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Taiwanese game makers scramble to authorize mainland China to charge as much as $5 million

October 13 Morning News, according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan's game manufacturers have to authorize the game to the mainland market, licensing fees up to more than 5 million U.S. dollars. Mainland China to become Taiwan's game manufacturers military battleground, after years of fighting, Taiwan's game manufacturers to enter the mainland also in this year, next year, not only the Chinese network Dragon shout out this year, "Chinese heroes" overseas licensing fee will create the highest record of Taiwan authorized, the manufacturers such as Yu-June, Yu Quan,  Daewoo Information has also been the game to authorize the mainland market. Homemade Game maker China Dragon Agent spokesman Jiangxeline ...

How to deal with the delicate situation of luxury goods

Four countermeasures against foreign enemies entering China 1. The rapid "amnesty" was acquired 2. Expansion of the agent fashion brand 3. To lower the value of the public brand 4. Transition to luxury navigation China's luxury goods dealers are in a delicate situation. Reporter recently learned that, in the experience of a number of luxury electric dealers, brand unauthorized, loss, and other consecutive bad, the domestic online luxury industry again encounter rivals, including the old British power network net-a-porter, such as the major overseas luxury goods to kill the electric dealers. Analysis points out that the luxury goods dealers will become after group buying, the other ...

Iffy training qualification and "two associates"

Absrtact: Just after the Lunar New Year, Wusuyan's heart is almost without a hint of warmth. With the lily net lasted nearly a year of the dispute let her suffer from the mental burden of torture. Just discharged her soon, wait not to Lily net unfeeling break up after any account, next, is Christie Lunar New Year just, Wusuyan heart but almost no hint of warmth. With the lily net lasted nearly a year of the dispute let her suffer from the mental burden of torture. Just discharged her soon, wait not to Lily net unfeeling "break up" after any account, next, is brewing to commercial fraud charges and lily Nets court. Wusuyan and lily nets correction ...

A charged destroyer.

There have been debates inside the east, and there are concerns that too many products will cause consumers to be less concerned about 3C products. "Not really."   "On the contrary, it promotes the sales of our 3C products," Liu said. Liu is a more frugal person in China, and he can see it in his clothes.   But Liu says he has two luxurious places, one of which is a big enough office. In the daiju of Beijing, more than 100 square meters east of the office is indeed luxurious. Every day, he always goes in the office, this is when ...

Legal experts teach you to identify which elements can be cottage

If you want to choose the most easy to make money today's business, in addition to the criminal law has been expressly included in the occupation and open excavators, online games are absolutely ranked among the best. In Hee-hee to shoving in the online gaming industry, copyright infringement has become a lot of practitioners of the "Original Sin." Chinese network game huge market and profits breed countless "cottage" game, immersed in the network game "insiders" seems to have been accustomed to the strange situation of online games. But the phenomenon of "shanzhai" and "plagiarism" will not be the normal of Chinese online games. In recent years, Tencent and other industry bosses will gradually important knowledge production ...

Hong Kong cents shares in the bizarre merger and acquisition of the widespread encounter "Li Ghost"

Lang's television series Mobile TV CMMB (China Mobile multimedia broadcast), encountered unexpected "favor."  A Hong Kong-listed company named "China Broadcasting Holdings" (0471.HK) recently announced the completion of two acquisitions, the acquisition of a "rich learning" company, known as the Chinese only CMMB channel value-added services as a whole operator. September 16, SARFT is responsible for CMMB business operations BCC dissemination of a solemn statement, said that it did not authorize the enrichment of any CMMB channel value-added services overall operation, claiming that Fu is the only CMMB channel in China ...

CNNIC Secrets Chinese Top-class domain name hard to process

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall "who is Cnnic?"   November 25, 2008, University Grammar College junior Zhang sitting in the dormitory computer table bored in the online browsing news, suddenly an MSN friend asked her "Who is Cnnic?", she didn't want to reply said "do not know." Yes, when the vast number of people from Cnnic released the latest report that the total number of Chinese Internet users broke 253 million, leaped into the world first, when many netizens enter domain name landing Internet access to information ...

The whole process of domain name registrar transferred from the new network to the United States GoDaddy

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall from January 16, 2010 to the new network agent request domain name transfer password, to January 27, 2010 13:55 cent whois information domain name registrar changes for GoDaddy, lasted 11 days, my domain name   Successfully transferred abroad. First, why the domain name registrars from the domestic transfer to foreign countries: 1, Full control of the domain name: most of the top-level domain registrars in the country holding the domain name owner of the "Domain name transfer password", set ...

Luxury online Shopping: The true and false games

"The 80% of the Internet purchasing agents are counterfeit products," said Tang Xun Fang.  "In late June, Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas a slap in the face of many luxury sites in an interview with foreign media," he said. In fact, prior to Hermes, many luxury companies have challenged Chinese e-commerce websites. At the end of 2011, Dangdang was exposed to the sale of "shuttle" brand name list.  Later, the shuttle said to the network shopping channel sales of shuttle products do not provide any warranty. This March, Swarovski announced, "in the Chinese region, there is no authorized jingdong ...

US electric trader or farewell tax exemption era

In the highly taxed United States, the Internet sales platform has become a good way for many companies to save costs and enhance price competitiveness, but the dream may soon be over.   local time May 6, the U.S. Senate voted to introduce an online sales tax bill to increase local government revenue. Smooth clearance The Senate, according to the Xinhua News Agency, approved a fair bill for the market by 69 votes to 27 on the day of the Senate, which would authorize all state governments in the United States to sell to businesses via Internet, radio and television advertising, Maik Enzi.

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