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How to optimize the order conversion rate of the Business-to-consumer website

Optimization of the order conversion rate of the business website, it can be said that no matter which electrical network product design team (also including UE team and data Team) are required to do, but this project is a large and systematic, where should we start? I hope to use some of my experience to share with you, to help. First of all, I mean the conversion rate = The number of successful order submissions/visits, and the success of submitting an order is equivalent to achieving the goal.   and subsequent due to payment, inventory, distribution and other factors leading to the final transaction, not to consider here. In the act of doing sth.

2013 Performance Highlights vertical Business-to-consumer website Inventory

"Editor's note" vertical business E-commerce belongs to the "dead" site, want to do well is not easy.   In this, billion power network selected 2013 years outstanding performance of 5 vertical business website, to glimpse the development of the entire industry and trend. Home class vertical consumer incredibly online mobile app synchronous launch last year double 11 Eve, incredibly the house launched a class of electric business platform "incredibly online", want to build online integrated home life on-line quality mall. Actually provides the third party distribution online, the merchant own distribution, the door ...

The user's eye to order the province

Amazon launched the "Order of the province", Shibe before writing the Amazon, when it felt that this function is good, but because Shibe will not use, there is no further scrutiny.   Now the spirit of good research, the function of a careful study.   The background of this function is simple, "order Province" is the U.S. Amazon products, and then be introduced into China, the basic idea is for the daily repeat purchase rate of goods, set a purchase cycle, and then on the basis of Amazon original price to obtain a 5~10% discount. Shibe don't know "order province" in the United States is not ...

On the conversion rate of orders

To do e-commerce, there are usually three kinds of ideas: Internet, retail and supply chain.   The conversion rate can be equated with the site experience, is generally the Internet-born designer or product manager, they will pay special attention to the visual effects of the site, the friendly nature of interaction;   E-commerce can be understood as a retail channel, is generally to do the traditional retail origin, they like to open shops in various places, such as the cat, Pat, when, and so on, and often do some discount promotions; E-commerce can be understood as a supply chain, such as Amazon, its interface design is no beauty, there is no promotional atmosphere ...

Analyze the data for the Business-to-consumer Web site

"If your user conversion rate reaches 5% per day." Then raise your hand! If you ask all of China's business-to-consumer websites.   As a result, no one raised his hand.   Now, most of the conversion rate is below 1%, the best to do is only about 3.5%.   I believe all of the clients will care about the following three questions: Where did the 97% go? What links have their own site in the problem, so that the customers come in so quickly lost? And how to reduce the speed of leakage? Data, this time can be a pair of eyes, careful analysis of ...

What can be learned from traditional retailing

The turnover rate and the customer unit price are the key indicators to measure whether a Web site is selling goods. How can these two indicators be improved?      If we want to look for ways from traditional marketing! Consumer: Learn from traditional retailing what often have friends and I say that the site's traffic is too low.   In other words, the website does not sell, there is no traffic is the main reason, it is supposed to be many do the mainstream understanding of E-commerce. So, the flow is very important, but in most cases, traffic does not necessarily represent sales. LOVO ...

SEO Blasting point disclosure of the website of the Business-to-consumer

One selling shoes for the business ecommerce website, at the beginning of the year only 10,000 products, for its SEO flow promotion, planning a clever SEO strategy, for this site to create a reasonable dozens of high-quality long tail keyword, so that its SEO traffic from 10,000 IP per day growth to more than 50,000 IP, Help this site a year to save network marketing costs more than 10 million yuan, this recruit for more than 90% of the large business website.   You will learn this technique through this blog post.   Selling shoes to the Business-to-consumer website, where is the key word bursting point? Answer: Choose shoes ...

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