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Who moved the player's "God right"? Online games trapped service ford

What is the most important online games industry? If your answer is still "research and development, to make the best online games!", Then you really OUT. Recently an authoritative website published a survey: Why do you leave online games? As a result, many people were greatly surprised by the fact that only 27% left the game because they did not challenge and did not play well, while those who left due to poor game service and rights violations turned out to be 52% more than half! This result subverts many people understand the concept of "technology for the online games industry king", the real decision most players can "go with" is the online game operators ...

Watch movies Best choice Android mobile video player recommended

Android mobile video player recommended (a) on the way to work, on the way home on the Chinese New Year, every weekend do not want to get up, how do you spend it? Take a big screen phone to see the video. Now there are a lot of video players on the phone, also can watch what high-definition video, micro-movies, and so on, and basically support the pre-download, offline playback, which makes the friends can not find WiFi no longer look at the end of the phone bill wipe tears. Next we recommend several mobile phone video players. Mobile video player recommended Fast broadcast is our PC on the use of an online view ...

High-peak dialogue: A new way of developing network media

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy cloud host technology Hall Peak Dialogue: Network Media development new Ideas Webmaster Network June 24 Afternoon News, "financial tsunami under the Internet New Economic Development Summit Forum" This afternoon in Guangzhou President Hotel held, webmaster network site coverage of this forum.   The following is a live text record: Moderator: The following into the second peak dialogue program, the theme of this dialogue is: network media development New ideas, please this dialogue host Times Wealth president Zhang Yingjun. Welcome to the dialogue guests:

The perfect world swims the overseas game, the player witnesses the perfect acquisition achievement

Our news: Recently, CCTV financial channel launched the "Focus on mergers and acquisitions" series of programs, China's major mergers and acquisitions events to follow the report and in-depth analysis.   Perfect World as China's online games overseas development leader, a series of successful mergers and acquisitions abroad again by CCTV attention, in February 27, "focus on mergers and acquisitions," the report, CCTV financial channel in particular to perfect the world as an example, how to China's online games through mergers and acquisitions overseas game carried out in-depth reports! Players witness the perfect acquisition results in recent years, in China's IT industry, especially the online games industry, cross-border mergers and acquisitions is ...

Use social media to create business value

The Burberry Group (Burberry Group) has a wealth of heritage that many other companies have admired. For more than more than 150 years, the luxury clothing company's success secret is the brand which can be recognized all of a sudden and the design of timeless and modern. Now, a new determinant is emerging: branding digital and social media experience. Just look at how Burberry has aggressively redesigned its fashion show-a Burberry fashion show that used to actually shut out many of its admirers. Today, Burberry presents the fashion show to the face ... in streaming media.

Li Yifei The big player with the bottom page game

Mobile internet has been grabbing the attention of users with PC, search, electric quotient, social, video-game is no exception. Web games, in today's hand Tour market madness, in the era of rising, to a certain extent, easily forgotten by people. "Legend of the Sword" as the representative of the hands of the hot, "Happy Farm" peak period of momentum, it can be said that this is the golden Age of Hand tour. Last year, after a group of page tour listed, the first half of this year has been over page tour size. However, the first half of the market is still up to 10.572 billion yuan, and still relatively stable growth, like the PC, it is still a big market. In the ...

Korean media forecasts: "Star 2" record key points in the Korean market

Play video (Compile/Small Hee) "StarCraft 2: Wings of Freedom" in the sale of only two days to break through the 1.5 million sales mark, blizzard before a variety of marketing tactics is to achieve a preliminary success, and recently reported by the Korean media, the first to open the "Star 2" test South Korea, but also by Blizzard as the creation of a new game of the box office record key points.  2 days 1.5 million, this result has created a record for this year's game release, but in the view of blizzard, the results are far from satisfying, and their goal is to have a minimum of 10 million CD-ROM sales. According to the American analyst's analysis report ...

From the inflection point of the media

I wrote this article on the plane back from Mades. When landing suddenly found micro bo speculation, are micro-letter limit the number of friends 5000 people, by the way is to suppress the circle of friends. The current micro-letter is what the fire hit what, until all died. Therefore, this also coincides with the value of Weibo is slowly returning, we can look back on micro-blog.   Of course it has no effect on me. The following is the text of today: the separation of the operators and operators of the thinking of the company is considered a landmark event because it has been proved that the media's smallpox ...

TGS Show player Big survey Sony hosts and Capcom most popular

(Compiled/applies will) according to overseas media news, Japan's famous game weekly "Fami Tong" has issued a report on the "2010 Tokyo Game Exhibition" done by the market research reports, 1000 respondents to the survey this year to participate in the Tokyo Game show players to answer many of the current situation in Japan's gaming industry is an important issue. The report showed that most of the players at the Tokyo Games show were men, aged more than 20, and that more than half of the players had formal full-time jobs and 24% were school students. Only one-third of the players said they came alone, and the big part ...

Angry Birds metamorphosis: From game stars to entertainment media companies

From the world's most popular games to entertainment media companies, Rovio, an angry bird development company, has successfully transformed in two years. Income from derivatives now accounts for 40% of total income. Recently, "China Business newspaper" reporter interviewed to Rovio company in China, general manager of Chen Boyi, and he jointly explore the idea and strategy of bird transformation: How to use the game for derivative development? China is now the world's second-largest market for birds outside the United States, and its marketing strategies and problems in China deserve our attention and research. &nb ...

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