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The new opportunity and challenge of open source in the era of large data

Open source Hotspot Inventory 1984, Richard Stallman launched GNU and Free Softwarefoundation, which has been open source for more than 28 years. From the bottom of the operating system to advanced desktop applications, there are open source footprint. Linux, which is especially open source operating system, is a controversial issue and is subject to many commercial attacks.   Many people like to put open source and business together, to accuse Open source is how "irregular", "energy consumption", "instability" and so on, especially Microsoft. Talk about ...

Five aspects that open source should not be neglected

It is hard to imagine any company that has not used open source software in an environment where Linux is running on printers and Web servers, and business employees are running the Android operating system on a variety of mobile devices. According to Black Duck software, an open-source management tool provider, there are Ibedovan different open source projects in the industry, and the number of open source projects continues to grow, and black Duck software has the world's largest Ohloh open source software directory. At the same time, according to SAP ...

What are the major strategic motivations behind the enterprise's contribution to open source projects

Most companies gain a lot of competitive advantage by using open source software, which is beyond doubt.   But on the other side, what benefits can a company derive from its contribution to open source? While GM has gained some "feedback" for creating altruism, what businesses need is to get more feedback and benefits in this way. What is the economic motivation behind the initiative to contribute millions of lines of code, like Google or Facebook, to open source?   Let's take a look at the major strategic motives behind the enterprise's contribution to open source projects. 1. Establish the standard ...

Enumerate the top ten open source technology in the Big data field, ten companies

Top Ten Open Source technologies: Apache HBase: This large data management platform is built on Google's powerful bigtable management engine. As a database with open source, Java coding, and distributed multiple advantages, HBase was originally designed for the Hadoop platform, and this powerful data management tool is also used by Facebook to manage the vast data of the messaging platform. Apache Storm: A distributed real-time computing system for processing high-speed, large data streams. Storm for Apache Had ...

Virtualization, cloud computing, open source code, and more

A, virtualization virtualization refers to the ability to simulate multiple virtual machines on the same physical machine. Each virtual machine has a separate processor, memory, hard disk, and network interface logically. The use of virtualization technology can improve the utilization of hardware resources, so that multiple applications can run on the same physical machine with each other isolated operating environment. There are also different levels of virtualization, such as virtualization at the hardware level and virtualization at the software level. Hardware virtualization refers to the simulation of hardware to obtain a similar to the real computer environment, you can run a complete operating system. In the hardware virtual ...

Liu Ming: Open source has become the soul of cloud computing

"China Cloud Network News" May 29, to vigorously develop and promote the Beijing Science and technology original ability for the purpose of "2013 Beijing (International) Open Source Conference" in Beijing New Century hotel Nikko grand opening. The conference by the Beijing Municipal Commission guidance, China Software Industry Association, hosted by the Cloud Network, and has been China Cloud Industry Alliance, Zhongguancun Cloud Computing Industry Alliance, the trend of the sky Cloud and other units of strong support. The conference takes "open source China original Beijing" as the theme, through the rich forward-looking thought feast, strives for Beijing to occupy under the World Science and technology development new trend.

Notes:hadoop based Open source projects

Hadoop Here's my notes about introduction and some hints for Hadoop based open source projects. Hopenhagen it ' s useful to you. Management Tool ambari:a web-based Tool for provisioning, managing, and Mon ...

Eight reasons why big data projects fail

Big Data has now become the focus of attention, many companies are struggling to put their own data to use, hoping to provide support for important decisions. While big data hype and hype are raging, 92% of companies remain neutral, planning to start at "the right time" or to say they don't intend to touch big data projects.   In companies that have already hands-on big data projects, most fail and often fall into the same trap. The key to success with large data projects is to build an iterative program that encourages existing members ...

Open source is action, not heartbeat.

See Li Anshi wrote an article on the Internet, the name is "the great open source and China has nothing to do", in the article, Li Anshi analysis, in the current China in the manufacturing industry in pursuit of the pace of Europe and the United States, Tesla's patent open source is in fact just Tesla's propaganda means, Core technology is not going to make it easy for you to use. The backwardness of China in manufacturing is well known, but how can we change the status quo?   Only by strengthening their ability, open source will not become empty slogan! Here's what Li Anshi in the interview: the development of open source software ...

Big data ushered in the open source era Hadoop can find gold?

IDC's Big Data market forecasts, big data will usher in a big era. Analysts said the big data output would reach $16.9 billion trillion by 2015. But it's not clear how new the market is, or whether big data start-ups will actually scratch a gold rush. Is this open source hype? Repeat in the style of big data? Probably, yes. Open source has been popular in the tech press for years because it has promised to reduce costs and gain enterprise-class it freedom. Ultimately, only a few startups are investing (MySQL, JBoss), but for the most part ...

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