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Nine tips to improve the speed of computer operation

Boot acceleration: First we solve the boot speed, open anti-virus software-computer acceleration, to see if there is an unnecessary boot in the boot program, we put the non-essential launch ban. Fix the vulnerability: periodically check and fix the vulnerability, in the antivirus software, we find the fix the loophole, scan the computer is a loophole, if there is no loophole, you can update some system patches to solve the problem of damage to the system, you can click the details of the patch to understand the usefulness of patches, selective to update Deep Antivirus: In the antivirus software, we can regularly give the computer deep antivirus, sometimes in our ...

Yaboot a bootstrapper for Macintosh

Yaboot is another boot program (for example, grub and Lilo are the more famous bootstrapper) for ">macintosh." Home: OS as the default operating system This article assumes that you know how to get into a terminal such basic operations. After installing Ubuntu, ...

How to restore a grub backup to the hard drive boot program

Grub is the ">ubuntu linux Default boot program, developed by the GNU Project team, that supports most of the currently common operating system boot." This article mainly describes how to install grub on a floppy disk, and the final production of the finished boot floppy will be able to start your current hard drive already installed on the operating system, you can also through this floppy disk into the GRUB command operation interface, pass ...

Using RHEL6 as an example to introduce several Linux disaster recovery technologies and methods

With a number of Linux distributions, which are increasingly being used and are also facing the potential risk of system failure, this article will take the release version RHEL6 as an example detailing several Linux disaster recovery technologies and methodologies to ensure secure recovery of Linux systems. Before introducing the Linux disaster recovery approach, let's take a look at the MBR, which is called the Master boot Record, which is the master boot records for the hard disk. It consists of three parts, the main boot program, http://www ....

System-config-printer 1.3.5 Release Configuration Cups server

System-config-printer Configure the cups server. It uses the cups API (binding pycups to Python) to do this. Communication with the server is using IPP. As a result, it can also remotely cups server configuration to "> local services. System-config-printer 1.3.5 This version of the master ...

CUPS 1.5RC1 publishes a print system supported in Fedora Core3

Cups is a printing system supported in Fedora Core3 that uses IPP (Internet Printing Kyoto) to manage print work and queues, but also supports "LPD" (line Printer Daemon) and "SMB" (    Server message Block and communication protocols such as Appsocket. The advantages of using cups are many: 1. Using IP ...

Computer inexplicable its second slow, how fast?

Everyone wants the computer to start immediately into the Windows system without waiting, or the system in the use of the time will not be more and more slow, but for a variety of reasons often make these wishes can not be achieved, or even a startup on the crash or use the situation is more and more slow to occur often. In fact, sometimes Windows start slow is not its own problem, but some equipment or software. This article is the software, hardware and virus three major aspects to analyze the system slows down the reason, and provides a system-specific acceleration techniques. ...

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