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Horizontal Analysis of the Main Blockchain Architecture Written to CTO

I often hear people talk about blockchain. Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, various blockchain systems or blockchain-based applications have been developed and applied to a large number of scenes, and blocks. The chain technology itself is constantly changing and improving.

Application of Blockchain in the Financial Field

At present, many financial institutions have adopted the Onchain DNA architecture to develop blockchain proof-of-concept products, such as banks, brokerages, payment, and registration and settlement institutions.

Blockchain's built-in tokens are often an economic incentive model

Maintain the blockchain of such a workload proof mechanism, it is necessary to have a large-scale computing power support to ensure the security of the network, otherwise the book data may be tampered with.

The data structure of the blockchain

At present, blockchain technology is in an era of blooming and arguing, and various blockchains have emerged. Interoperability between blockchains has become a very important and urgent need.

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