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U.S. shuts down infected DNS servers today some netizens will break the net

Because the FBI (hereinafter referred to as "the FBI") today will close the botnet behind the Dnschanger Trojan, so infected computers will be forced to break the network. As of Wednesday, around 250,000 computers infected Dnschanger Trojan horse, the United States has about 45600 units. The Trojan will change the user's DNS settings by routing traffic through a botnet. As the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have controlled the botnet behind Dnschanger, they temporarily use it as a temporary DNS server network to ensure that infected users can continue to ...

The internet has kept us from concentrating.

It's hard to concentrate. Carl admits that when he writes, he has to turn off the internet, shut down social networks, and even limit the number of times he can check mailboxes online, otherwise he won't be able to concentrate on his work. "I found myself becoming incompetent in concentrating on thinking," the Reuters news agency said in an interview 3rd. "Carl has now, powerful Internet search engine to make people become no longer accustomed to thinking, some can be concentrated effort to recall or think out of things, but now mechanization evolved into" typing letters in the search field, click enter "...

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