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Must read! Big Data: Hadoop, Business Analytics and more (2)

There are many methods for processing and analyzing large data in the new methods of data processing and analysis, but most of them have some common characteristics.   That is, they use the advantages of hardware, using extended, parallel processing technology, the use of non-relational data storage to deal with unstructured and semi-structured data, and the use of advanced analysis and data visualization technology for large data to convey insights to end users.   Wikibon has identified three large data methods that will change the business analysis and data management markets. Hadoop Hadoop is a massive distribution of processing, storing, and analyzing ...

Hadoop growing to lead open source cloud computing

The recent investment in cloud computing by major giants has been very active, ranging from cloud platform management, massive data analysis, to a variety of emerging consumer-facing cloud platforms and cloud services. And the large-scale data processing (Bigdata 處理) technology which is represented by Hadoop makes "Business king" Change to "data is king". The prosperity of the Hadoop community is obvious.   More and more domestic and foreign companies are involved in the development of the Hadoop community or directly open the software that is used online. The same year with ...

13 open source tools for big data analytics system Hadoop

This time, we share the 13 most commonly used open source tools in the Hadoop ecosystem, including resource scheduling, stream computing, and various business-oriented scenarios. First, we look at resource management.

Must read! Big Data: Hadoop, Business Analytics and more (1)

Cady Wang (Wang Nanan) you want to know big data, but don't know the jerky terminology? Do you want to know the market and application of large data, but there are no good cases and explanations?   Don't worry, this little book from the Wikibon community wants to help you.   Yes, this is a small book rather than an article, because it is detailed and meticulous to let you from a completely do not understand the large data technology and related applications of the layman to become a familiar with its concept and meaning of the "inner pedestrian", so it is great! Translator Cady Wang Nanan spent a lot of effort to translate this small book, insufficient ...

12 facts to decrypt Big data medicine--hadoop

Today, Apache Hadoop is no longer known to anyone.   When Doug Cutting, the Yahoo search engineer, developed the Open-source Software Library to create a distributed computing environment and named his son's elephant doll, who would have thought it would one day occupy the top spot of "Big data" technology? While Hadoop is associated with big data, it is believed that many users have little knowledge of it. In last week's Tdwi Solution Summit, TDWI research director and industry analyst Phil ...

2013 Hadoop Summit Large Data Product summary

Large data is one of the most active topics in the IT field today.   There is no better place to learn about the latest developments in big data than the Hadoop Summit 2013 held in San Jose recently. More than 60 big data companies are involved, including well-known vendors like Intel and, and startups like SQRRL and Platfora. Here are 13 new or enhanced large data products presented at the summit. 1. Continuuity Development Public ...

The core of Hadoop--microsoft Big Data strategy

Guide: As we all know, the big data wave is gradually sweeping all over the world. And Hadoop is the source of the Storm's power. Microsoft is an unprecedented partner with the Apache Hadoop community. Microsoft's move is to build a Microsoft-branded Hadoop biosphere, leveraging its own advantages in the software world. Today, Microsoft has put Hadoop at the heart of its big data strategy. The reason for Microsoft's move is to have a fancy for had ...

With Hadoop or Hadoop?

Hadoop is often identified as the only solution that can help you solve all problems. When people refer to "Big data" or "data analysis" and other related issues, they will hear an blurted answer: hadoop! Hadoop is actually designed and built to solve a range of specific problems. Hadoop is at best a bad choice for some problems. For other issues, choosing Hadoop could even be a mistake. For data conversion operations, or a broader sense of decimation-conversion-loading operations, E ...

Six super large Hadoop deployment cases

It is estimated that by 2015, more than half of the world's data will involve hadoop--an increasingly large ecosystem around the open source platform, a powerful confirmation of this alarming figure. However, some say that while Hadoop is the hottest topic in the bustling Big data field right now, it is certainly not a panacea for all the challenges of data center and data management. With this in mind, we don't want to speculate about what the platform will look like in the future, nor do we want to speculate about what the future of open source technology will be for radically changing data-intensive solutions.

No see: Six Super Large Hadoop deployment cases

While Hadoop is the hottest topic in the bustling Big data field right now, it is certainly not a panacea for all the challenges of data center and data management.   With that in mind, we don't want to speculate about what the platform will look like in the future, nor do we want to speculate on the future of open source technology for various data-intensive solutions, but instead focus on real-world applications that make Hadoop more and more hot. One of the cases: ebay's Hadoop environment ebay Analytics Platform Development Group Anil Madan discusses how the auction industry's giants are charging ...

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