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The new opportunity and challenge of open source in the era of large data

Open source Hotspot Inventory 1984, Richard Stallman launched GNU and Free Softwarefoundation, which has been open source for more than 28 years. From the bottom of the operating system to advanced desktop applications, there are open source footprint. Linux, which is especially open source operating system, is a controversial issue and is subject to many commercial attacks.   Many people like to put open source and business together, to accuse Open source is how "irregular", "energy consumption", "instability" and so on, especially Microsoft. Talk about ...

Viewpoint: The best choice of the open source software big Data age

Over the past 12 months, big data waves have swept across the globe. Even the largest institutions lack the infrastructure, tools, and methodologies that directly lead to a lack of ability to effectively extract critical data from large data and transform it into insights into business. But the world of big data is changing today. For all types and sizes of organizations, massive open source software and low-cost hardware combinations greatly reduce the threshold for large data processing systems. Simply put, open source solutions allow organizations to grow their clusters to tens of thousands of servers in a short period of time to better support large data suits ...

Who is the real invisible comrade-in-arms--the real story of open source software and OpenSSL

"Editor's note" a few days ago in the circle of Friends Crazy biography of an article about OpenSSL, the story is very touching, although there is a soft text suspicion, but still let everyone see can not help to give OpenSSL donations. Moving stories are like beauties, and it's easy to ignore their authenticity, and most people seem to believe the article's author about open source software, the description of privacy security technology. This article is a rumor + popular Science article, not for the author of the article, but open source and security are IT technology hotspots, we should have a correct understanding of them. Of course the author of the end of the article on the media ...

Virtualization, cloud computing, open source code, and more

A, virtualization virtualization refers to the ability to simulate multiple virtual machines on the same physical machine. Each virtual machine has a separate processor, memory, hard disk, and network interface logically. The use of virtualization technology can improve the utilization of hardware resources, so that multiple applications can run on the same physical machine with each other isolated operating environment. There are also different levels of virtualization, such as virtualization at the hardware level and virtualization at the software level. Hardware virtualization refers to the simulation of hardware to obtain a similar to the real computer environment, you can run a complete operating system. In the hardware virtual ...

Five aspects that open source should not be neglected

It is hard to imagine any company that has not used open source software in an environment where Linux is running on printers and Web servers, and business employees are running the Android operating system on a variety of mobile devices. According to Black Duck software, an open-source management tool provider, there are Ibedovan different open source projects in the industry, and the number of open source projects continues to grow, and black Duck software has the world's largest Ohloh open source software directory. At the same time, according to SAP ...

Enumerate the top ten open source technology in the Big data field, ten companies

Top Ten Open Source technologies: Apache HBase: This large data management platform is built on Google's powerful bigtable management engine. As a database with open source, Java coding, and distributed multiple advantages, HBase was originally designed for the Hadoop platform, and this powerful data management tool is also used by Facebook to manage the vast data of the messaging platform. Apache Storm: A distributed real-time computing system for processing high-speed, large data streams. Storm for Apache Had ...

Why don't you just run open source software on Linux?

For some industries, running proprietary (proprietary) software on open source Linux distributions is not an exception--rather common. On Wall Street, for example, "99% of apps on Wall Street rely on proprietary software."   Oracle is one of the things that we like to run on Linux with proprietary licenses, says Victor Yodaiken, Fsmlabs's president. Migrating to a Linux platform is not an either-or proposition. Linux as a ...

Liu Ming: Open source has become the soul of cloud computing

"China Cloud Network News" May 29, to vigorously develop and promote the Beijing Science and technology original ability for the purpose of "2013 Beijing (International) Open Source Conference" in Beijing New Century hotel Nikko grand opening. The conference by the Beijing Municipal Commission guidance, China Software Industry Association, hosted by the Cloud Network, and has been China Cloud Industry Alliance, Zhongguancun Cloud Computing Industry Alliance, the trend of the sky Cloud and other units of strong support. The conference takes "open source China original Beijing" as the theme, through the rich forward-looking thought feast, strives for Beijing to occupy under the World Science and technology development new trend.

Open source cracked Big data dilemma Hadoop not the only option

Once upon a time, social networks were growing quietly and becoming an integral part of people's work and life. Facebook is a typical representative of social networking today. Facebook, the leader of social networking sites, was initially designed to facilitate communication between college dormitories and later developed into a social network of more than 900 million users and ranked first in the world. According to IDC, 1 million new links are shared every 20 minutes on Facebook and 10 million user reviews are released. Facebook base ...

Open source tools to solve large data

Open source code platforms for large data are becoming popular.   In the past few months, almost everyone seems to have felt the impact. Low cost, flexibility and applicability to trained personnel are the main reasons for open source prosperity. Hadoop, R, and NoSQL are now the backbone of many of the enterprise's big data policies, whether they use it to manage unstructured data or perform complex statistical analyses. "It's almost impossible to keep up with it: SAP AG recently released a new product, SAP BusinessObjects Predictive analytics, software integration ...

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