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Photo: Geun Jin Yubin join hands to make a close make-up shot

Jin Yubin Geun The Battle of Geun Makeup geun filming clothing advertising Sina Entertainment news South Korean actress Geun and Jin Yubin was selected as a South Korean outdoor clothing brand image spokesperson, and together photographed the clothing brand the latest advertising. Geun makeup, and Jin Yubin Big Show intimate. Bai Shaomi/Article Copyright mydaily prohibited Reprint

Korea's clothing house officially signed Korean superstar June consolidate Han Feng first brand status

Digging shell News April 1, Han Feng fast fashion first brand Han Mishe today in Jinan, has officially signed a Korean superstar June for the Korean Hstyle brand image spokesperson, follow-up endorsement activities will be quickly advanced. Han Clothing House founder and CEO Chong said, "Han have been focused on Han Feng fast fashion brand line, choose June to do the spokesperson, in the product style and brand image are very consistent." In recent years, domestic Korean dramas hit, The Star effect, the fan economy was magnified. 2014 "Korea wind fashion" again swept the Chinese market, Korean stars also occupy the domestic ...

Korea's clothing house successfully signed the Korean June as the spokesperson of the brand image

In the first half of this year, Korean clothing house successfully signed South Korea "from the stars of You" in the "national goddess" June for the brand image spokesperson, a temporary in the industry caused "turmoil." Since its inception in 2006, Korea has been successfully clothing homes from the single Korean fashion brand to stand out, become more than 10 brand group of "Internet fast fashion" company. At the second Webmaster meeting on September 20, the founder of/ceo Chong (revamping business school lecturer) issued a speech "multi-brand strategy," said the recent target is in 2020, the group below at least 50 ...

"Many a dream" or will become full network brand image spokesperson

Recently, the full network held a "strategic upgrade and brand endorsement conference." Announced formally hired in mainland China's highly popular Japanese anime image robot Cat "more than a dream" as its brand image spokesperson.   Believe that soon with many a dream for the protagonist of the image of the advertising will be out of the street, if no accident, the other characters in the comics will appear. When the news was announced at the press conference, the full network exchanged gifts with the copyright party of a dream image.   However, the press conference did not disclose the cost of a dream endorsement. According to the official explanation, the fan a dream fans covered the 70 's and 80 's generation of people ...

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