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Entrepreneurs must die? The reason for the death of C-round

Entrepreneur: I don't want to die. Death: Based on these days of micro-letter Brush screen article to see, this is not up to you. Entrepreneur: What can be done by me? Death: which round dies. A few days ago, Ecapital Capital founder ran in the entrepreneur issued "Vigilance!" C-round death, said the entrepreneur may be the death of C round. Then, the nine-Xuan capital partner Liu Yan in the entrepreneur released "from the Angel to a round of entrepreneurs to go over the 9 major life and death," a article that entrepreneurs may be a round of death. Yesterday, Blue Chi Venture partner Chen Wei in the blog world "died in the B-round," the article, said the entrepreneur may be the death of B-round. Create a ...

An entrepreneur who looks like a professional manager.

2009, Chao entered the 10 anniversary of Sina. Mr Chao, the famous "CFO", has repeatedly stood on the cusp of Sina, a veteran internet company. Sina Mbo Identity Change, how did it affect his mentality? In the 2014 Sina Weibo IPO day, from "Together" 17.8 U.S. dollars, to the final 17 dollars, how he and Goldman Sachs to negotiate the issue price of Sina Weibo? He is a distinguished and successful student of Fudan University (including Qiu, Changtian, etc.) Memory, what is a man and friend? Some things on the Internet "recommend this article, for ...

Full skin all the while showing off the capital of youth

Even though he has stepped on 8 centimeters of high-heeled shoes, the singer who assembled the junior high school girl's stature, the junior middle school girl's manners, the junior high school girl's intonation appears in front of me, still obviously is more petite than the television. If she is not Deng Zi chess, must only appear in the middle school playground to see the boys playing basketball, and the next to the boys only look at her. Embedded in her small face of that pair of eyes cartoon taste full, full of skin all the while showing the capital of youth. "Just hit the bottom. "Deng Zi slowly pushed down the sunglasses, the face to me," Look at me this ugly. "See me indifferent, and she solemnly ...

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