Blockchain Technology

Alibaba Cloud aims at providing new technology and solutions such as blockchain to help companies and businesses to secure transactions. Follow the coming trends of Alibaba Cloud in blockchain technology.

The GBLS Hangzhou Million Summit Closes: Achieve the First Summit of the Blockchain

Global Sleepless Blockchain Leaders Summit and China International Blockchain Products and Equipment Exhibition opened in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou.

China Announces New Blockchain Lab Initiative

Chinese officials look to increase their involvement in the blockchain space with the announcement of the creation of their Blockchain Lab initiative.

Twitter Chooses Blockchain Technology to Shore Up Digital Trust

Twitter has serious intentions to find a blockchain solution that would stop online scams and fake news on their platform.

Red chain - the underlying technology revolution of blockchain

The blockchain has been developed for nearly 10 years, especially in the past two years, regardless of the government or bank or business, and has strongly promoted the application and landing of the blockchain.

Zhou Hongyi talks about blockchain: Bitcoin is the only product just needed

In the past two years, the blockchain has attracted a lot of attention as the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed. People's attitude toward Bitcoin has also been divided into three factions. Dead loyalty believes that Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology, and the opposition believes that Bitcoin is completely Waste of wasted electricity, and there is still a group of hesitant to hesitate to get on the bus.

Blockchain will become a breakthrough for new retail

The recent S2b model is considered to be the most advanced business model in five years. In the context of the rapid development of new retail, the application of blockchain will be an important breakthrough point for the S2b model.

Chinese E-Commerce Giant Alibaba Explores Blockchain-based Cloud Service Platform

During the recent YunQi Computing Conference in Shanghai, Alipay announced it may supply a cloud service platform based on blockchain technology.

Bank of China Partners With China UnionPay to Explore Blockchain for Payment Systems

The Bank of China has partnered with China UnionPay to jointly explore blockchain technology applications in payment systems.

How blockchain tokenization could change everything from investing to purchases

Many say it could affect the economy as much as the development of the Internet.

Blockchain and financial inclusion

This short article outlines how the blockchain affects financial inclusion and “putting money into a bankless account”. This chapter has two parts: Financial Pratt and how to use the distributed ledger ("blockchain") technology.

Blockchain will subvert the corporate system, tax collection and management will meet the challenge

Blockchain is the value of the Internet, the next generation of the Internet format, any information and data transmitted on top of it is a value stream, in many scenarios, blockchain and Token (token) is actually In one, any behavior will be completed in the transaction.

Governments Quickly Changing Their Tune On Blockchain

Governments used to openly dismiss blockchain, they are now seeing potential benefits in its traceability. They have come to understand that it is not necessarily the anonymous, shady underworld they thought it was.

Alibaba, IBM, MasterCard Top Global Blockchain Patent Rankings

The list of companies with the most blockchain-linked patents is dominated by finance and technology companies from China and the U.S.

Andy Wahol Artwork Blockchain Tokenization Sees Millions of Dollars Worth Sold

The first artwork worth millions of dollar was tokenized and sold using the blockchain technology recently. The painting was 14 Small Electric Chairs, a two-meter high painting made by Andy Warhol, a famous visual artist.

Zeng Ming: What is the core concept of the blockchain?

The blockchain is a revolution in production relations. The core concepts often mentioned in the discussion of blockchains are: Distributed Ledgers, Protocol and Permissionless Trusts and Smart Contracts: smart contracts.

What opportunities and challenges will the Internet of Things face when it encounters a blockchain?

Blockchain is a form of distributed ledger technology that has gained significant attention in areas other than cryptocurrency since 2014: blockchain + Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain + security, block Chain + finance, blockchain + logistics and more.

The moment when the blockchain triggered the revolution is still far from coming

The research experience in the field of technological innovation tells us that only by eliminating obstacles in technology, government control, organization and society can the blockchain revolution really happen. If you don't know how the blockchain will occupy the highlands, it is a mistake to start blockchain innovation.

Major Chinese Insurance Firm to Apply Blockchain Technology via New Partnership

The People's Insurance Company of China will begin applying blockchain technology to its operations following a new partnership with blockchain firm VeChain.

Alibaba Thinks Blockchain Will Change The World

Alibaba’s partnerships, projects, innovations and adoption are proof that it is a frontrunner in embracing advanced.

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