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10 large offices in the UK

What are some of the coolest offices in England, you know? Now a search website New Idea (Adzuna) has been published in the UK's coolest ten offices, through the Nicholas style architects Zen, we can overlook the tranquil environment of the lake, as well as Red Bull (Redbull) Theme Style Park room, Conference rooms, screening room, table tennis museum and so on.   Which one of these do you most fancy? 1. Children online games Company Mind Candy vacancy Number: 23 Location: London Shoreditch (Shoreditch) ...

Will 2014 be the year that cloud computing companies are concentrating on bankruptcy?

Once again, channel dealers have withstood the baptism of a wave of bankruptcies and have maintained a good mentality of being more and more courageous in 2013 – despite the fact that the total collapse in spending in certain technological infrastructure areas remains undeniable. In the past 12 months, a total of 293 dealers have failed to withstand the grim market test, culminating in a collapse, with 285 bankruptcies in the past year – up 2.8% per cent from a year earlier. Specifically, in the last fourth quarter of 2013, a total of 66 dealers went bankrupt, more than 57 in the third quarter, to ...

British streaming media using Windows Azure

Mydeo, an award-winning UK streaming media and content distributor, recently announced that its new version of the platform will be based on the new Windows Azure platform, with the new version scheduled to complete its version test in the second quarter of 2011.  Shortly before the announcement, Mydeo's development team at Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in the UK had just attended a two-week Windows Azure Concept Certification seminar, which was published on Microsoft's popular Developer Network, Channel 9. Mydeo CEO and joint ...

Want to share a cake in the clouds? Try the cottage.

Maarten Ectors--nokia Siemens NX Cloud and disruptive innovation leader, with 14 communications and it experience, has worked with a number of mainstream suppliers, such as: Vodafone, Telefonica/movistar/o2, T-mobile/deutsche Telekom and Orange/france EADS. Most people have heard of cloud computing. Operators store your contacts in the cloud and the hosting company will put your web ...

Fifth Telecom spin-off report behind the scenes: triggered a strong rebound in operators

Lang "Can let radio and television do IDC business, to get the Internet export, open ISP license, not to be telecom in the router to tamper, I feel like eating hot pot singing songs as happy and content!"  "To the Academy of Social Sciences," The fifth Telecom spin-off program Research, a radio and television industry Personage joked that he simply dare not expect to Telecom, Unicom IDC split to radio and television. February 23, the Institute of Information Research Center of the Academy of Social Sciences to throw a "fifth Telecom spin-off Program Research", the proposal will be China Telecom, Unicom's Internet Data center business (ie, IDC) split out the whole ...

Careful choice of host space site safe operation is not a cloud

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall website host is the website Security stable Operation Cornerstone, the design again exquisite production again excellent website, does not have the safe and stable website host hosting, will be a cloud. Stable and fast web hosting is not only conducive to enhance the user experience, but also conducive to search spider crawling site, enhance the weight of the site and rankings. Many people think that the larger the Web site, the better, the faster the speed, in fact, this is a very clear sense of error; Due to the wide popularity of China Telecom, coupled with the intentional guidance of some website construction companies, ...

Uncover the mysteries behind Iceland's biggest data center

A few weeks ago, I saw this article on the news website of the Swedish Swedish wire. This article describes how several northern towns in Sweden are promoting and publicizing themselves as the ideal venue for building data centres. The article points out that an unnamed "US internet company (widely regarded as Facebook) intends to build a large data center near the center of Luleå Town in Sweden." "Almost at this time, Google has announced the start of building its data center in Hamina, Finland." Also almost at this time, I received a V ...

Do you know the most difficult to interview the company?

Business Insider, the US Science and Technology blog, recently published articles listing 25 of the toughest companies to interview, including the "Negative interview experience" and "employee satisfaction" evaluations in addition to the difficulty of interviewing questions. McKinsey is the first in the list, with the Boston Advisory Group and the Austrian latitude consulting ranked second to third.   Technology companies, Google ranked Nineth, Juniper in 18th place, with Facebook and E-commerce giants Amazon in the 24th and 25 places respectively. The following is the full text of this article:

Thanks to the blockchain, decentralization and data security - is the future

The first is the blockchain blockchain technique, which is a digital ledger that stores highly encrypted blocks of data. This technology has begun to decentralize data, and the innovation it represents may be the future of data storage. Companies that use blockchain have seen many benefits.

The new HTC One mobile phone into HTC can help to continue the brilliant?

Before the opening of the annual world's largest communications show MWC 2013, HTC launched its annual flagship product, new HTC One, in the UK and the United States (Research code for M7). HTC has a long-standing history of the topic of new products, starting with the first smartphone HTC G1 to support the fourth generation Wireless (4G)-smart phone HTC EVO 4G. New HTC ...

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