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Everyone company to explore big data B2B business

Is a social networking site is also an advertising media; is the old college students doing business Internet Xiang 饽 饽, but also today's big data marketing exploration of the new army. After the company decided to refocus the positioning of the youth group at the end of last year, everyone has re-made a speech on the young consumer market recently, but the strategy has become a big data B2B business of marketing alliance. "Young League" came into being, as the first marketing alliance dedicated to exploring the consumer market of young people, everyone chose to work with third-party professional marketing agencies and advertising agency companies to further establish relationships with many "young people" Brand advertisers to build common ...

Internet thinking vs Big data thinking: seeking common ground

What trends and strategies are more effective when we are marketing in the O2O era? There are two different ways of thinking, one is Internet thinking and the other is big data thinking. Internet thinking and large data thinking have intersection but do not coincide. The current hype of the internet marketing case, basically stripped of large data, more is the theme of speculation and dissemination of the way hype.     And big Data marketing is not limited to the Internet, it also includes offline marketing. Marketing art and science debate how do you think of these two kinds of marketing thinking? In fact, the internet thinking and big data thinking PK ...

CFO Change in the mobile internet era

U.S. retail giant Target in the mail to a middle school girl to recommend baby supplies and coupons, her father strongly questioned and protested, after receiving an apology, the father found that the daughter really pregnant. Target, a widely circulated story, is thought to be a sophisticated exploration of big data marketing. However, there may be a risk of data security when collecting information on customers for marketing decisions. In January 2014, Target announced that the massive data theft that occurred three weeks before the holiday shopping season affected 70 million customers, the US retail industry so far ...

Ctrip and Sogou jointly launched the Spring Festival bring home the Love series activities

Absrtact: December 23 News When the Spring Festival, Ctrip and Sogou jointly launched the new year to bring home a series of activities, launched around the theme of the Spring Festival, digital marketing, this is the two sides in September after the start of the school season big data marketing again cooperation. According to reports, the two sides December 23 News of the Spring Festival, Ctrip and Sogou jointly launched the "Love to bring home" series of activities, launched around the theme of the Spring Festival, digital marketing, which is the two sides in September after the start of the school season big data marketing again cooperation. According to the introduction, the two sides will pass the "Online Spring Festival Calendar" and other services, transfer ...

How crazy is the World Cup? Lottery know

Jingdong listed a hammer, sounded the alarm in Ali, Ma Yun "holding a telescope can not find competitors," the day and night gone. Jingdong is now growing as the e-commerce platform that can compete with Ali, both of them leading the world of B2C e-commerce, while the annual Beijing 618 eve has become the second e-commerce Great event. "Compared with previous years, the number of e-commerce websites participating in this year increased significantly. All e-commerce companies took part in World Cup marketing and even Vipshop, which has no direct competitive relationship with Jingdong, actively participated in." The Big Data Marketing Platform Service providers Erma Corporation President Ko Hsia Hing in ...

Emma: The three major predisposing direction

The new decade, Yima positioning removed the "network" and "marketing", to some extent this is a bold act to break the original boundary, seeking a room for regeneration. This is related to our corporate culture, doing things low-key, but the vision is lofty. - billion Macke fine Xingma billion company, no one called President Ke Xiaoxing Ke total, but the name of his net "land." Although the space for the newly relocated office space was so outrageous, the land was "not willing" to give itself a separate office, leaving only a piece of office space to stand in the corner of the platform. In fact, business has been ten years, Emma ...

Several big status quo of big data application in Chinese enterprises

We are about to usher in a "big data era." And the change has always been the Chinese enterprises how far from this revolution? How fast to catch up with the revolutionary leader? How can we use big data? How to solve obstacles? China Entrepreneurs Research Institute interviewed more than 10 leading companies in big data applications, and more companies conducted written research. We found that: ■ Currently, Chinese enterprises Big data applications can be classified as: big data operations, big data products, big data platform three = field, the first two more is the internal application, the latter ...

The rapid development of big data, driven by equities

Schoonerger's "big data age" selling in 2012 led directly to the rapid popularization of the concept of big data, but even so, one hundred people still give an explanation of one hundred big data he understands. The recent hot performance of US market visual data analysis software vendor Tableau and big data marketing company Marketo has aroused the capital market's imagination of big data. As long as the A-shares can catch big data, the share price is even higher and higher. . Market huge three-dimensional mining benefit big data era, is the Internet ...

Marketing Wisdom in a big data age

Big Data has a big impact. According to data, Twitter generates 340 million of news a day on average, while Facebook spreads 4 billion of its information daily. With the global expansion of social networks, the Big Bang is rewriting marketing rules. And based on the large data marketing value of mining into the field of online marketing issues. The essence of numbers is human, and data mining is the analysis of the human race itself. So in the context of large data, the key to the problem is not only what the user says, but also who the user is. What did you do? Tencent believes that the marketing value of large data is with ...

Guangzhou Seoul Code CEO Siang Xiaoma: Four Trends in the future development of large data

Mobile, multi-screen digital marketing development trends, so that enterprises to the consumer behavior trajectory capture more difficult. Therefore, when carrying a large number of user information and can be deep excavation, systematic summary of the big data wave appeared, immediately aroused the industry and enterprises of widespread concern. Now, with the growth of large sensors and digital devices, the broader data revolution is spreading. In view of the current Internet environment, senior Network Marketing experts, Guangzhou Code Culture Communication Co., Ltd. CEO Siang Xiaoma proposed large data for the future development of the four major trends, and clearly said "how from the mass number ...

Big Data Marketing: Brands remain active in change

Absrtact: Since first submission, big data has been a commonplace concept, and now the widespread use of social media has brought huge amounts of data. The development of digital technology itself has more and more profound impact on the marketing methodology and marketing efficiency, this is the first time since , big data has been a cliché concept, now the widespread use of social media has brought a huge amount of data. The development of digital technology itself has more and more profound impact on the marketing methodology and marketing efficiency, this era has been completely not the previous simple digital media era. Big Data produces big shadows ...

Big data cases 41-49: Monitoring illegal alterations, Mustard index

Big data is mainly not judged by causality and is mainly applicable to correlation analysis. Many correlation analyses do not require complex models and only require awareness of big data.

Rethinking the ethics of big data

In the past, we were driven by experience. We are now focusing on driving with data. Today is because data gives a lot of possibilities for artificial intelligence, so AI is alive.

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