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Use TDE with SQL Server in Windows Azure virtual machines

Editorial Staff Note: This article is written by Sung Hsueh, senior project manager, SQL Server team. One of the most recent uses of SQL Server is to create managed SQL using the Windows Azure infrastructure services of ">microsoft" Server Windows Azure Virtual ...

Backing up the SQL Server 2014 database to the Azure BLOB storage service ">azure VM Customized script extensions (Custom script Extension) will allow you to download from the storage account PowerShell script and execute it, with such a simple feature, you can flexibly automate VM settings in a variety of VM-customized contexts. In this article we will show you how to learn from ...

Big Data Application Security: Hadoop, IBM, Microsoft

Currently, the Hadoop-based big data open source ecosystem is widely used. At the earliest, Hadoop was considered to be deployed only in a trusted environment, and as more departments and users joined, any user could access and delete data, putting data at great security risk.

Yuncu with a variety of clouds, in the cloud service "Mercedes"

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, business expansion, more and more enterprises feel losing control of the data. As one of the important core components of IT system, the database carries important information data. The data form multiplication, the data capacity growth rate is also very astonishing, lets the enterprise's data environment almost cannot bear. At the same time, the day-to-day backup, optimization, expansion, and high availability working hours of the DBA (database administrator) are cyclical, as data maintenance management becomes increasingly onerous. How can we solve the above problems? With cloud computing technology ...

Cloud Computing Guide: Management, architecture, security, networking, and services

One, the charm of the management of cloud computing is that users can start using their ID card and credit card, but that's the problem. Such a simple service is bound to bring many challenges to the unprepared IT department.   We've been through this many times before: the benefits of a technology that are easy to use end up being an unexpected management challenge, such as virtualization, which causes virtual machines to become fragmented, new security risks to smartphones, and instant messaging that triggers corporate governance problems. This article is intended to show IT managers how to maximize cloud computing ...

Cloud Computing Week Jevin Review (3.12-17)

The five major database models, whether relational or non relational, are the realization of some data model. This article will give you a brief introduction of 5 common data models, so that we can trace back to the mysterious world behind the current popular database solutions. 1. The relational model relational model uses records (composed of tuples) for storage, records stored in tables, and tables are defined by the schema. Each column in the table has a name and a type, and all records in the table conform to the table definition. SQL is a specialized query language that provides the appropriate syntax for finding records that meet the criteria, such as ...

Are traditional technology companies embracing or creating blockchain bubbles

Blockchain technology requires the support and participation of traditional technology companies, both in terms of capital and final technology promotion and implementation, due to the deep-rooted thinking and business model of traditional technology enterprises.

Innovation and Security: The two seesaw of cloud computing

Cloud computing is a hot-fired term this year, major IT giants: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM and so on to test the water, the introduction of cloud computing platform and a variety of cloud computing service model to attract the public eye, not only large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises are swarming, and tasted the many benefits of cloud computing.   So what is cloud computing? In layman's terms. Cloud computing is a huge server cluster, according to user needs dynamic mobilization of resources, ...

Layout Big data controversy over the world's Top 14 data makers

The concept of large data, for domestic enterprises may be slightly unfamiliar, the mainland is currently engaged in this area of small enterprises. But in foreign countries, big data is seen by technology companies as another big business opportunity after cloud computing, with a large number of well-known companies, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, that have nuggets in the market. In addition, many start-ups are also starting to join the big-data gold rush, an area that has become a real Red sea. In this paper, the author of the world today in the large data field of the most powerful enterprises, some of them are computers or the Internet field of the Giants, there are ...

Green Cloud computing-making technology and environmental partners

Yang Yubin Technology Vice President Blue Shield Information Security Technology Co., Ltd. Foreword the continuous development and innovation of IT industry, on the one hand bring more wonderful perfect user experience, on the other hand also in the process of increasing energy consumption on environmental resources caused pressure. Green Environmental protection is our hot topic, cloud computing is the trend of it, when Green computing encounter cloud computing, green cloud can become feasible? It energy consumption in the 21st century, when people have reached an unprecedented level of environmental awareness, new energy, emission reduction, green economy, more and more of these topics appear in my ...

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