value-added model programs and games ...

Who needs human resources management most?

What is human resource management? What is the difference between human resource management and personnel management? Why hundreds of of domestic and foreign software manufacturers large and small in recent years have been optimistic about the human resources management market? Where are the market opportunities here?  "CIO Survey" in the recent interview survey of nearly 20 industry and enterprise users, let us listen to the true voice of users from the first line ... According to the investigation and analysis of authoritative organization, human resource management will be separated from ERP system gradually, and the new information investment hotspot of enterprise should be formed. So, what kind of human resource management system does the enterprise need? Its market development potential ...

China Gold Group sold gold ingot Rust suspected iron

There was rust on the bottom of the silver piece. This reporter Tao take "gold piece to put a long time still can rust?" In 2010, Mr. Shen bought gold products at the Chinese Gold Group counter and placed them in the custody of the bank. Recently he took out the silver piece of the gold piece and found that there were erythema and rust. Yesterday, China Gold Group Marketing Co., Ltd. Chairman Yun Tao said that the problem of the silver ingot can be inspected by professional inspection agencies, if there is quality problems, they will be in accordance with the relevant legal provisions for compensation. Saying that the buyer gold is a red spot rust October 27, 2010, Shen in Daxing District Double Security Market Limited liability ...

What is the market meaning of the cloud TV standard?

3 months after China's color TV industry entered the cloud era, the industry standard of cloud TV finally comes out, Beijing Zhong Yi Kang Times Market Research Limited Company, TCL, Phoenix, first financial news and so on 20 authoritative organization and the media jointly release the world First "cloud television industry recommendation Standard", to cloud TV from system, platform, hardware, software, application, Interactive, service, industrial chain and other aspects of the overall definition. Admittedly, the "standard" of the timely and health, technological progress and industrial integration is driving the rapid development of cloud audio-visual industry, and in this industry change, the immutable is still "terminal first." From the hair ...

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