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Where are you going? NET Platform and ground ticket generation illegal increase sales ticket behavior

Yesterday, in response to media coverage to where the network platform and the ground ticket for illegal fare increase sales ticket behavior, China Airlines Association issued a warning notice, requiring any sales agent enterprises can not be in any form to increase sales.   Where to? The net said yesterday that the relevant illegal agents have been offline. Media reports said that during the spring Festival, at least 45 routes of economic class tickets on the basis of the full price by the vote on behalf of the fare increase sales.   This report mainly involves where to go online ticket generation. China Airlines Association, the relevant laws require domestic air passenger and cargo sales are all implemented by the Ming fold, strictly prohibited any form of dark button sales. ...

User behavior logic in social applications

A social product of the success of the user in which the psychological changes must be able to accurately grasp, which inexplicable hot applications behind the hidden what? The user's behavior logic in the social network can reflect the user personally, in the social network individuality characteristic, actually is the user's true individuality, if can grasp the user's behavior logic accurately, then will help you to make the social function which conforms to the populace user.   I'll explain my point of view on a few simple user behaviors. 1. The different social roles of different social applications each of us is no exception, in different ...

China will use 3 months to investigate the illegal behavior of grain market price

Xinhua Beijing, June 17 (Shang, Guocheng) according to the National Development and Reform Committee 17th, the Development and Reform Commission and the state Grain Bureau will be in late June to the end of October to carry out the 2009 National Grain Purchase price inspection, to investigate the illegal food market prices.  It is understood that the contents of the inspection related to last year, grain acquisition enterprises to implement the minimum purchase price of wheat, the state temporary storage of corn purchase price policy. At present, our country grain market price illegal behavior mainly includes: violates the national stipulation wheat lowest purchase price, the national temporary storage Corn Purchase price carries on the acquisition;

American University studies say playing games helps teens avoid bad behavior

Local network (compilation/applies) According to a survey by Yale University of 4,000 high school students, playing games is a normal social behavior, especially for boys, there is no inevitable link between playing games and bad behavior, according to overseas media reports. The general public's negative impact on the game is focused on three points: frustration, addiction, or nervousness during the experience, are typical compulsive behavior. 76% of boys and 29% of girls who participated in the survey averaged less than 7 hours of play per week, and studies showed that boys play games without ...

Rauschecker published a keynote speech on mobile-end female user behavior habit analysis

August 28-29th, the revamping annual meeting in 2014 was successfully held in Beijing Kun Tai Hotel, during the two-day conference, the first day was three special sessions of mobile, channel and brand, the main venue was the next day. The theme of this annual meeting is "broken", that is, "broken, break, break", the aim is to break the plight of the traditional electric business thinking limitations, set up new ideas. Dedicated to create a platform for innovation in the electric business industry, from a professional perspective for the electrical business colleagues to solve the entrepreneurial process encountered in the most practical problems. In the morning of the 28th Mobile special, aunt, founder Rauschecker published the mobile end of female users behavior ...

6 Types of purchase behavior

Broadly speaking, the user's purchase behavior mainly divides into 6 types. 1. Price-type purchase behavior in fact, the price type is divided into the following two categories, we are familiar with, we promote the platform of the main users, always like to buy cheap goods, sometimes no intention to purchase, and then see the cheap goods may also buy. There are some price-type people especially trust in advanced goods, in their view, such goods are of good quality, the so-called "A penny, a penny", so they will prefer to buy high prices, so that their needs to achieve better satisfaction. (actually the actual operation and ...)

User behavior affects site rankings

Many people may not know that user behavior is also a factor in site rankings. But also ranked factor in the more important factor, the user's click behavior is the search engine records. So in the user behavior this point, the content quality of the website is visible is very important. But user behavior is divided into many kinds, so specific problems specific analysis. 1. Display volume and click-through display volume as the name implies is to search a keyword appears in front of the user. When a user searches for a keyword your site's page appears in front of the user, and the user does not click. When this number accumulates to a certain extent, you ...

EA becomes the first gaming company to allow homosexual behavior among employees

According to foreign media reports, game giant EA Company became the first to allow corporate workers to have homosexual, bisexual and transsexual behavior of the game enterprise.  A spokesman for the gay protection group said the employees in the EA, who had the minority sexual orientation, said they were being treated better by the company and other colleagues, and they hoped that EA would fix the policy and continue. In July this year, Google became the first Internet company in the world to allow corporate workers to have homosexual behavior, and offered gay employees a higher salary than heterosexual, a Google spokeswoman said.

GNUmed 0.9.7 releases electronic medical Behavior Solutions

GNUmed 0.9.7 This release contains fixes to create allergy items from non-branded substances, create no loinc, fix abnormal display list items, fix a bug pt_br the type of abnormality, date and birth problem fixes. GNUmed is an integrated and focused electronic medical behavior scalable software solution that is easy to use, focuses on privacy protection, security records, patient-centric support decisions, and more. The aim is to become a mature medical ...

Spider crawling Behavior

Absrtact: Through the analysis of the site log, we can well judge the health of our website, and also can see the spider crawl Records and some of the user's behavior records, so that the data for us is undoubtedly a key to enhance the site, through the analysis of the Web site log, We can very well judge the health of our website, and can also see spiders crawl records and some of the user's behavior records, so that the data for us is undoubtedly a key to enhance the site, you can always let us see the shortcomings of the site, so as to correct. But today ...

Wang's shelling of Aaron Kwok Jay to buy a car such as nouveau riche behavior

Wang Lihong Thrift, even clothing also very little money to buy (1/10) According to the Hong Kong media reported that King Love sports car, however, the 34-Year-old Taiwanese king Wang Leehom is a super exception, last year, a mad absorption of 160 million NT (about 40 million Hong Kong dollars) He, unexpectedly ruthless idol king buy sports car is nouveau riche behavior, inevitably reminiscent of "car Crazy"  Aaron Kwok and "car nerd" Jay Chou, is a serial hot head. Wang Leehom's career has developed smoothly this year, and also made films and film directors, earning billions of dollars, only last year to earn 40 million yuan, ranked second only to suction Kingwang Zhoudong. And a few days ago Leehom Wang ...

Research on user behavior habit verification model in cloud computing

Research on user behavior habit verification model in cloud computing Guo Fuliang Zhou Gang Chi Liang based on the analysis of cloud computing security status, this paper establishes a user behavior verification model based on stochastic network model to introduce the behavior habit of user accessing resource or invoking service mainly includes the choice probability deviation degree and the service occupation time two Measure this model to use user access habits for authentication in order to access user resources and invoke service behavior is an effective cloud computing user behavior Verification technology and case analysis shows that it has good practicability. Cloud meter ...

Sina Weibo will do its best to establish a platform of Integrity micro-blogging to crack down on dishonest behavior

Absrtact: Sina Weibo identity Service has been operating for a period of time, recently, Sina Network held to build integrity micro-blog, building a Life platform symposium, once again talked about this issue, and said Sina Weibo will fully establish the integrity of micro-BO platform to crack down on dishonest behavior. Sina Weibo "identity pass" service has been operating for some time, recently, Sina held a "build integrity microblogging, building a Life Platform" symposium, once again talked about this issue, and said Sina Weibo will fully establish the integrity of micro-BO platform to crack down on dishonest behavior. Sina said that in the establishment of the integrity of micro-blog, Sina has a number of ...

Top 11 reasons to choose the best Internet behavior management

Faced with a wide range of market "> Internet behavior management products, users often feel at a loss." For users, first of all should understand their own needs, that is, the need to purchase these devices to achieve what functions and control, the problem can be solved. We from the product function on the Wilton series of Internet behavior management products and the current market on the Internet behavior products are compared, summed up the following advantages, but also the user in the choice of many people ...

CNNIC publishes research report on search engine user behavior and market advertising research report in Beijing

This chapter will analyze the product marketing value of search engine, starting from how to find out how users perceive search engine results, whether they have the ability to differentiate advertising in search results, and how to search for the user's advertising click behavior. 1. Search users ' perception of the ranking rules of search results at present, the search users have a lower degree of understanding of the ranking of search results, and nearly 2/3 of users say they do not know the ranking rules of search results. 2. Search the user's advertising ability to distinguish the user from the evaluation of the search results of the ads in the ability to distinguish between the higher, 76% of the search user self-assessment has the ability to differentiate ads. Its ...

Online community changes in science behind behavior

Editor's note: Shawn Yang (Sean Young) is professor of family medicine and director of innovation at the UCLA Center for Behavioral and Addiction medicine.   He wrote articles on psychology, technology and public health/medicine on the of his personal website. Is it impossible to talk to tech entrepreneurs about the topic of user behavior and participation? or is it just my personal reason? I am a behavioral psychologist, so I have been talking about user participation, but I think there are other reasons. I think entrepreneurs recognize that ...

A study on user adoption behavior of cloud computing

Study on the behavior of cloud user adoption Shandong University of Finance and economics in this paper from two aspects of the study, on the one hand, combined with the development of China's cloud computing background and characteristics, reference to domestic and foreign information technology to adopt research and cloud computing adoption research results and experience, the individual to adopt the cloud computing, Study and analyze the key factors that affect the behavior of personal cloud computing, build user behavior model of cloud computing, distribute questionnaires, analyze the collected data using Amos, SSPs statistic software, then evaluate and revise the model. Through the empirical analysis, and the user to adopt the cloud meter ...

The essence of Big data is "predicting user behavior"

The essence of large data is "predicting user behavior". It can know your preferences, it can pass the behavior that you have left behind, what you've seen, what websites you've visited, where you've been, what you like to eat, you've left some footprints on the internet, and this information can help the service providers of large data to advance the information you're interested in, like you're playing a game, He'll guess what kind of game you like and what kind of apps and products it can recommend. The enterprise establishes the internal data platform already is the general trend, but only the market appears the specialized data platform realizes the data management and ...

Design and implementation of user behavior analysis system based on Hadoop

Design and implementation of user behavior analysis system based on Hadoop Beijing Jiaotong University Shang This subject under the background of large data, aiming at the problem of not fully and accurately analyzing network user behavior, using network security to develop package libnids and distributed platform Hadoop key technology, This paper focuses on the design and development of user behavior Analysis system based on Hadoop. The system realizes the functions of mass data packet grabbing and distributed storage, TCP recombination and Application layer HTTP behavior analysis, which not only helps the service provider to provide better recommendation according to the user's behavior characteristics.

Irrational behavior patterns are human nature

Irrational behavior patterns are human nature, these quirks or thinking bias, is a direct impact on consumer decision-making stealth hands, but also marketing people should understand the secret weapon. Economics argues that consumer markets and consumers tend to think rationally, and people often choose to make the most appropriate decisions in the most advantageous conditions. Behavioral economics tells us: Wrong! People are not as rational as they think! What is behavioral economics (behavioral Economics)? Behavioral economics combines psychology and economics to study the psychological factors that influence the decision-making process and to uncover the consumer ...

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