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Comparison of 6 platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud and IBM

Start-up company Rare Technologies recently released a hyperscale machine learning benchmark that focuses on GPUs and compares the performance of machine learning costs, ease of use, stability, scalability and performance with several popular hardware providers.

AWS leading cloud market open source database each supernatural

Amazon lead the cloud market Microsoft play affinity card This week for Amazon, it should be "a year of mixed feelings." First of all, AWS's first market training event in China kicked off in Beijing. Nearly 400 participants from all over the country gathered for the venue to open the "AWS China" sign. The second happy event for AWS is that the latest Public Cloud survey from RightScale research shows that AWS has a 54% surveyor usage rate, far behind Rac ...

The leading force in the cloud storage field

According to Gartner, about 19% of organizations are using cloud services in production calculations, and about 20% of organizations are using public cloud storage services. This means that the cloud computing market, especially the cloud storage market, is quite large. Gartner once made a forecast that in 2012, cloud computing spending amounted to $109 billion trillion, an increase of 20% per cent year-on-year. Cloud computing is a big industry, and today many manufacturers are claiming to have a cloud strategy. Gartner recently released the top ten list of cloud storage vendors, which are basically able to provide some enterprise-class ...

Fit2cloudfor Qingyun officially online

Recently, Fit2cloud released Fit2cloud for Qingyun Qingcloud, Qingyun is Fit2cloud following Amazon AWS and Aliyun after the third supported public cloud.   Fit2cloud's online service offers free packages for users to manage virtual machines within 10 free of charge. Why Fit2cloud Choose Qingyun qingcloud? What can fit2cloud do to help Qingyun users? For these concerns of the industry, Fit2cloud co-founder and CE ...

Why the Kindle in China has become low-key, modest?

Tyrannical, domineering Kindle, why become low-key in China, modesty? Text | CBN reporter Chen Lu Wu Yang Yang Xu Tao Huang Junjie Difficult to assert that the world's most eye-catching Internet company Amazon in China is fast or slow. Unconsciously, Amazon has been in China for 10 years. In May, it gave yourself a birthday present: a $ 20 million takeover of vertical fresh electricity supplier seventy-seven. Amazon's global vice president Steve Frazier said the first acquisition in a decade was to expand the business and enrich Amazon's portfolio. initial...

PAAs adjusts status to meet the "big Data" era

The year of "Big Data" for cloud computing, a major event for Amazon, Google, Heroku, IBM and Microsoft, has been widely publicized as a big story. However, in public cloud computing, which provider offers the most complete Apache Hadoop implementation, it is not really widely known. With the platform as a service (PaaS) cloud computing model as the enterprise's Data Warehouse application solution by more and more enterprises to adopt, Apache Hadoop and HDFs, mapr ...

Cloud computing development drives free value-added model to prosperity

Introduction: Foreign media wrote today that with the development of cloud computing technology, the cost of computing and storage resources is also decreasing, thus creating an opportunity for the prosperity of the "free Value Added" (freemium) model.  The following is the full text of the article: re-attention as the cost of computing and storage resources declines, startups that use the "free value-added" model, such as Dropbox, SurveyMonkey, Animoto and Eventbrite, are booming. There are a lot of VC-funded start-up companies will provide some free products and services, and then ...

Microsoft announces IaaS Technical support for Windows Azure-News Center

"Sadie Network News" April 18, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft announced that Windows Azure to provide IAAS (infrastructure services) technical support. Microsoft also disclosed a number of new features for IaaS to enhance the company's cloud platform. The timing of Microsoft's announcement was interesting, as Amazon's AWS (Amazon Web Services) summit was held in New York in Thursday. According to Microsoft's Scott Gasri (Scott Guthrie), Windows Azure's IaaS technical support leads ...

Looking at Bitcoin, where is the future of the blockchain?

At the recent Davos meeting in the winter, the China Blockchain Application Research Center released a report showing that China's blockchain patent and blockchain financing growth rate far exceeds that of the United States and leads the world.

How does HPC go with the clouds?

Today, "cloud computing" simple function, low-cost Advantage has become a hot word in the IT industry, whether professionals or manufacturers, want the data center can be changed over the world. hpc--high-performance Computing, many related users are also Shing whether their load is suitable for deployment in a cloud environment. The reason why there is disagreement is mainly about "what is cloud computing?" "and" What kind of applications are HPC applications? The answer to this question is quite different. HPC applications can not be "one-size-fits-all", we can not say that a class ...

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