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How the LinkedIn Business Analytics department uses large data to achieve business value

LinkedIn Business Analytics How to use large data to realize business value Wu Jiye--linkedin data and technology architecture--three case studies LinkedIn Business Analytics How to use large data to realize business value

Big data into the traditional Internet, sudden emergence of risk control

December 17 news, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, e-commerce and other applications vigorously promote the type of data sources and the rapid growth of data volume, according to IDC speculation, big data applications are about to pour into the traditional Internet industry, risk management is expected to be Become a new point of growth for the business analytics market. In 2012, big data became the hottest topic in the IT industry, bringing unprecedented challenges to IT executives. Mobile Internet, Internet of Things, e-commerce and other applications have led to the continued rapid increase in the type of data sources and data volume, ...

ESG: Large Data and cloud

The core of the big data analysis is to grab value from a lot of detailed data. The cloud computing infrastructure, combined with sophisticated analytical tools, enables organizations to gain the full value of the above, without being limited by extensibility. ESG 2011 surveyed 611 senior IT consumers about their IT consumption intentions for enterprises using public cloud computing services, especially software SaaS. In addition to measuring application levels, ESG investigates current and planned users in terms of the specific application delivery or expected delivery mode-that is, through the SaaS model. Although Business Analytics is spending on it ...

Capacity up to 240TB HP push large data Dedicated server

HP January 11, 2013 announced the launch of the industry's first dedicated server for large data, designed to help customers explore new business opportunities and save up to $1 million in three years. With the advent of large data software and its benefits, many organizations have tried to deploy these solutions on existing architectures, and the architecture is not designed for the specific requirements of large data workloads. So, from a performance and cost standpoint, these early deployments didn't work out the best. Dan Vesset, vice president of IDC Business Analytics, said: "Hado ...

IBM to promote the wisdom of business growth in Central China

2012 IBM Central China Software Development Summit "is held today in Nanchang, Jiangxi, a famous revolutionary hero city with the theme of" Innovating and Solidifying Software Strength and Promoting Regional Growth through Science and Technology. "Senior executives from Greater China Region of IBM Software Group, The chief principals and technical experts from Central China attended the forum, and at the conference, they also analyzed the experience of IBM's transformation and development for many years and the development characteristics of "compatible with openness and self-innovation" set by IBM Software Group in China for 16 years Participate in the many regional partners and software elite to share ....

The rise of cloud computing has brought about a surge in demand for talent

As of 2011, although the U.S. economy has begun to show some hope, its distance from recession is a bit far away. High unemployment, the debt ceiling crisis and chaos around the government budget all contributed to more economic instability, coupled with Europe's unabated financial crisis, which posed a tremendous threat to global markets. If there is any good news, it is only found in the field of IT. "No one in 2008 knew what the outcome of the global financial crisis would be and no one realized that spending on IT could be limited overnight ...

Analysis and optimization of business

With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more information resources are gradually spread on the network. Again such a trend, there is such a focus on how we can use a lot of network information to help enterprises in the market competition to make rapid and accurate business decisions. At the same time, business intelligence analysis System-an intelligent analysis of the engine system, through the research and development of advanced text to analyze the mining technology to improve business intelligence. The Business intelligence analysis system is different from the traditional search engine, and it is an entity-centered search system, given an entity name, by ...

IBM to launch several cloud computing initial products and services this week

IBM said this week that IBM will launch some cloud computing initial products and services, according to the New York Times reported June 15. These cloud products will be announced in Monday.  One cloud product focuses on technologies that are used by software developers and testers, and another for Virtual desktop services, where PC software can be run on remote servers with only monitors and keyboards. IBM also says IBM is planning to launch other cloud computing products, including cloud services that regulate data storage, and cloud products for Business Analytics that analyze customer behavior patterns, Market trends ...

IBM: Top ten skills to deal with big data challenges

IBM offers a range of platforms to address the three challenges of large data-mass (Volume), diversification (produced), and Rapid (Velocity). Whether it is an energy company that analyzes meteorological data, or that the judiciary analyzes valuable information in numerous video data, or how many years of transaction data are analyzed by the bank to identify the client level for examining assets. IBM's large data platform can help companies manage their data as strategic assets. IBM Research has been working in large data areas for more than 3 years and currently has 100 large data project customers ...

Hadoop: The winner of large data solutions

Software engineers of large architecture data solutions know that Business Analytics has a technology spanning SQL databases, NoSQL databases, unstructured data, document-oriented data storage, and large processing. If you guessed Hadoop, you answered correctly. Hadoop is also a common denominator for many giant companies, such as Amazon, Yahoo, AOL, Netflix, EBay, Microsoft, Google, Twitter and Facebook. IBM is even at the forefront of the times, promoting Hadoop for enterprise analysis. This open source model is everywhere ...

Wu Jiye: How LinkedIn uses large data to achieve business value

The first China cloud Computing conference was opened in June 2013 5-7th at the Beijing National Convention Center. The Conference, with an international perspective, insights into global cloud computing trends, and from the application, explore cloud computing and large data, cloud computing and mobile Internet, cloud security and cloud computing industry applications, such as the focus of the topic.  In particular, the Conference has set up a cloud computing services display area, exchange the latest research results of international cloud computing, showcase domestic cloud computing pilot City development achievements, share cloud computing development experience, promote global cloud computing innovation cooperation. In the "Cloud Computing Core Technology Architecture Forum" ...

Cloud computing era: Big data bubbles are expanding indefinitely

In today's enterprise, 80% of the data is unstructured, and the data is growing exponentially by 60% annually. Large data will challenge the enterprise's storage architecture, data center infrastructure, etc., will also trigger the data Warehouse, data mining, business intelligence, cloud computing and other applications of the chain reaction. Future businesses will use more TB-level (1TB=1024GB) Datasets for business intelligence and Business Analytics. By 2020, global data usage is expected to rise 44 times-fold to 35.2ZB (1zb=10 billion TB). Big data is changing the IT world completely. October a few big technology giant ...

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