Alibaba Cloud aims at providing new technology and solutions such as blockchain to help companies and businesses to secure transactions. Follow the coming trends of Alibaba Cloud in blockchain.

Governments Quickly Changing Their Tune On Blockchain

Governments used to openly dismiss blockchain, they are now seeing potential benefits in its traceability. They have come to understand that it is not necessarily the anonymous, shady underworld they thought it was.

How blockchain tokenization could change everything from investing to purchases

Many say it could affect the economy as much as the development of the Internet.

Application of Blockchain in the Financial Field

At present, many financial institutions have adopted the Onchain DNA architecture to develop blockchain proof-of-concept products, such as banks, brokerages, payment, and registration and settlement institutions.

Blockchain and financial inclusion

This short article outlines how the blockchain affects financial inclusion and “putting money into a bankless account”. This chapter has two parts: Financial Pratt and how to use the distributed ledger ("blockchain") technology.

Cloud Computing + Blockchain = ?

At present, cloud computing is already a very mature technology and application. The definition given by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to cloud computing is: Cloud computing is a convenient and on-demand use of shared pools.

China Shows Road For Blockchain Beyond Cryptos

Since China banned ICOs, illegal crypto fundraising and exchanges have been discovered. Yet, despite the move away from crypto, China filed a blockchain patent.

Andy Wahol Artwork Blockchain Tokenization Sees Millions of Dollars Worth Sold

The first artwork worth millions of dollar was tokenized and sold using the blockchain technology recently. The painting was 14 Small Electric Chairs, a two-meter high painting made by Andy Warhol, a famous visual artist.

Blockchain's built-in tokens are often an economic incentive model

Maintain the blockchain of such a workload proof mechanism, it is necessary to have a large-scale computing power support to ensure the security of the network, otherwise the book data may be tampered with.

What opportunities and challenges will the Internet of Things face when it encounters a blockchain?

Blockchain is a form of distributed ledger technology that has gained significant attention in areas other than cryptocurrency since 2014: blockchain + Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain + security, block Chain + finance, blockchain + logistics and more.

The evolution of cloud computing 2.0? Blockchain differentiation processing capability, global decentralization boom

As the 2.0 evolution version of cloud computing, the blockchain will be able to serve the vertical fields of the market. Provide solutions that greatly enhance system performance and security by decentralizing computing power on a global scale.

World's Largest Bank ICBC of China Moves Toward Blockchain

The chairman of the major bank indicated the institution will increase its focus on blockchain technology going forward.

Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Technology Recruitment Up By 50 Percent In Asia

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology recruitment in Asia is up by 50 percent since 2017 as more mainstream professionals enter the industry.

The data structure of the blockchain

At present, blockchain technology is in an era of blooming and arguing, and various blockchains have emerged. Interoperability between blockchains has become a very important and urgent need.

Fire Yuan Yuan Mingming: The essence, meaning and commercial system design of blockchain | Tsinghua x-lab open class

What are the reasons for the transformation and what is the fundamental driving force? Third, what is the manifestation of the blockchain's ability to transform the production relationship; finally, based on the design of the supply blockchain business system, how to design a blockchain business system.

Alibaba, Shanghai strategic cooperation, cloud computing to help the fine governance of megacities

Alibaba will export its independent research and development capabilities in cloud computing and Internet of Things for Shanghai, and promote the development of new retail, smart logistics and environmental governance in the region, and help the development of the new economy in the Yangtze River Delta.

Blockchain could help China’s push for decentralized energy

The development of increasingly efficient—and affordable —alternative energy sources is prompting the evolution of a system that is more and more decentralized.

Cross-sector group considers blockchain technology for SiA standard

Proactive Alliance to discuss technology's potential at next meeting

Blockchain 101: How does blockchain technology work?

As stated in our guide, “What is blockchain technology?” There are three main techniques that can be combined into blockchains. No one is new. Instead, it's their business processes and applications.

Blockchain application: Education, Long Tail Supply

With the blockchain, everything is possible. Since there is no need for an intermediary to achieve mutual trust of each node, each individual's information, even subtle, unimportant, limited value information, transactions can be put on the chain to be notarized.

How blockchain can better improve cloud computing solutions

The current blockchain is far from replacing cloud computing in terms of the computing power required to run big data applications. But that doesn't mean that the technology doesn't help it reach its goal, nor does it mean it has no effect in improving the existing cloud computing infrastructure.

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