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Two sets of housing loans to the number of households to determine

Yang Jiacai, a director of China Banking Regulatory Commission, said in a recent media interview that the second set of housing standards is limited to the number of houses, family (including borrowers, spouses and minor children) as the unit. Reporter 22nd In the interview learned that "to room, family unit" may be the introduction of the two suite of standards related to the basic principles of the relevant provisions.  At present, by the Ministry of Housing Urban and rural construction and the People's Bank, the CBRC's two suite of standards for the formulation is still in progress. To define the number of housing is the first set, two sets or more sets, is the loan issued to define the two suite policy changes. ...

World Press Freedom Day, bring news to a better future

Media freedom brings a better future and is one of the 2015-year development goals. May 3 each year, the World Press Freedom Day (Freedom) celebrates the basic principles of freedom of the press, the freedom of the world's press, the independence of the media, and the tribute to journalists who lost their lives at work. This year's World Press Freedom Day has a total of 3 themes, namely the importance of media development, the safety and legal protection of journalists, and the sustainability and integrity of journalism. Other than that...

On Baidu sorting rules, Baidu ranked the basic principles of what

"How to get your site ranked top in Baidu?" Novice new website may have such a question. More boring today, simply to talk about their understanding of Baidu collation. Ghost immortal level is not how, this article mainly about the general idea, novices can read on, the old bird can detour. I understand Baidu's site ranking is based on three principles: 1, ranked first in the PPC. The so-called bidding to participate in the ranking is to participate in Baidu to promote paid to Baidu's website. 2, the content and the searcher search for the most relevant keywords in front of the row. ...

Distributed parallel programming with Hadoop, part 2nd

Foreword in an article: "Using Hadoop for distributed parallel programming the first part of the basic concept and installation Deployment", introduced the MapReduce computing model, Distributed File System HDFS, distributed parallel Computing and other basic principles, and detailed how to install Hadoop, how to run based on A parallel program for Hadoop. In this article, we will describe how to write parallel programs based on Hadoop and how to use the Hadoop ecli developed by IBM for a specific computing task.

Six principles to be followed by the customer product Manager

Any profession has its basic principles to follow, if you want to succeed, you must learn these principles, for product managers, they directly to customers, need to be responsible for the customer, therefore, there are six principles that they must adhere to. Principle 1: Never appear to be smarter than the customer to understand the needs, not to criticize the customer. You are familiar with the product and technology, and customer customers than you are more familiar with the business environment, customers always know the problem, your job is to let them be willing to speak out, ...

Application of improved SFLA algorithm in cloud computing resource scheduling

Application of improved SFLA algorithm in cloud computing resource scheduling Cocho in order to improve the efficiency of cloud computing task scheduling, an improved SFLA algorithm is used to implement task scheduling. In this paper, the Cloud computing task scheduling principle and scheduling strategy are analyzed, then the basic principles of the SFLA algorithm and the mathematical model are detailed, and the intelligent Swarm algorithm and adaptive SFLA Hybrid improved SFLA algorithm, and finally use the example simulation to verify the algorithm in the cloud computing scheduling performance, Compared with the traditional SFLA algorithm, the improved algorithm has faster convergence and higher accuracy in cloud computing scheduling.

The basic principles of Web site collection

Read a lot of SEO reference books always feel that these books on the principle of search engine is too general, not very good understanding, today I spend a day to clear the principle of search engine, if there is a problem, hope you SEO master to be corrections, younger brother is grateful. Search engine crawler, spider, what is a robot?-Search engine Collection principle search engine in order to allow their own database strong enough, enough comprehensive, day and night in the network to find new, more reliable information, but with the advent of the network, the network explosion-type of the entire picture, the artificial simply can not ...

How to choose the right cloud storage scheme for the enterprise

The increasing acceptance of cloud storage has led to a proliferation of alternative cloud storage. Beyond the variety of features and attributes, new cloud storage consumption patterns have emerged, simplifying the integration with existing information technologies. Given these advances, it is likely to be the right time for organizations to better understand the various attributes, cost points, and integration options provided by the cloud storage when considering the next data store purchase. From the outset, the basic principles of cloud storage are already creating a model of data storage. This includes Pay-as-you-go pricing, access to unlimited capacity on demand, multi-site reliability, and close to zero maintenance —...

Where is the search optimization boundary?

There have been some comments on the field of product design, that SEO (search optimization) should be summed up in the product design, the reason is a lot of SEO basic principles, are rooted in the product inside.   Of course this is true: from the modification of title, add keywords in the page, to the chain, as well as various content of the product interoperability, are to use product design thinking to promote and enhance the effectiveness of search optimization, but the same argument is one-sided, because search optimization is not only included in the product. Search optimization should be more understanding of products really good seoer, absolutely ...

Analysis and application of cloud computing education Service Platform model

Analysis and application of cloud computing education Service platform model Guangdong Technical Teachers College Li Cloud computing as a new service model, has been widely used in many fields at home and abroad. This paper introduces the development of cloud computing at home and abroad and the basic principles of cloud computing technology. On this basis, this paper analyzes and probes into many problems existing in the teaching resources of colleges and universities in our country. Based on these problems, the paper puts forward some application models of cloud computing to solve the problem of resource supply and demand, and puts forward the economic model of cloud computing platform, A stable calculation method is given, and the analysis and prediction of the cloud meter ...

New Wallpaper theme will be released in the Ubuntu 8.10 Official edition

& ">nbsp; Ubuntu is a South African national concept that focuses on loyalty and connections between people. The word comes from Zulu and Xhosa languages. Ubuntu (pronounced "oo-boon-too") is regarded as the traditional concept of Africans and one of the basic principles for the establishment of a new Republic of South Africa.

The Ministry of Culture promulgated the "Network game management interim measures": Content invariant Program refinement

Play Video (reporter/Shei) June 22 News, the Ministry of Culture today to announce the release of "online game management interim measures." The method in the content and the previous relevant provisions have no principle changes, but the concept, process, etc. to make a refinement and curing provisions.  The plan will be formally implemented on August 1, 2010. "Method" for the first time systematically on the entertainment content of online games, market subjects, business activities, operational behavior, management supervision and legal liability to make clear provisions, a total of six chapters 39. The "approach" establishes the basic principles for engaging in online gaming activities ...

Five years to seven times times "Big data" brings great opportunities

Ministry of Industry, "guidance on the construction of Data center" issued by the Ministry of Industrial and Information technology issued in February this year, "on the construction of data center guidance," the basic principles of the construction and layout of data center, namely market demand-oriented principle, resource and environment priority principles, regional integrated coordination principle, The principle of multiple elements and the principle of both development and security. International Data Company (IDC) estimates that the global data technology and services market will reach $23.8 billion trillion in 2016 years, close to 150 billion yuan, and the Chinese market will grow nearly 7 times times the size of the next 5 years. Large Data Market integration ...

The choice principle of website Interactive function

In the last article, if Lin shares with you the role of site interaction as a function of definition and interaction, today I will talk with you all about the principle of website interactive function whether it is to build external links, create new content, or to build brand, cultivate loyal user groups, the basic principles of interactive functional trade-offs are benign development, can not "Out of control." The simplest reason is: building a website, the basic goal is to let more people get valuable information, generate more potential customers. If the interactive function does not do this, it will have a negative impact or even damage, then do not ...

How the Android team makes emotional design

Absrtact: The Android Web site not only describes the specific elements of the application design, but also sets out the basic principles of Android application design. There are 17 of these principles, divided into three main categories: fascination, simplification, surprise (enchant,simplify and amaze). The Android Web site not only describes the specific elements of the application design, but also sets out the fundamentals of Android application design. There are 1 of these principles.

For such products, the software experience is also critical

The lack of popularity of smart watches is due to the fact that many people attribute the problem to a lack of fashion. Because the software experience is also critical for this type of product, the current experience of smart watches is hard to call satisfying. So how do you design a smart watch UI that is attractive enough? Wired, a well-known technology media, gives its own understanding: 4 Basic principles of excellent wearable equipment 1. Glance, not gaze: smart watches should not always require attention, especially from the user's eyes. Users keep their eyes on intelligence ...

The Social Security Fund will be tested for budget

According to the Xinhua news agency, the State Council issued a recent report on the trial of the Social Insurance fund budget, decided to try the Social Insurance fund budget.  "Opinion" points out that the Social Insurance fund budget should follow several basic principles, namely, establish according to law, standardize the unification, the overall establishment, clear responsibility, special fund, special funds, relatively independent, organic convergence, balance, keep balance. According to the opinion, the establishment of the expenditure budget of social Insurance fund should take into account the change of social insurance treatment number, economic and social development status, social insurance policy adjustment and social insurance.

How to help enterprises shorten the SEO effect of the time to show and the cost of SEO services

Absrtact: For SEO, the embodiment of the ability and technology is that we can use less time and cost to do more things, this is our every SEO workers need to master the basic principles. For the enterprise station, a lot of SEO technology is not for SEO, the embodiment of the ability and technology is that we can use less time and cost to do more things, this is our every SEO workers need to master the basic principles. For the enterprise station, a lot of SEO technology is more powerful disdain, because it seems to optimize the relatively easy, but ...

The rapid development of internet insurance is the trend of the times

Recently, Chen Wenhui, executive director of the 40th China Financial Forum, has a high degree of attention in the Internet finance community. There are many discussions among industry, experts, scholars and the media. In the aspect of internet finance, the insurance industry took the lead in pilot testing and took the lead in piloting a specialization in Internet insurance. In 2013, it approved the establishment of a professional Internet insurance company, Zhong An Online, and accumulated some practical experience in internet insurance. The rapid development of Internet insurance is the trend of the times In the use of the Internet and other new technologies to improve services, the banking sector started in the account inquiries, transfer payments and other basic functions, the insurance industry was initially reflected in the sales side. Insurance...

Is it possible to use the data in a safe manner?

Reporter sliding Mingfei Shanghai reported Recently, Alipay and Shanghai Pay Information Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as pay-off) "break up" incident a hubbub. PayPal is the largest public utility bill-taking platform in Shanghai. Its system is directly linked to relevant agencies such as electricity, gas and water utilities. In 2009, the two sides began to cooperate and Alipay will pay toll-gate as a channel to provide users with payment and inquiry services. June 30, pay unilaterally announced the termination of cooperation with Alipay, one of the reasons is Alipay "grilled data." It is understood that this statement refers to Alipay launched in 2011 user-defined query ...

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