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Case study: How do we design beautiful logos

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology Hall case study: Logo Design system method logo design is very time-consuming, because it is not only to express our design concept, but also meet customer needs, this is very difficult. There are many elements in logo design that you need to consider, such as color, font, balance, symbolism, and so on. So how do we get started? Today, I will show the design of the system method of logo, so that your logo is fully organized, with logos ...

Brand awareness of designers

Why talk about branding? This stems from one of the things that impresses me very much: the designer of a big company, who wrote an article on the iphone on the company's official blog, has been blamed by a reader for his "iphone" in the article. The reader was thrilled to scold the author and his company for being unprofessional. This thing makes me very guilty, because if let me go to fight, I also certainly will spell wrong. From this incident, I summed up three points: 1. Apple's brand is doing very well 2.

10 Top corporate blogs and their way to success

This article from Socialbeta content contributor @ Transit wind, translation from top Business Blogs and Why tightly Are successful, please respect the translator's labor results, welcome reprint, please indicate the source. PDF download Link Http:// Do you have a corporate blog? Do you want your blog to have more visitors and insightful comments? If so, then this article will bring you the answer. This article will show you 10 from ...

12 reference criteria for judging the quality of a logo

To make a beautiful logo, or a creative logo, for most "> Graphic designers is not difficult." But to be a successful logo is quite difficult. Here are 12 reference standards that can be used by designers or customers to determine the quality of a logo. 1.LOGO big better When a logo appears in a large outdoor kanban, it must be clear to everyone, ...

How to deepen consumers ' impressions of products

In the late 90, Daimler Chrysler set up a new department within the company. The function of this department is not to design, not to manufacture, nor to sell, but to research and make the sound of the switch door. To that end, a top automotive engineer shared his intriguing insights that people now have a much different mentality than they did 20 years ago. Today, the first thing consumers get into the car display area is to sit in. He was holding the steering wheel, touching the decorations on his seat; he smelled the "new car"; He opened the window and closed it, and when he got off the door, he listened to the peculiar "muffled sound";

Web Design Psychology

Most designers don't take the time to learn how basic psychological principles affect the experience of their website users. Psychological principles are often considered dispensable or overly complex. But the truth is, none of these ideas are right. Not so many concepts are related to basic design psychology, and most are relatively simple and easy to learn. Design psychology is relatively easy to achieve, although some relatively need to use a little more careful and planning. The purpose of psychology design is to take into account the positive results of psychology in the design process. If you take the time to analyze ...

50 Sharp Marketing Creative Four "Zero": success is not only because of the virus

Introduction: Coca-Cola Zero drink ads and mini site because of the unique originality of the people impressed. From the dissemination of results and sales performance, it can be said that the network launched a viral marketing war is a great success. But after stripping a layer of detail, we will find that the core driver of success is not the virus, but the traditional positioning theory in the field of marketing. Coca-Cola Company's deep marketing literacy, scientific and accurate marketing techniques is to help zero in the competitive weight loss beverage market firm foothold, and Gongchenglvede key. To be sure, rely solely on sickness ...

75 Best Web Design resources of the year

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host Technology Hall This is a collection of Web design resources from Toxel, including fonts, CSS resources, Logo design resources, icons, design inspiration, tutorials, Photoshop material downloads, and WordPress resources. Each category also contains dozens of sets of specific resources under this category, possibly the ultimate resource for Web design.        Highly recommended! Font ...

Facebook's success is no coincidence

Facebook founder Mark Zackerberg on the face of it, it's just a lucky Internet rookie.   But with a close understanding of the company, the more you feel that their success stems from planning than by coincidence-perhaps this is the most poignant part of Facebook. The February Bay Area is sunny, with green hillsides and blue clouds on either side of America's 280 interstate highways, making us feel like a small icon on the Windows XP desktop. 2 o'clock in the afternoon, finally came to f ...

100,000 grand Prize online collection of China land real estate brand logo

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest stationmaster group buy Cloud host technology Hall event organizer: Anhui Huayuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. Creative online (original I love design net) Participants: All sectors of the community, free designers and the vast number of design enthusiasts one, the content: Anhui Huayuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. brand logo Chinese standard full name: Anhui Land Limited ...

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