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MapReduce: Simple data processing on Super large cluster

MapReduce: Simple data processing on large cluster

The most complete site in the history of the reasons for the reduction of the right to resume site rankings

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall In the era of the rapid development of the internet age and the prospect of expensive bidding costs to make most enterprises miserable and low-cost investment in the professional-seo was born, the number of practitioners is also increasing every year, but the internet spam is more and more, so the search engine in order to better cater to the user experience also frequently launched the various calculations ...

Mailbox: The performance tuning and cluster migration of the information database

In mailbox rapid expansion process, one of the performance problems is the MongoDB database level write lock, the time spent in the lock waiting process, directly reflects the user's use of the service process delay. To address this long-standing problem, we decided to migrate a common set of MongoDB (storing mail-related data) to a separate cluster. According to our inference, this will reduce the lock latency by 50%, and we can add more fragments, and we expect to be able to optimize and manage different types of data independently. We start from Mon ...

How to sail when the wind blows the web

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in the recent Baidu algorithm update, is about the site outside the chain, but it, but in this adjustment, let himself in July by K station again released a collection, have to say, also is the only harvest this update, although now still no rankings, At least released a collection or can let oneself see a silk of comfort, then in such a situation, the site just the beginning of the first, you should sail it, after all, if you want to do the Internet, there is no Baidu ...

Analysis of SEO: New station How to break the "11" bit to cool (ii)

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall for a website, not on the home page to achieve the benefits can be said to be negligible. Most of the users are blocked by the home page, because whether it is to do products, or to do services, users believe that the top of the object, the higher the ranking to give users the credibility is higher. However, on the homepage of the site on the 10, such as ...

Decryption: Search engines do not pay attention to your site for five major reasons

If the search engine can not effectively browse to your content, how to do, Spider Crawler can scan your site all content for "> site rankings and SEO is critical, Too many web site construction patterns and structural chaos cause most of the content of the site can not be scanned by Spider spiders, can not be converted into the real value of their own sites. The following Haagen-Dazs mooncake optimizer listed 5 common problems and suggestions, expect you ...

"N Great right and wrong" caused by 3Q monopoly case

China's internet has so far been the highest level of attention 3Q war is about to settle, from "business War" to the litigation war, lasted for quite a long time four years, the impact of a huge, is considered to be a classic case of Chinese internet history. 360, Tencent Monopoly, Tencent v. 360 unfair competition, the former is called "Internet antitrust first case", the latter is called "Internet anti-unfair competition first case." Now two cases in the Supreme People's Court trial, although the outcome of the trial has not come out, but the matter involved in the monopoly of the topic has aroused widespread concern, and even caused to academic heights, many well-known scholars 、...

Independent IP you're hurting me.

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall to open Baidu, or Google, or other search engine, enter the keyword "Independent IP", will find in the big Internet, this is a compliment, except a few pages of content for popular science on this keyword to make a simple explanation, The rest is the countless praise and infinite longing. No wonder, in today's China's network environment, the new creative, original content than pearls are precious, everyone relies on search engine optimization era, a can flaunt new ideas, logo independent tools-independent IP, will naturally be popular. ...

Who dominates E-books: When Shanda Bambook encounters a test talent

Shanda E-book Bambook has not yet officially listed, it encountered a big trouble. Test Talent "Bra" at the expense of the trial, a voluminous release of the trial report, the "thousands of love in a" of the new batch of pieces, resulting in a big network with a small storm. The annual 第37-38期 cover: who dominates e-book illustrations/Chang Amazon, the world's largest online book retailer, would never have imagined that the Kindle E-book reader, which was launched 3 years ago to boost online book sales, would be in the two ...

Several tools used in Web site diagnostic analysis

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Google Administrator tools for the site diagnostics, because to diagnose the site in the search engine performance and site anomalies, then in the index, Link point and spider crawl and so on analysis is very important. Google Administrator tools not only provide a sound analysis of the data, but also point to the problems of the site. In the diagnostic analysis work, 37 network thought that uses the most three columns is: The search flow, the Google index and crawls. Search flow in the column we can find ...

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