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From the legend of the furnace of the designer's advice: Do the game you first

The success of the Legend of the Furnace Stone once again proves that small teams are more likely to have success stories, but for PCs and ipad platforms, free digital card games seem to be not too many winners. However, because of the play and the quality of the game, the legend of the furnace has brought great impact on the game industry, at the beginning of this month, Blizzard Entertainment also released a second film, "Goblin Wars Dwarf," for the tour, adding 143 cards and making big changes to the game card image. Recently, game designers from Blizzard, Ben Brode and Mike Donai ...

The era of mobile games is coming

The most important thing when an industry is in an explosion is to learn how to exercise restraint in the fun. When the mobile game industry is an easy-to-make industry for people, this means the end of brutal growth. What impressed me the most in the mobile gaming company's excellent conference rooms was the lack of chairs and tables, which led to everyone in the conference room having no choice but to stand still; the conference room was clear Principle "must have a conclusion, the person in charge of implementation, must determine the implementation of the completion time." I do not know whether this company's operation looks so efficient, but one ...

Mysterious Mobile dealers: Service Three low people started with adult products

They sell the things are very cottage, the user is very grassroots, and the current cry over the traditional electric dealers, they are simply extraterrestrial to ... Zhang said that he earned the money to sell cabbage, but the heart of selling white powder, but will always adhere to, because meaningful. Interview/Fanghao Zhengjiangpowen/Zhengjiangpo This is a typical scene in this industry: a courier of China Post EMS rode a new motorcycle on a certain township highway in southeastern Pearl River Delta, where he stopped his car, picked up his cell phone and dialed an unfamiliar number, "Hello, is Afachai?" Your Courier to ...

Free games need to be vigilant to avoid getting into the seven myths

Developing free games is a love-hate business.   When I created Flippfly with my brother Dara, it took a long time to develop the price strategy for the first project, the "Education class" app called "Monkey Drum". On the one hand, this is a unique application (combined with the music program and the 3D role), has a great value in the product, theoretically can be effectively distinguished from other iOS entertainment applications. On the other hand, we are a company with no reputation. And we are facing the "entertainment" application class ...

Speech at Tcl Station Road Farm Salon of China entrepreneur Club

Chinese Entrepreneur Club Note: This is MA November 8, 2013 in the Chinese Entrepreneur Club, the director of the Exchange visits Tcl station, "Road Farmers Salon" speech.  Ma said that the mobile internet age of the operating rules and the PC Internet era is completely different, Tencent without micro-letter, may be a disaster. Ma bluntly, Tencent from Nokia, BlackBerry these once hundreds of billions of dollars of the company's decline to realize that the giant enterprises to always have a sense of crisis, Tencent has set up to defeat the existing product team, micro-letter that is Tencent's internal team competition results. Tencent will let the company ...

The advent of the cloud gaming era

In a 10-storey office in the east of Beijing's eastern third ring, a few 100 square meters of offices, a few more than 20-year-old boys sit in front of their computers, playing the famous game of World of Warcraft. It's not a matter of working hours, it's their job to debug the stability and latency of their newly developed cloud gaming platforms on a few configured computers. Dundee, the founder and CEO of the new company, Beijing Yun Lian Technology Co., Ltd., a few years ago, led the team to develop a ...

Mobile apps will lead Chinese companies to victory

In the Kangzhi mobile "New World", Chinese entrepreneurs and developers are trying to play a game with international Masters.   Some of them will be given the opportunity to become a great enterprise in the new World of mobile interconnection, thus accomplishing the task of enterprise's rise. Although the industry's expected judgments vary, whether the successful developers of the old World in transition or the black horses born in the New world, it is almost unanimous that in the pan-software sector, mobile application development is the only one that Chinese practitioners can walk ...

Mobile Internet: Where are the opportunities for subversion?

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall November 26, 2013 pioneering state annual meeting opens at the Millennium Grand Hotel in Beijing. The theme of this annual meeting is "subversion", the entrepreneur and the investment community representatives took turns, reviewing the 2013 year of the Big Circle event, exploring the 2014 innovation model and new business pattern. In "Mobile Internet: Where are the opportunities for subversion?" In the special discussion, entrepreneurs and investors from internet finance, smart home and other industries began to reflect the polarization of the two-year mobile internet wave.

What the Chinese Internet bosses have done in the last two years

Absrtact: Let's take a look at what China's internet bosses have done in the last two years: Lei the millet with futures; Chen Tianqiao in the Grand Bambook E-book project nearly failed the results of the strong Bambook smartphone; Zhou the people to let us look at China's internet bosses have done in the past two years what: lei in the way of futures to do in full swing millet; Chen Tianqiao in the Grand Bambook E-book project nearly failed the results of the strong Bambook smartphone; Zhou the People for "special ...

Broad Bean Network Boutique app recommendation No. 381: Boutique New tour

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] old puzzle game to save the oranges "Save the Orange 2" shelves "Save the Oranges" is a high-quality physical puzzle game on the iOS platform, from game developers FDG Entertainment. Now the game has launched the saving of oranges, "Save the Orange 2Cover Orange2." New, orange flavor, the original class to bring authentic. Acid rain has come to attack your oranges! ...

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