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Edge computing becomes the next point of the explosion, who will win the cloud computing giant and the CDN giant?

At the recent Yunqi Conference, Alibaba Group senior vice president and president of Alibaba Hu Xiaoming announced that IoT (Internet of Things) officially became the main strategy of Alibaba after e-commerce, finance, logistics and cloud computing, and in order to do a good job of IoT Alibaba Cloud will invest in the emerging technology field of “edge computing” in 2018.

The battle between cloud computing and IoT platform opens the "second half", and the edge computing becomes the "main position"

As the expansion of cloud computing is more and more radical, and almost into the "prisoner's dilemma." These three companies seem to have waged price wars, have reduced the price of some cloud products, and even caused concerns that prices may be too low due to continued price declines.

Edge Zhanghaifeng

Author: Donnien was thrown into musty for a long time, EDGE (Enhanced data Rates for Global Evolution, enhanced rate transfer service) was again turned out. In December last year, in order to circumvent the TD network coverage of the soft rib, mobile requirements TD terminal manufacturers and cell phone channels will be 3G TD mobile phones as 2G sales, to China Mobile 2.75G Edge Network to enhance the feelings of 3G users, quickly expand the TD user Base. This move requires TD mobile phone network selection in ...

Can the enhanced edge extend the GSM long tail?

Recently, a well-known consulting company revealed that Sony Ericsson will be in Barcelona MWC2010 on the introduction of enhanced edge mobile phones, domestic operators are already doing related network testing.  The person is also very optimistic about the enhanced edge of the mobile phone in the domestic market prospects. According to the reporter understand, because of the rapid development of 3G, foreign operators do not have much of the application of this technology, and China Mobile has begun in some areas of the enhanced Edge Network test, the network rate has been greatly improved, but this conclusion does not apply to all, the mature two years ago, the technology, can ...

Big Data 9 Lessons

Innovative report from the dean of top research institutes when all our actions and our lives can be "data", the company that holds the data is like owning a rich gold mountain.   As Victor Maire-Schoenberg says, the big data age is "the future that has happened," and in this already-occurring future, there is no bystander. December 19, 2013, by the boutique media "digital Business Times" sponsored by the "Great data creation of the era of Subversion" 2013 China Summit Forum in Beijing to make a grand Holiday Crowne Plaza Hotel ...

The core technology, application status and development trend of education big data

The big data field has boomed in recent years. As a segment of big data, education big data has great potential to promote educational change. Big data technology is rapidly evolving, which opens up new possibilities for big data applications.

Xinhua Sanzhong releases big data products to create big data industry and ecosystem

Big data is an important part of the Xinhua 3 strategic system. Yu Yingtao, president and CEO of Xinhua Group, pointed out that the core of the digital economy is data, and big data is the key means to drive data to create value. As an important part of the new IT strategy of "application-driven, cloud-led future".

IBM's new Big Data Management: Winning big data era

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today held an annual conference in Beijing called IBM's Information Management (IM) conference called "Information Management in the Big Data Age." At the conference, IBM explained carefully how IBM Information Management software is used in data warehousing and integration , Governance, optimization, analysis and other areas of advanced technology, and for participants to share how IBM has been through new technologies to help different industries, different sizes of businesses and institutions to deal with the challenges of the information explosion era: to face the surge in high efficiency The data to create ...

Big Data Doomsday omens or big business opportunities?

We have all heard the following predictions: By 2020, the amount of data stored electronically in the world will reach 35ZB, which is 40 times times the world's reserves in 2009. At the end of 2010, according to IDC, global data volumes have reached 1.2 million PB, or 1.2ZB. If you burn the data on a DVD, you can stack the DVDs from the Earth to the moon and back (about 240,000 miles one way). For those who are apt to worry about the sky, such a large number may be unknown, indicating the coming of the end of the world. To ...

Aggregating data assets and promoting industrial innovation--2014 zhongguancun Big Data Day see Big data to cash

Large data from the original concept of the proposed to become like soil, mineral assets, how to obtain data assets? How to use data assets to promote industry innovation? How to realize the increment and realization of data assets? December 11, 2014 Zhongguancun Large Data day in the Zhongguancun Software Park Yun Plaza Hotel as scheduled, and through the New York Times Square Large screen synchronized presentation. With the theme of "aggregating data assets and promoting industrial innovation", the Conference explores key issues such as data asset management and transformation, large data depth technology, and industry data application innovation and ecosystem construction. The Assembly also carries the authority from the government department ...

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