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The first cloud based Human Resource Application dialog Hrpal

Dialog Enterprise, Dialog Axiata PLC's enterprise product equipment provides Sri Lankan enterprise with a product on a SaaS platform, which is said to bring considerable cost savings, otherwise only licensed commercial applications can be used. The SaaS platform allows users to access a software that functions as a web-based service that enables businesses to access business functions at lower cost compared to licensed applications, the company said in a statement. Unlike traditional software that requires licensing fees, SaaS product platforms require only users ...

Mobile application software development to achieve the same way with ordinary PC software

First of all, I am here to explain the interface, not the code in the interface, but the interface project, do not have to look down if you want to go wrong. The widespread popularity of mobile phones today, mobile applications will also be more and more, and the growth rate is very fast. Mobile application software development to achieve the same way with ordinary PC software is also divided into BS and CS mode. The use of CS mode, most of the server-side interface to provide data in the form of interactive data (mainstream data interaction are: Json, WebService, etc.), Today is how to design the interface. Interface as a connecting client and ...

Big data modeling of the top ten business trends

Ron Bodkin, CEO and founder of Think Big, a big data consultancy, once said: "Despite the slow development of big data, it is firmly changing the way businesses do business.Each industry has different use cases and big data releases The ability to work with data, a capability that has been repressed for a long time, has finally come under a lot of pent-up demand. "Here are ten trends that are shaping big data and the future of businesses. 1, machine data and Internet of Things will occupy the center stage though emotional analysis and click ...

NoSQL database mongodb launched a new generation of products mongodb 2.6

Recently, the nosql database mongodb launched a new generation of products mongodb 2.6, this version fully strengthen the core server, providing new automated tools and important business functions, claiming to be mongodb come out in 5 years the largest release, the main improvement in the development of http: // "> Personnel management operations, better suited to large enterprises. It is reported that mongodb for a cross ...

Is it safe for banks to apply cloud computing technology?

"We don't need to buy a data center anymore, and we don't need to buy racks or storage devices or network devices anymore," said Australian federal Bank CIO Michael Harte at the Australian Economic Development Association. And I'm not going to let any of my banks be tied to some kind of hardware or software system. I'll never tell my IT team that the hardware they need will be delivered in a week. I will not invest in the upfront funds to buy any software or hardware, for those who have not used equipment or software, I do not have to pay for their various fees ...

Research on architecture and platform implementation technology of cloud manufacturing

Research on architecture and platform implementation technology of cloud manufacturing Chongqing Magang in this paper, based on the dynamic and flexibility of open cloud manufacturing system, a new service-oriented, modular cloud manufacturing architecture and its platform implementation technology are studied by using service component technology. The main research contents include: ① analysis of cloud manufacturing system characteristics and design principles, research and development of a component-based cloud manufacturing hierarchy architecture. This paper gives the business functions of the architecture and their hierarchical relationships, and discusses the core components of the cloud manufacturing system, as well as the relevant standards and specifications. ② for Cloud manufacturing ...

Four steps to a successful data center migration

"Editor's note" even seemingly simple data center migrations can affect business operations, jeopardizing key business functions and business relationships. However, the company can successfully migrate the data center. Greenhousedata's data center and Planning Director Art Salazar recently wrote about the four steps to do a good job of data center migration, with a lot of people concerned and learning. With the company merging, the internal deployment facilities are aging, but the integration task has been confessed, then the need to migrate the data center equipment to the new facility ...

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