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Big data: The digital dream of the boss of Procter and Gamble

Meng question: Q: I know what is the data, but what is the big data? A: Have you Seen "Sherlock Holmes"? Sherlock Holmes was always able to draw accurate conclusions by observation, and in others ' eyes he was as capable of prophecy as God. In fact, he was merely combining and analyzing the observed information and drawing conclusions through reasonable deductive reasoning. For example, he will analyze the victim's nails that greasy hair silk is the life habits of people, and the soles of the mud in the cracks in the surrounding areas will have. In the age of large data, everyone can be a fulcrum ...

China's digital transformation: The influence of internet on productivity and growth

The McKinsey Global Research Institute today released the digital transformation of China: The impact of the Internet on Productivity and growth (click to download the full report of PDF), the report points out that in 2013, China's Internet users continued to grow, the Internet is fundamentally restructuring the Chinese way of life. The following is a summary of the report: A digital revolution is surging in China. In 2013, the total number of active smart devices in China increased from 380 million to 700 million units. The same year November 11, "Singles Day" day, online shopping platform Taobao and the cat's sales of more than 36.2 billion yuan ...

Big Data 9 Lessons

Innovative report from the dean of top research institutes when all our actions and our lives can be "data", the company that holds the data is like owning a rich gold mountain.   As Victor Maire-Schoenberg says, the big data age is "the future that has happened," and in this already-occurring future, there is no bystander. December 19, 2013, by the boutique media "digital Business Times" sponsored by the "Great data creation of the era of Subversion" 2013 China Summit Forum in Beijing to make a grand Holiday Crowne Plaza Hotel ...

Xinhua Sanzhong releases big data products to create big data industry and ecosystem

Big data is an important part of the Xinhua 3 strategic system. Yu Yingtao, president and CEO of Xinhua Group, pointed out that the core of the digital economy is data, and big data is the key means to drive data to create value. As an important part of the new IT strategy of "application-driven, cloud-led future".

Data-driven marketing, automotive industry digital marketing Observation

This article is originally contained in: "Marketing line Line 4" (@ Marketing Line Line 4), Damndigital authorized exclusive reprint. Lead: The role of social contacts in helping car brands to expand their influence is beyond doubt. Whether it is Renault Clio, the first by like-driven car or Volkswagen Polo's Twitter, win new polo, these and social media marketing campaign for the brand won a wide range of influence. However, compared to vertical media, the coverage of the broad social media sales conversion rate is low, this is an embarrassing fact. More embarrassing is that ...

The core technology, application status and development trend of education big data

The big data field has boomed in recent years. As a segment of big data, education big data has great potential to promote educational change. Big data technology is rapidly evolving, which opens up new possibilities for big data applications.

Digital nervous system in large data age

Beijing Time September 5 News, according to foreign media reports, editor's note: This article was originally contained in O ' Reilly radar blog, after obtaining the authorization Ufforbus republish. Where does the data from the big data come from? Why do Internet bosses Facebook and Google not care? The answer is because these network companies have already taken the forefront of the times, has grasped the opportunity. Driven by social, mobile and cloud technologies, important transformations are taking place, leading us into the data world where these internet companies live. From the digital frame to the digital nervous system ...

China Digital Guo as: The next 10 years to transform the digital city

Tencent Science and Technology (Lou Chi) November 18 News, "Digital China 2010 Global Partner Conference" held in Chengdu on November 18, China Digital Board chairman and CEO Guo for the scene that the future of digital China will be integrated services as the center of the digital city for the development direction. Guo Wei said that the next 10 years, Shenzhen Digital will be integrated services as the center of the digital city as the direction of development, the specific strategy is to achieve urbanization and information integration around the digital city, based on cloud computing to achieve urban informatization. ' We actually attribute the informatization of a city to a three-tier structure, ' he says.

HP and Shenzhou Digital Construction blade Server channel Ecological New pattern

China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd. and Shenzhou Digital Group in Hangzhou, held a grand theme of "return" Digital & HP Blade Server Partners Summit. The Conference reviewed and summed up the history of HP and Shenzhou digital cooperation for nearly 20 years, and in the background of cloud computing and large data, the two sides in the blade server business will be how to build a new partner ecosystem, do a detailed interpretation. 2014, HP and Shenzhou Digital will continue to channel technical support, promote the transformation of partners, as well as the joint market expansion to increase investment efforts to build a new channel pattern, ...

2014 Big Data Hot topic and trend interpretation

The world-wide information revolution has caused almost every industry to face big data problems. In order to effectively deal with the all-round challenges brought about by large data and make full use of this unprecedented opportunity, the industry, the scientific and technological circles at home and abroad and even governments are actively planning and formulating strategic plans. March 2012, the United States government announced a 200 million dollar "big data Research and development plan", the study of large data to rise to the national will. The European Union has also introduced similar initiatives. In this context, the Chinese Computer Society in October 2012 set up the CCF large data committee of experts, ...

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