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How should the media deal with "big data" technology?

In the 2011, the West's theory of "big data" swept through the intelligentsia like a whirlwind, with a succession of scholarly discussions of big data. Media fiery stir, all kinds of alarmist conclusions, full of all kinds of myths, Google has 13多亿条 this aspect of the reports and comments. China's IT industry and the press also carried out a discussion, and published a number of articles, the western "data-driven News" (Data-driven journalism), "data to determine the freedom of speech &quo ..."

The Big Data age: What's happening in the future

A few years ago, lead a team of "information housekeeper". The idea is very simple, the information explosion, the huge amount of news, modern people overwhelmed. In the shortest time, the most efficient and most targeted to meet the needs of individual information services, this is the project to do. Smart you see it is actually a personal information push service, the media is mobile terminals (such as smartphones), the application is mobile interconnection, selling point is customized, accurate and personalized. Technology, it's complicated, it's simple to say, which is anyone who reads newspapers, magazines, or what majors, areas, or even what to look at first ...

Big data should enhance its competitive advantage and realize value redemption

If one day can predict the future, then what are your first things to do? Buy lottery? That second, third thing? Selling a first off, we talk about it later. Big data is an industry, broadly speaking refers to the whole product chain of mass information generation, dissemination, collection, processing and value creation in the era of information overload. In the narrow sense, it refers to the related industries of big data storage and processing and data mining. The most common use of big data on the market today is in analysis and prediction. According to myself in this industry for 10 years ...

Big data, the leader of information

Entertainment, hear the word, always think of downtown, extravagant, and complex. But in such a circle, the entertainment industry, which was originally a long way from the Internet, has now made use of big data for various attempts. If Ai Man Technology as a film and television industry behind the scenes, it has long been a Wrist. Both "Little Times" and "Beijing Love Story" made two domestically produced films with good box office results. Its behind the scenes Ai Man technology to provide big data support. After 2013's "Little Time 1" on the upper court in June, Ai Man Technology's big data system found that the audience had a directing on Guo Jingming's director skill ...

How big Data "landed"

IDC, a world-renowned research firm, predicts that global data will reach 40ZB by 2020, meaning that it will have more than 10 500G hard drives per person. How do you know how to use the big, confusing data? What is the role of the change in journalism and publishing? September 6, the "Summit of Cross-border Innovations in the large data age content industry" was held in Beijing to promote the application of large data technology in the news publishing industry. The status of "Ten Moves" and "then refused" "Ten moving but refused", is the network language, refers to is very moved, excited, have enthusiasm, ...

The Big data I understand

The term "big data" does not need to be said, "Big data" is necessary for any activity or conference that is relevant to the Internet in the past two years.     The recently concluded 13th session of the "China Internet Conference" has also dedicated a large data forum. For any large data practitioner or first contact, there may be a common feeling: Big data is useful!     How to use large data? The overwhelming number of books and articles on large data seem to be sharing a message: the more ...

The business model of data News

Data news is just a description of a trend that has emerged decades ago and is getting worse. What journalists don't realize is that this is a business of refining information, and readers want to connect with the numbers that appear in the news every day. In this field, a wave of entrepreneurship has sprung up around the world. Of all the interest and hope in data news, there is one issue that most newsroom concerns: what is its business model? We should not rashly predict that we may be able to find clues from the current situation and status of the media industry. The fact is that many news organizations have benefited from this new thing. ...

10 Big data experts who deserve to be focused on Twitter

On the face of it, looking for the wisdom of big data on Twitter seems like an ironic suggestion.   In fact, most ordinary consumers and business users use Twitter as a platform for data generation, and the information provided will be used as a source of analysis rather than as a guide to analyzing the solution. Twitter does, however, carry a huge amount of valuable data expertise--provided we know where to find them. Like other social platforms, Twitter is sometimes as noisy as it has no real value. If you add "large number ...

In the big data age, people began to worry about "data tyranny."

On the understanding of astronomy, geography, strategist, winning, this is not the reincarnation of Zhuge Liang, but now the most fashionable "big data." What is big data? At present, there is no standard concept, those you browse news online, send and receive mail, shopping, and other network "Footprints" are recorded in the form of "data" and stored. Analyzing these traceable, analytical, quantifiable data can affect the business sector, the healthcare industry, and government agencies ' working patterns. According to Der Spiegel, the internet produced 2.8 10 "21 bytes (1 ...) in 2012.

Big Data era coming opportunity knocking

Are you good with numbers? Obsessed with data? So what you hear is the opportunity to knock on the door. Zhou Mu, Mo Zhou, who had just completed his MBA at Yale last summer, was snatched by IBM and joined the fast-growing data advisor of the technology company. They help companies figure out the meaning of the data explosion web traffic, comments on social networks, and monitoring data on goods, suppliers and customers ' software and sensors to provide decision guides, cut costs, and boost sales. "I've always had a passion for numbers," Miss said. She's a data analyst, this position ...

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