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On the value of Light blog service

First, Tumblr profile Tumblr was formally established in 2007, since its inception, it has maintained a very good momentum of development, and domestic since the point of network, Shanda pushed him to launch a class of Tumblr services, this is called the field of Light blog has received more and more people's attention, This article tries to discuss the value of the light blogging service with everyone. Welcome everyone through Micro Bo @web20share and I to discuss 1.TUMBLR brief development history: 2007 T ...

Emlog v4.0.1 publishes a powerful personal blogging system

Emlog is "Every Memory Log" abbreviation, meaning namely: drip memory. is a PHP and MySQL platform based on the "> Powerful personal Blog system (blog). Committed to provide you with fast, stable, and in use is extremely simple, comfortable blog service. Main functions and Features: Support Log URL customization ...

Yahoo says original content does not replace auto index

Yahoo Media director Jimmy Pitaro July 21 Evening News, according to foreign media reported in Wednesday, Yahoo Media Director Jimmy Pitaro (Jimmy Pitaro) in an interview with Forbes, said Yahoo recently launched the original content services will not replace the traditional news automatic Indexing Service. The following is a summary of the interview: Q: Yahoo recently acquired associated content, and launched an original report based Upshot news blog service, the current new ...

Automattic Company's blog platform will receive 50 million dollars investment

Recently, Automattic company announced that its blog platform will be able to obtain 50 million of dollars in investment, and investment funds from the Tiger Global Fund. A few days ago, Yahoo had just announced a 1.1 billion-dollar takeover of a light blogging Tumblr, ready to get users through a fast-growing blog service.   and service is, TechCrunch adopt. Tiger Global Fund will be from WORDPRESS.C ...

Cloud space Service of Harbin University of Technology

Harbin University of Technology information construction to serve the general teachers and students for the purpose of the implementation of the digital campus construction project, the implementation of the hardware cluster, data concentration, application integration and information standardization, the corresponding management has achieved remarkable results. All along, the school has only provided limited function hosting or space hosting services to departments, administrative units, laboratories and research institutes, and is not open to students and teachers in schools. If you want to make a personal website, you can only rent server resources outside the public network, involving the record, domain name and many other operations, not only high prices, increased the economic negative of teachers and students ...

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