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How to occupy the traditional newspaper industry in the big data age?

The data again "big" no useful is equal to zero, to collect "slow data" "Live data" on the internet every moment in the production of data, people's lives everywhere in the various devices, such as computers, mobile phones, smart appliances, sensors and so on, can always leave traces of human behavior, real-time data generation, These increased geometric levels of data deposition on the Web, become large data. These large numbers of data again "big" no useful is equal to zero, to collect "slow data" "Live data ...

Sino-US data Ideal Dow 200-point port period refers to the big low water fear light friends attack

Hang Seng Index Day Line Trend Chart "Our News" (reporter Lindfing, this newspaper Shanghai News Center reporter Lingxiang) entered the first trading day of June, China and the United States announced the ideal of manufacturing data, stimulate Hong Kong equities, Asia-Pacific stock market and last night, European stocks, U.S. stocks were made good. Among them, Hong Kong stocks close to Wanji, a big rise 717 or 3.95%, close to 18,888 points, a new high of more than 8 months, deal 1,002 700 million yuan to a two-week record. By the opening of the U.S. stock markets last night, its manufacturing and consumer spending figures were better than expected, diluting GM's filing for bankruptcy protection, with the Dow rising more than 200 per cent in the middle.

Take off the big data coat and get out of the big data dilemma

"Enterprise Observer" reporter Jianwen If you want to choose the last two years in the media, the top ten hot words, big Data no surprise will be selected. However, it seems that everyone is aware of the power of large data but cannot find a way to use large data.   Whether it's a business, a government or any other community organization, big data is so close, but so far away. "Big data has become a hot word for people to talk about, but few mention the ability that people need to have in this huge change, and countless businesses and individuals forget to ' count '." "As Vice president of the Business Intelligence Department of Alibaba Group ...

Shiji: How China should respond to the challenges of the big data age

Recently, I returned to attend some university seminars, government departments of the symposium and the training activities of enterprises, the theme is large data, nowadays, the major domestic newspapers and magazines are also discussing this hot topic, but I found that the Chinese society on the "big data" concept still some inaccurate understanding or even the concept of misunderstanding, In particular, the strategic significance of large data at the national level is underestimated and needs to be deepened. Small data to large data "big data" is a new wave of technology, but also gradually formed a historical phenomenon, its specific refers to the increase in the amount of information storage, the human in practice gradually recognized ...

Big Data Doomsday omens or big business opportunities?

We have all heard the following predictions: By 2020, the amount of data stored electronically in the world will reach 35ZB, which is 40 times times the world's reserves in 2009. At the end of 2010, according to IDC, global data volumes have reached 1.2 million PB, or 1.2ZB. If you burn the data on a DVD, you can stack the DVDs from the Earth to the moon and back (about 240,000 miles one way). For those who are apt to worry about the sky, such a large number may be unknown, indicating the coming of the end of the world. To ...

The difference between "big data" and "mass data"

Big data hit many years ago, the industry was discussing a topic: How to deal with massive data? In particular, some need to store a large number of user data industry, finance, telecommunications, insurance and other popular industries. Users almost every hour of the day, are likely to produce a large number of data, these industries storage equipment, must be the data generated during the period of meticulous record, in order to prevent loss, but also must do backup, but also have to do off-site disaster recovery backup, which is not finished, business interruption events can not exceed the number of time range, Otherwise it is a major accident, so must be through the IT system assurance industry ...

Big data: The digital dream of the boss of Procter and Gamble

Meng question: Q: I know what is the data, but what is the big data? A: Have you Seen "Sherlock Holmes"? Sherlock Holmes was always able to draw accurate conclusions by observation, and in others ' eyes he was as capable of prophecy as God. In fact, he was merely combining and analyzing the observed information and drawing conclusions through reasonable deductive reasoning. For example, he will analyze the victim's nails that greasy hair silk is the life habits of people, and the soles of the mud in the cracks in the surrounding areas will have. In the age of large data, everyone can be a fulcrum ...

Harford: Big data, or big mistakes?

Large data is a vague expression of large-scale phenomena.   The term has now been overheated by entrepreneurs, scientists, governments and the media. Five years ago, a Google research team announced a remarkable achievement in the world's top science magazine Nature. The team can track the spread of flu in the United States, which does not depend on any medical examination. They are tracking even faster than the CDC. Google's tracking results are only a day's delay, and the CDC needs to compile a large number of physicians ' diagnoses to get a spread of the trend chart ...

Detailed development of big data: from small samples to big data, from theory to value

From Small Samples to Big Data: Concepts and Myths The total amount of data generated and recorded in the last two years has accounted for 90% of the sum total of all human civilization since its inception. We keep recording all valuable information all the time. The changing data of the world and of all things form an "automatically growing" gold mine. The data mining technology is responsible for digging out the gold from the mines. The term "big data" was a commercial concept advocated by IBM and EMC earlier in life, with a concept packed commercial gene from its birth. Understand this truth will not be overly correct ...

Big data from Silicon Valley "down": Big Data games for Silicon Valley giants

In the "Up" section of the big data on Silicon Valley's observations (, I have basically combed through a relatively complete shape of the big data growth situation in the Silicon Valley region. A friend saw the "next" after the notice on the micro-blog to give me a message, I heard that the next chapter to introduce some of the company's large data department, ask if you can add a Google, especially Google ...

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