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Android Overflow 6.0 Release board game

Overflow is a simple and addictive board game designed to two players trying to conquer each other's stones. It was developed as a master thesis for the new "> Bulgarian University, Sofia and Bulgaria." Android Overflow 6.0 This version of normal and hard AI has been implemented to update the game interface. Software Information: Https://play.go ...

"Pokemon" online board game landing in the US expands adult users

The "Pokemon" series of board games is as stunning as the Pokemon series.  After 12 years of birth, "Pokemon" series card finally landed online game field, allowing players to experience the fun of fighting with others. The Pokemon series was launched in Japan and the United States as early as 2000. Although the Pokemon game has a large number of adult gamers, the series is dominated by younger players.  As the first step in expanding the adult market in the United States, Pokemon's online board game came into being. Pocket ...

The most luxurious board game in history every card is an iphone

Several of them have come up with a new way to play card games, look at these two pictures: the image of the mobile phone seems to be the old version of the iphone and seems to be a domestic shanzhai machine, this method is quite luxurious, but very practical oh, you can buy a lot less card group, but will spend more money in the purchase of mobile phones.  Perhaps some students will worry about this kind of Spartan way how to shuffle, this course is solved by the program, the program is omnipotent, including the Secret card cheat ... Incidentally, they are said to be playing the Game of Thrones (Game of Thron ...).

Player homemade "Battlefield" game board scenario huge reduction 99.9%

A netizen named Akula last July with a whim: to make a board game with "Battlefield: Rebel Company 2" as a background setting and theme. Akula wrote on his blog: "My idea is to build a board model based on the map of Arica harbour in Battlefield: Rebel Company 2, and to decorate the model with the same style as the game, such as architecture, vehicles, soldiers, etc., And then you have to refer to the prototype of the game to do a set of board board rules, so that players can be easier to get started. Because it is board games, so I can't see the game ...

Card stalkers: The whole process is a poker game.

Tiny Touch Tales, a game developer who has developed "Zuckie Adventures", recently brought a game called "Card Stalkers" (Cards Crawl) It has a strong dungeon style and a game board game, bringing a highly addictive adventure. Although it is a dungeon attribute of the game, but this did not mano battle, but the player sitting in the pub with the Tauren play as a form of performance. So you will not see a checkpoint in the game, some only to "bureau" as the unit card against. At the start of the game ...

Lianzhong celebrates the successful listing to enter the global board game

On July 25, 2014, Lianzhong Games (06899, HK) held its "Dream New Voyage" listing celebration dinner in Beijing to celebrate its successful listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. José Damiani, Chairman of the International Intellectual Property Movement Union, Liu Jiehua, Secretary General of China Audio Tune Association, Chairman of Chinese Culture Foundation, Chairman of Shanghai Culture, Radio, Film and Television Group Li Ruigang, Chairman of Air Net's Board of Directors Wang Lei Lei, Secretary General of GMGC Song Wei, Chess Sheng Nie Weiping and other guests and Lianzhong founder, management, staff come together to share the successful listing of Lianzhong happiness and joy, smooth ...

Omgpop board game throne, beyond Zynga

According to foreign media reports, Facebook Platform Application research company AppData data show that casual gaming company Omgpop's "Draw something" has surpassed Zynga's "Words with Friends" as the most active users of the game.   AppData said that at present, "Draw something" daily active user number is 10.8 million, "Words with Friends" for 8.6 million. If the number of active users per month ...

Anywhere Board Games v0.120307 issue chess game

Anywhere Board Games (ABG) is a "> allows users on multiple machines (Pc,linux,iphone, IPad and Android play on the network 25044.html "> Chess game that requires a PHP5 server to run. Current beta versions support Flip, overlay, rotate, scroll, and wash ...

Anywhere Board Games 0.120305 release chess game

Anywhere Board Games (ABG) is a "> allows users on multiple machines (Pc,linux,iphone, IPad and Android play on the network 25044.html "> Chess game that requires a PHP5 server to run. Current beta versions support Flip, overlay, rotate, scroll, and wash ...

Anywhere Board Games 0.120229 release chess game

Anywhere Board Games (ABG) is a "> allows users on multiple machines (Pc,linux,iphone, IPad and Android Play network 25044.html "> Chess games that require a PHP5 server to run. Current beta versions support Flip, overlay, rotate, scroll, and shuffle ...

On the Way of Crowdfunding in Domestic Board Games

Lead: Boarding groups are not small, but in the past the cost of investment, immature market model, rampant piracy and other issues, so many people discouraged. With the possibility of boarding crowdfunding, also brought hope to the table visitors. Internet thinking swept over the recent trend, into all walks of life, has become the focus of everyone's hot spots. Crowdfunding as a product of the Internet thinking in the financial industry is equally concerned. Invariably, it means a step backward. The combination of traditional enterprises and crowdfunding will make the traditional industries internet-based the future trend. Crowdfunding is raising money for the general public to raise funds for starting the project. Crowdfunding into China, in the Internet ...

Might add a new expansion pack? "Three Kingdoms Kill" players shortlisted for the original painting appreciation

Renka board games held the "one will become famous" three countries to kill the generals design competition recently confirmed 12 generals of the original painting list.  Each of the finalists is not only the first to receive the value of the 500 Yuan board of games provided by the game, a big gift package, more organic will appear in the upcoming "Three Kingdoms Kill" "one will become famous" Generals expansion package. "Three Kingdoms Kill" as the most popular board of games, card on the Three Kingdoms generals have been the player's very high praise, different styles but the painting style is exquisite figure is such a card type board game of the façade, but also the topic of relish. Not the official ...

Board games: Playing is not a game is communication

Interview • Author/reiko If you are still playing the upgrade, no matter how many cards, a few people, you are outdated, if you are still in the organization "dark, please close your eyes," killing, then you are also fast forgotten by The times.  What is popular with modern people, in addition to the Wii, the most popular is the number of board games. Board games is a luxury to talk about board board is not unfamiliar, many people do not know what the game is now popular, but the mention of the famous "strong", any 70 generation, almost no one knows. "Strong" can be regarded as the earliest board game. What can be played in the 80 is not ...

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