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AWS leading cloud market open source database each supernatural

Amazon lead the cloud market Microsoft play affinity card This week for Amazon, it should be "a year of mixed feelings." First of all, AWS's first market training event in China kicked off in Beijing. Nearly 400 participants from all over the country gathered for the venue to open the "AWS China" sign. The second happy event for AWS is that the latest Public Cloud survey from RightScale research shows that AWS has a 54% surveyor usage rate, far behind Rac ...

How does Alibaba Cloud compete with AWS, Microsoft and Google in EMEA?

The Chinese technology powerhouse is building out its EMEA presence, and sees its position as a gateway to the Chinese market as a key differentiator when it comes to competing with AWS, Microsoft and Google.

Cloud computing War China: International giants landing public cloud

June the words of the editor of the War on Clouds/a battle over the cloud in the Chinese market. On the December 18, 2013, Amazon's Public cloud services AWS (Amazon WEB Services) announced a limited preview of its China Regional cloud computing platform service. Through extensive cooperation with the industry chain, the world's largest cloud services provider-Amazon's public cloud services will officially land in China. Although the previous Microsoft, IBM's public cloud has first landed, but the landing of the Amazon, whether Microsoft, IBM and other international giants, or Tencent, Baidu, Ali ...

The holes in the cloud computing operation

Since the AWS Chinese technology community is online, provides a good platform for AWS users and AWS enthusiasts, and has planned a number of online training and offline salon activities to better help community members understand and learn about Amazon's AWS Cloud technology and communicate with many AWS enthusiasts. In the tail of August, the AWS Chinese technology community is also planning an online training and an offline salon for our small partners. If you want to be a good cloud computing engineer, don't miss out on our online training--"The Clouds in the cloud" that teach you ...

Cloud computing will continue melee in the next few years

On April 28, Amazon investors got big news: Wall Street's concerns were completely dispelled as earnings reports showed all first-quarter earnings and profit margins were well above analysts' estimates, Amazon shares soared 16% within a day on Friday under the single-day record of gains from October 2009 to the present day, which for Amazon itself means that its market value soared over the course of a single day Nearly 10 billion U.S. dollars. Now Amazon is no longer just a shopping site, it has become a set of shopping, living, video, entertainment ...

From concept to mano the undercurrent of Chinese public cloud

As Microsoft Mircosoft Azure announces its business in China, players in the Chinese public cloud market are sprinting for the final shape of Amazon's AWS. Everyone knows that when AWS is ready to go on sale, the advantage of its global market may be the start of a big change in the Chinese market and a white-hot state of bayonet, and now everyone is preparing ammunition for that starting point. The relative closure of the data, the differences between the domestic and international networks, the data gap of Netcom Telecom, will be the problem of the public cloud layout in China, and solve any ...

Qualitative and quantitative research on the availability of cloud computing (5)

Author: Chen Whilin, China Cloud Network technical advisor Bending Review founder North Aurora Venture Investment consultant 4 Case study-Amazon AWS 4.2 Amazon AWS Service Downtime Survey (2006-2009) Amazon AWS has experienced many service crashes since the March 2006 14 Open S3 file storage service and the August 25, 2006 EC2 Service, the August 2008 EBS service. These include EC2, S3 and EBS. The impact of ...

The image of American cloud computing

March 19, 2012-26th, we took part in the "Cloud America Tour", organized by the China Electronics Society Cloud Computing Experts Committee, to visit a number of US cloud computing companies in Seattle and San Francisco, including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Rackspace such as the industry giants, Heroku, Engine Yard, puppet and other emerging cloud computing companies, but also including Cloudcamp as the representative of the U.S. cloud computing community. Although in a hurry, it is difficult to carry out ...

Zhong Yun Conforming (6): Qualitative and quantitative research on the usability of cloud computing

"China Cloud net Exclusive" Chen Whilin, China Cloud Network chief Consultant 4 case study-Amazon AWS 4.1 Amazon AWS System Architecture Amazon AWS was launched in 2006 and belongs to the IaaS (infrastructure as a service) in cloud computing services. Amazon AWS provides data center clusters in various regions of the world (Region). It is divided into 4 major areas. Including: North Amerian Re ...

The mode of using cloud computing for enterprise users

December 12, Amazon AWS for Chinese users prepared a cloud technology feast 2014 Amazon Technology Summit, Amazon CTO Vonna Wigger is also brought his first speech in China, the scene led the domestic technicians and developers to share the cloud trends and AWS latest progress.     At the conference, Amazon CTO Mr. Vonna Wigger shared the data on the AWS platform, highlighting seven models of enterprise adoption of cloud computing. Figure: Amazon CTO Vonna Wigger AWS Related Data ...

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