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Beijing Several bank personal housing loan approval strict preferential reduction

In response to a number of cities in the field, "a number of banks suspend or postpone the issuance of personal housing" news, the reporter learned that the current Beijing City Bank has not completely stopped the personal housing loan approval and issuance, but in the preferential discount and approval procedures to tighten.  In view of the implementation of the mortgage policy, our correspondent to the Beijing commercial banks to understand, the bank interviewed said that did not stop the issue of mortgages. "We have not stopped lending, and policy has not changed," he said. China Merchants Bank Beijing Branch told reporters this morning. ICBC Beijing Branch, CCB Beijing branch of the relevant officials also said that the current is still strict ...

Second Suite policy changes anxious bank mortgage business roller coaster

"More than two sets of mortgage policy adjustments, often determines the market investment climate, and has a great impact on the banking business," a city firm Shanghai branch of the deputy governor of the daily economic news, said the bank really want to make the mortgage business bigger, can only rely on the investment color of more than two units of real estate customer contribution, because such customers have the strength,  Banks do more of these clients, but the risk is lower. Bank personal mortgage business from 2007 "Crazy" to 2008 "depression", and then to 2009 "freshman", it seems that every rise and fall are accompanied by a mortgage, especially more than two housing loans ...

Some banks have been approved to set up electronic bank personal settlement business

Xinhua Beijing, April 23, according to the State administration of foreign exchange website news, in order to better support the banking business innovation, convenient for personal transaction business, recently, the State administration of foreign exchange has approved the Chinese bank, China Merchants Bank and ICBC pilot Electronic bank personal settlement business. February 2007 "Personal Foreign exchange Management measures" and its rules have been formally implemented, individuals with valid identity documents to the bank counters can handle my annual total purchase and settlement business. The pilot set up electronic bank personal business transactions, to provide individuals with more efficient and convenient business management channels ...

Shanghai tightens two mortgages in Chengdu

Following the tightening of two mortgages in Hangzhou, Beijing and Shenzhen, news from Shanghai and Chengdu has formally tightened the two-room loan policy.  Recently, there are media reports, a number of intermediary companies in Shanghai loans and mortgage companies have received some of the Commercial Bank of Shanghai Branch of the oral notice, the second suite of loans to the first payment must not be less than 40%, the second suite loan rates began strictly in accordance with the benchmark rate of 10% to carry out. Shanghai: The review process began tightening yesterday, the Shanghai Securities newspaper to the commercial banks to verify the matter, Pudong Hair Bank personal Credit Department, a head of the ministry said, did hear the relevant statement, but did not ...

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