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Press and Publication SARFT will stop Internet TV licenses

Beijing Business Daily (Reporter Lu Yang intern reporter Li Bo) Press and Publication SARFT Network Audio-visual Program Management Division Luo Jianhui recently revealed at an industry conference, Press and Publication Administration will suspend Internet TV licenses. Luo Jianhui said that the Press and Publication Administration will no longer issue integrated broadcast control licenses. "Only through the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television approved the establishment of the television and television broadcasting agencies can content platform, Internet TV broadcast content and traditional television broadcast content audit Consistent standards, consistent management standards, copyright protection principles consistent. " Currently issued by the SARFT OTT ...

360 today's website released the experience version of 360TV TV assistant

360 Today in the official website released the experience version of the 360TV TV assistant, and provided 10,000 closed-beta places. 360TV TV Assistant is a platform-level assistant based on Intelligent TV and box, which is not a previously rumored hardware product. This is not to be disappointed. According to 36 Krypton, this app can be installed on any smart TV, box product. In addition to download, update the application, but also to the television station and broadcast content expansion. 360TV TV assistants, which contain video, software, games, and so on, look more like a typical service ...

Network set-top box TV show back feature will be canceled

Sina Technology News July 11 news, the Press and Publication Administration of Radio, Film and Television Network Management Division once again issued a document that requires part of the Internet TV integrated broadcast control platform, cancel the integrated platform, the most direct television programs to show the time shift back to see Features. SARFT has issued the Notice of Holding Operation and Management Requirements of Internet TV Licensing Institutions (Document 181 of Radio and Television Broadcasting), which stipulates that Internet TV mainly supports the function of video on demand and graphic information services in the function of the integrated platform , For the time being not allowed to open the technical interface of broadcasting and television broadcast live services. Moreover, the Internet TV set top ...

Sogou map Android New map

March 24 News: Sogou map is a voice navigation function of the free map application software. Recently, Sogou map Android version updated to 2.2 version.   In order to enhance the user experience, this Sogou map as long as the perfect product of the small details, such as the increase in the map with the road, the front up and other functions. Click to download: Sogou map Android End 2.2 Sogou Map It is understood that this update is the biggest bright spot is to support the map with the road, the head up function, in the voice navigation function design also optimized interface display and broadcast content. This version of the accuracy of positioning ...

48 website Spread Vulgar game was investigated

(Reporter Zhao) because the dissemination content vulgar game, 48 websites were investigated by the Press and publication administration. Yesterday, the Press and publication administration issued a notice to expose these sites, including Pacific, bubble, and other sites, involving the spread of 27 pornographic mobile phone games and flash games.

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