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The American headquarters of the camp Blizzard is full of game colors.

Blizzard Entertainment is a world-renowned computer games and video game software company, its products include the Warcraft series, StarCraft series and the Diablo series, Warcraft and StarCraft are many well-known electronic competition as the main events.  Today we brought you a video showing us the office and surroundings of Blizzard's US headquarters.  At the beginning of the video, the environment of the park where Blizzard is located is very clean and elegant, plus the weather, which seems to be ideal for walking and chatting. Into the office, the front desk we saw Blizzard won a lot of medals ...

Blizzard announces new online game Warcraft is still seen as a cash cow

(Compilation/Sky White) Although there are already more and more on the market or their own boast, or others imposed by the so-called full beyond the "World of Warcraft" "Times of the net", but it is clear that Blizzard still think its development of "WOW" with the times the strength of the game competition. At last week's Blizzard Carnival, Michael Morhaime, the president of Blizzard, said in an interview with famous overseas gaming media gametrailers: "We are now developing another online game, which I think is entirely in line with the standards of the Times." This new game ...

Blizzard announces Dark 3 men's barbarian suit

October 20, Blizzard unveiled the Dark 3 men's barbarian suit, which is the last set of Diablo 3 set released before the Blizzard Carnival. At the blizzard Carnival to be held on 22nd, Diablo 3 will release a lot of information, the following is about the Dark 3 schedule: (the date is the United States time, moving back 15 hours for Beijing time.) Male barbarian suit female witch doctor set Men's wizards set Friday (October 22) Diablo 3: Equipment and Items-3 o'clock in the afternoon-3 50 Diablo 3: Game experience with system-4 o'clock-4 ...

Player comics: Nine cities to tell blizzard everybody speed to onlookers

Attach a letter to the player: 9C lawsuit against Blizzard is now buzzing.  Since Warcraft change agent, my mood from ups and downs to numbness, but I have been trying to plan for my career, for example, how to make my property more value, how to make my account more secure, and every day to search more relevant news, want to know more. The news of the lawsuit came out, I feel very heavy in the heart, hate 9C of a bite? Don't you hate Blizzard's eyes? Or do you hate NetEase's cross-pin? Hate the national games do not do! ...

Diablo 3 Full level after playing what? Blizzard: 20 characters to fill the prize!

It's a story about a squirt and a brain residue. First of all, Blizzard official moderator Bashiok that the dark 3 level limit will be 60, rather than 99, and players will be at the end of all the difficulties of the natural arrival of the full level, and do not need to go on like Diablo 2 to continue the boring practice.  This, in turn, triggers a discussion about what can be done after full class. There are further puffs in the official forum for lengthy postings, roughly saying, "What about the full level?" Although it is not published, but it is just like wow as a brush copy AH mixed reputation Ah brand ah ...

Blizzard announces StarCraft 2 allows players to pay for changing role names

17th news, Blizzard announced today, StarCraft II: Freedom Wing will allow players to change the role name, the cost of changing the name will be similar to the World of Warcraft, the specific price is not disclosed.  Blizzard will first enable the initials change option, which can be convenient for many players with the same name, they do not realize that their surname will be in the war network, forums, communities, ladders and other places will be widely used, so that unrecognized.  Blizzard said the name modification service is about to be launched in the near future. Warm tip: Players can log on through the mobile phone read more play news.

The Blizzard Carnival tickets are officially available for players to log on to print

(Compile/Lin Jie) Blizzard Carnival (BlizzCon) will be held from October 22 to 23rd at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, USA.  Now, you have to purchase the electronic ticket players just login, you can print Hard-won tickets. As a global blizzard event, Blizzard Carnival has always been a grand gathering of Blizzard's game designers and players. This year's Blizzard carnival ticket prices have risen from 125 dollars last year to 150 dollars, but this has not diminished the player's desire to buy ...

A strong response to the real name of the war network Blizzard said it would consider player feedback

More Play Network (compiler/wendy) "World of Warcraft" and "StarCraft 2" developers Blizzard recently announced will be in the official forum to enforce the real-name system, both forum posts and respondents will display their real names, a decision that has aroused intense attention and heated discussion in various areas, and Blizzard said " Will certainly listen to player feedback. "We'll keep a close eye on how people use the service," said a blizzard spokesman. "The real-name real-name game is a whole new, completely different concept for blizzard, and our goal is to provide a social gaming service." "Real-Name System ...

Blizzard announces "Diablo 2" 10 Anniversary page

Blizzard unveiled a Web page of the 10 anniversary of Diablo 2, briefly reviewing the glories of the game over the past 10 years.  Join us and proudly celebrate the 10 anniversary of Diablo 2! "Diablo 2" officially on sale on June 29, 2000, the game based on the first generation of "Diablo" laid on the basis of the classic RPG design concept and the immediate action of the perfect combination. The game screenshot "Diablo 2" is not only an extension of the core idea and game mechanism of the first generation game. The game inherits the traditional ...

Blizzard recruits staff for new games to have love for video games

April 16 News, Blizzard Entertainment is currently recruiting new staff, the direction of work is an "unpublished game."  By the way, this work should be a completely different project than the company's next-generation MMO.  For the job description of the role, Blizzard explained: "For the latest game team, look for creative and talented tool engineers." For all jobs, Blizzard has made no mention of a requirement: "A passion for video games (love for TV games)." "If you only play" ...

South Korean blizzard sells star 2 or loses national service players

March 24, the Korean blizzard company to celebrate the 20 anniversary of Blizzard, launched a promotional campaign, starting from 24th, only need 40000 won (equivalent to 233.6869 yuan) can buy "StarCraft 2: Freedom of the wings," the lifelong use.  Some people in the industry worry that the overseas version of the price reduction or will lead to the loss of national service players. "StarCraft II" Lifetime version of the Netizen pointed out that the domestic players 20 yuan per month of expenditure to calculate, playing "StarCraft II" the cost of a year is 240 yuan, higher than South Korea 40000 won (equivalent to RMB 2 ...)

Blizzard gives staff "the Real Furnace Stone"

Blizzard animation director Nick Carpenter American Time in Friday on personal Twitter, showing this year blizzard" > Staff received the gift of "the real Furnace stone." In addition, on the blizzard site, there is a message that they are creating small research and development teams for projects that have not yet been made public. Nick Carpenter Public Blizza ...

Face can still be NPC? Blizzard pays tribute to plot bug players

"World of Warcraft" by Blizzard's Warcraft games, novels, comics ...  And so on, a collection of MMORPG, the story is huge and extremely rich in epic sense, and because of this, the story is contradictory or suddenly fly out of the "eat book" situation has also occurred, and the most recent events, no more than the BlizzCon point of the plot bug red dress boy. Blizzard promised to give a blizzcon on the matter, and yesterday a picture appeared on the web showing that Blizzard had put NPC in his place and helped ...

Blizzard sues at least 3 "StarCraft 2" plug-in program makers

GameSpot reported that in the Friday Blizzard sued at least 3 developers and sales of the "StarCraft 2" plug-in, and said they had violated Blizzard's StarCraft 2 user agreement, the use of the Internet regulations and game copyright.  Blizzard seized more than 5,000 cheating accounts a few weeks ago, and last week they sued the Los Angeles District Court for 3 of the makers of a plug-in program. In a blizzard indictment, Blizzard noted that in the short time that StarCraft 2 was on sale, the defendants began to develop, sell and disseminate their plug-in cheating programs ...

Blizzard Mystery New battle net details exposure user number or approximate 20 million

(Compilation/flower-Sword Shadow) in yesterday's gdconline, Blizzard revealed the details of the 2nd generation Warfare Network. As a multiplayer service and virtual community platform for the new Battle Network, will be the development team in the hands of one of the largest projects.  Although the nominal battle net is only one part of StarCraft 2, its services may also cover such a masterpiece as World of Warcraft or Diablo 3. "It is clear that the launch of the new network will be the heaviest I've ever had since joining the blizzard," Matthew Verslyus, the technical superintendent of the War network, said in a talk show with project watchdog Greg Canessa.

Blizzard CEO satire Art Power: Unable to recruit talented people

To play more online news of Beijing time September 28, according to foreign media reports, Bobby Cotic Blizzard chief executive, Bobby Kotick, said in an interview, the dynamic view of blizzard in the field of video games, the main rival art (EA) can not attract enough talented people.  Cotic recently said Facebook has become the only real competitor in the field of online gaming. Cotic said in an interview recently: "We operate the company's core principles and the art of electricity has an essential difference." Art power for a long time ...

Korean Electric Competition Association says it will ignore blizzard warnings for Star League

The conflict between Blizzard Entertainment and the Korea Electronic Sports Association is getting worse. Recently, after the Korea Electronic Sports Association said that "will ignore Blizzard's intellectual property related warning, continue the professional league", MBC game and Blizzard negotiations failed, ready to do not get the blizzard approval under the premise of the MSL League.  And, with no help from Ongamenet, the beginning of Blizzard's StarCraft 2 tournament has not been smooth. South Korea MBC Game Television and Gretech between the negotiation break up not long ago, MBC game and access to blizzard intellectual property gret ...

Blizzard announces catastrophic UK debut will hold cos competition

Blizzard officials today announced that the seal of the World of Warcraft has ended, and now they have shut down their servers and thanked the vast majority of players who have taken part in the test and fed back their opinions.  In two weeks, everyone will have a full listing, and Blizzard is planning a series of celebrations in London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Rotterdam and Stockholm. British activities will be held on December 6 night 7 o'clock in Leicester Square, the blizzard encourages players to dress up as a role in the game to perform cosplsy performances, they will choose the best costume to give the award ...

Blizzard on Cross-platform show Discreet host version game in mind

Play video (compile/wendy) unless you are living in a cave or underground, you will not be unaware of this day, the much-anticipated Blizzard's instant strategy game StarCraft 2 is listed in 16 languages worldwide today. The game's developers Blizzard is one of the world's greatest computer game developers, in the past decade, it has contributed to us StarCraft, Diablo, and Invincible "wow". However, for such a well-known PC game developer, Blizzard treats cross-platform or cautious attitude, at least blizzard ...

Blizzard announces launch of catastrophe seal start data set for year

Play video games (compile Lich Congus) News of July 1 Blizzard announced the start of the catastrophic closed beta test early last night.  Prior to this, some of the lucky players who had been given the test privileges would be able to log into Beta games via their network account after downloading the beta test client. "We will be working on the experience gained from our past in Cataclysm to create the best gaming experience for players," he said. "The feedback from the player in the closed test will help us better on the game," said Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime.

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