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Beijing Unicom summer purchase promotion you are waiting for?

For just the end of the entrance exam, college entrance examination candidates, the face of the long summer, to buy a cell phone, not only for a three-year middle school career a reward, you can also have an entertainment partner in the summer. I learned that Beijing Unicom recently opened a "promotion to send a red envelope" summer promotions, Beijing senior high school entrance exam candidates with a ticket for a designated contract to buy mobile phone contract delivery, you can receive the bill on the basis of giving away, then receive the highest 800 yuan prepaid card, if you choose 96 yuan package can also enjoy the benefits of 4G traffic concessions, which is the first choice for parents to give their children to go to school "big red envelope ...

is a friend's friend a good business?

Dunbar Theory said that a person can only care for 150 of friends, more than the inevitable. If you have 150 friends, count their friends. The upper limit is 150x150=22500. Classified sites you may not have so many friends and their friends to provide all the services. But you probably don't need all the services. You might want to expand your friends ' friends.   A network that is so built up is a network that you trust more and is not a one-time business. There is no doubt that we need friends. Especially when we have to make some decisions ...

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