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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as the best-selling game in the history of England

Play video (compiler/wendy) "Kane and Lynch 2: Voldemort" in the UK listing only a week to occupy the top of the list of sales, but the dynamic view can still rob the page, because "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" has become Britain's all-time best-selling video games. Although the European Third-party sales statistics agency GfK Chart Track did not disclose the specific value, but the agency said "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" has surpassed the previous record holder, "brain training of Dr. Sichuan Island" as the first. "Dr Sichuan Island of Brain Training" surpasses its previous record ...

Win in right brain child training institutions are accused of promoting psychic powers

August 25, "win in the right Brain" training course Director Rejaju (left) is coaching students Rejaju assistant to reporters to show the Japanese right brain training materials August 25 afternoon, on the first floor of the Qingpu Hotel in the Peony Hall training room, Rejaju dressed in a fit cheongsam, patrol walk among students, gentle to ask questions, guidance. In the classroom, about 30 students are repeating one of the same action--quickly turn the page, not 20 seconds on the end of a book, turn over again, cycle. Each person turn the book posture is different, someone will book close to Ear, someone will book in front. Rejaju asks: "Classmate ...

Eidetic: A tool to train your brain to improve your memory

Recently, according to "> Sohu Report, you may very much like to remember some important things." To memorize all kinds of information, you need to train your brain. Some people use flashcards to train, while others are gifted and have a growing memory. iOS application eidetic can help us train our brain to remember the most important things. Eidetic training is very simple: pick the one you want to remember ...

More than 100,000 tuition books to read the word win in the right brain training course was accused of fraud

More than 100,000 tuition fee book win in right brain training course was accused of cheating on the first floor of a hotel in Qingpu, where about 30 students of 7-17 years old received a right brain training program. The "win in the right brain training course", run by the Shanghai Minhang Xinyu Education and Training Center, says the students are trained in the right brain does not need to read the Word can read, each person accepts the way is different, someone needs to use the eye, some people by listens to the book sound, the smell taste, even uses the forehead to perceive the method, can recognize the poker card or the recognition text. "Win in the right brain training course" 10 days cost more than 109,000 yuan, students from all over the country ...

Win in right brain children training course suspected fraud has been charged more than 10 million

In recent days, at least 6 parents reported to Shanghai Qingpu police that the "win in the right Brain", "Brain training camp", which is being opened at the Qingpu Hotel in Hua Xin Town, is suspected of fraud. According to the parents, the training course in Shanghai has been done in 6, trainees more than 100, charging a fee of up to more than 10 million. The training costs are transferred in the form of transfer, to the "Shanghai Minhang Xinyu Education Training Center," The Pudong Development Bank account. QINGPU Education Bureau says it is unheard of to "win the right Brain". Because did not register the record, Qingpu Bureau of Education found that this course belongs to illegal school. It is understood that many of the children involved in the training claimed ...

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