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Attention: Java programming status unshakeable 12 reasons

Twelve Reasons Why Java Is Unshakable A Today, the technology that once was masked and defaced by various new technologies among programmers is something to remember. Just as the language of COBOL, which was revered as an artifact by the old programmers, is of little value today. And Java as the backbone of modern programmers at this point may be the next COBOL. How many books on JAVA technology is already a long-term memory. The use of the Java language now in middle age no longer appears on the covers of various magazines. JAVA from the ...

Java programmers master the system knowledge of the CPU

Last year in the investigation of a lot of java applications, see some of the phenomenon is the programmer to run on their own environment to read the program rarely lead to troubleshooting problems will be more frustrating, so think of writing this series of articles, procedures To provide functionality to end-users, the code is only one part of it, and it needs to be relied on for jvm, os, server hardware, networking, load balancing, etc. In this series of articles, Several parts, more is only a science role, because os I use are linux, this series ...

Ten effective ways to be a good programmer "> A great programmer looks at both sides as he crosses a one-way street. As a software programmer in the IT industry, The hard work that drives us day after day comes from our interest and passion for programming, but for programming to always be fun, we must learn to stick to some of the basics of becoming good programmers and I'm not writing Some spells, you can follow the implementation of ...

We should learn a little bit of technical programmer first step to get started

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall to do a site for a year, from the beginning of the feeling excited to the present insipid." Recently more and more feel no technology simple to do the site is not much of a future, I hope that the webmaster after reading this article I can see the time of their daily background statistics and in Baidu site of their own time to learn a language, not ...

58 the same city open source Lightweight Java web Framework Argo

58 the same city open source Lightweight Java Web Framework Argo published 21 hours ago | Times Read | SOURCE csdn| 0 Reviews | The author Zhang Hong month open source 58 the same City Java framework Summary: 58 with the city open source its Lightweight Java web Framework--argo,argo originated with 58 of the city's internal Web framework WF (Web framework). WF currently supports nearly all 58 of the city's web sites. The developers ' response to the open source was very strong, almost 90 times a day.

How do product managers deal with programmers

People often ask me, "Hi, Fejer!" How do you write Alibaba's demand document? "But rarely hears people talk:" Hey, buddy Hello! How does the product manager deal with programmers? "You went back a little and pondered, in the heart will get the following three kinds of conditions: 1 Many product managers are programmers before, so very understanding of what the programmer is a state; 2 Many product managers still stay focused on their own product planning, design itself, lack of thinking about teamwork; 3. Many product managers, Actually have to deal with the practical skills of programmers, experience, but not ...

10 things you need to do from primary to intermediate

Justin James has published a blog post "Tips for advancing from a beginner to a intermediate developer", and we share how to complete the programmer from the beginning to the intermediate transformation, Here translated a turn, hope to help you. In a message exchanged with TechRepublic members, he mentioned blogs, articles and magazines for programmers ...

Learn how to be a good web programmer with Facebook and Twitter

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology hall in my old programmer's opinion, nothing is more interesting and simple than coding. Because I love programming, love the idea of the mind with software implementation. My story site is an experimental plot of my inspiration. What you think, can be expressed through the website, this is the greatest benefit of programmers. In layman's view, programming is mysterious and perhaps a bit advanced. This is the same idea I had before humanely. But once you find the sense of programming, it's natural to be confident. This confidence will give you the courage to overcome all ...

Year-end inventory counts 2017 Top 20 hot topics in Yunqi Community (with 100+ topic list)

Here to find year-end inventory counts 2017 top 20 hot topics in Yunqi Community (with 100+ topic list)

Hadoop MapReduce Development Best Practices

This is the second of the Hadoop Best Practice series, and the last one is "10 best practices for Hadoop administrators." Mapruduce development is slightly more complicated for most programmers, and running a wordcount (the Hello Word program in Hadoop) is not only familiar with the Mapruduce model, but also the Linux commands (though there are Cygwin, But it's still a hassle to run mapruduce under windows ...

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