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Microsoft Buys Data Protection Service Inmage, strengthens Azure cloud services

One months ago, Pingwest had reported that Microsoft had bought news-driven service provider Capptain, in large part to allow Azure cloud services to attract more mobile application developers. For cloud services, security and sustainability are just as critical as improving convenience, so this week Microsoft acquired a data backup and recovery service provider named Inmage to reinforce Azure cloud services. For many companies, because of the revenue, customer satisfaction and other information has been electronic, so can be in the critical moment of rapid backup, restore ...

Large-scale Web application design based on Windows Azure

A large-scale Web application design based on Windows Azure Lu Chaohui Windows Azure, as Microsoft's future cloud computing platform, has many new features that are increasingly favored by the industry, Therefore, it is necessary to study the design and development of large-scale Web applications based on this platform at the present stage. First, analyze programming-related key components in Windows Azure cloud services, such as computing services, storage services, and database services, especially their differences from local development; On the basis of the platform proposed two sets ...

2015, Century Interconnection will focus on building cloud ecosystem construction

"IT168 Information" March 12, in a media editor of the spring meeting, the Century Internet Blue Cloud Division President Covenda revealed that as of 2014, the number of Windows Azure cloud services operated by the century has reached 50,000 users, and another office 365 of the trial users also totaled 35,000. After the successful introduction of Microsoft Cloud computing services and the landing of the Chinese market in 2015, century Interconnection will focus on the construction of the cloud ecosystem. Blue Cloud: The first "international cloud" as early as 20 ...

Brief introduction Azure applies to mobile applications

Do you know how to build on Windows Azure that belongs to your mobile application? Or more importantly, the process of building a mobile application, using Windows Azure toolkits for devices to build the application is simpler. With support for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, these toolkits make it easier to build applications with Windows Azure cloud services. ...

IBM officially joined the public cloud, potential into three pillars

With the maturity of market conditions, the popularity of China's enterprise-level public cloud market has risen rapidly in recent days. In May, Microsoft just announced that Azure cloud services will soon enter China in Shanghai. Now, however, another international IT giant, IBM, has also announced with its own high-profile strategic cooperation with cloud computing vendors in China. Of course, as a representative of local enterprises, Huawei also launched its own HWS cloud service in the middle of last year. Since then, the main battlefield of China's public cloud has formed a tripartite confrontation. July 31, IBM announced a high profile and Capital Online Technology Co., Ltd. signed a public ...

Chinese domestic Internet companies kicked off the campaign

Since May, Microsoft Ballmer announced in Shanghai high-profile Azure cloud services officially launched, China's public cloud market has been sustained high temperature does not drop. However, compared with the integrated service providers (such as Huawei, Microsoft and IBM, etc.) and traditional commercial data center service providers (such as telecom operators, Century Internet and Wannet, etc.) Baotuan cooperation, the author of the most expectations is that local Internet business troop deployment. Why do you say that? First, the main users of cloud computing platform dominated by IT chiefs are still traditional enterprises, and the cloud computing needs of these enterprises are not yet urgent ...

Microsoft Azure wants to be a key enterprise cloud management system

Microsoft has been promoting its Azure cloud services to 5,000 attendees at Microsoft's 2013-Year Management Summit this week, encouraging them to use the system for a variety of specific tasks, while Microsoft cautions that Azure is better suited to a mature hybrid cloud framework. Over time, the hybrid cloud framework may be more appealing. In a speech to the conference, Microsoft announced that users can now access managed resources using the Active Directory in the Azure cloud. Microsoft also said it has expanded the coverage of its System Center management platform to provide support in azure ...

Microsoft Sales Azure High Pressure policy, the number behind the sales staff grievances

Microsoft is using an effective method to earn revenue for its core product, Azure. A lot of people who keep an eye on their dynamics are finally tempted to wonder: How many users are using azure? How much revenue does it bring to Microsoft? It is clear that Microsoft does not intend to publish these figures. But some of the information reveals clues to us. However, more information shows us how it solves the sales problem. After all, the salesman is not just selling the cloud, but making sure the user is using it all the time. This annoys a lot of Microsoft employees, because even if they sell ...

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