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Domain name investment now seems nothing more than a bubble?

Recently, the reader Mr. Liu took a large stack of orders to reflect this newspaper, he spent 50,000 yuan to buy domain name investment dream has become a bubble. Initially, an Internet company to promote his domain name, that can be registered by the domain name of others to redeem at a high price for high returns. Today, more than a dozen citizens in Wuxi who, like him, had packaged and bought the company's domain name, were fooled. Mr. Liu's order shows that he bought more than 20 domain names from Wuxi Mingwan Company last year, among which there are many navigation domain names such as "Listed Company Navigation". Mr. Liu said that when the company's salesman almost days ...

Web site in search engines to get high ranking should pay attention to the link

Abstract: Foreign trade Enterprise Station is to go out of the door, buy domain name, buy space, please design the company, please this please, all efforts are to be able to through the site to bring orders to the company, a point of harvest, but did not have the harvest, many enterprises foreign trade enterprise station is to go out of the door, buy domain name, buy space, Please design the company, please this please, all efforts are to be able to through the site to bring orders to the company, "A penny of the harvest", but the cultivation is not necessarily a harvest, many corporate sites have been built, but did not find that it brought to the enterprise orders. Of course...

Enterprises to prevent the domain name is registered

The two Chinese top-level domains suffixed with ".com" and ".net" will enter the preferential registration period starting from 8 AM Beijing time on July 31, and the priority period will last for 21 days. The two major domain names will then be open for registration . This means that companies want to prevent their domain name is registered, we must seize these 21 days. Prevent domain names from being registered, preemptively registered domain names in the next 21 days are registered, which forced them to buy domain names at high or high price ...

Xinwang one-stop online marketing platform successfully led the industry new direction

On March 10, the 43rd meeting of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) was held in San José, Costa Rica. It is learned that the application of the new top-level domain for this conference will be a hot issue. As the only silver sponsor of the conference, Mao Wei, Chairman of China Netcom Corporation (, will also lead a team of experts to attend the global new top-level domain ( Etc., and strive to "have a voice, make contributions and hold a position" and strive for our right to speak in key areas of the Internet. ...

"Say my domain name Story" award-winning essay activity begins!

Many webmaster and it practitioners, have been concerned about or hoarding some domain names, in the use of real money to buy domain names, may have a very strong impulse, eager to these domain names one day can blockbuster, or can sell a good price, but what is the truth? In order to have more people to be able to pay attention to stationmaster and it person's life, encourage the vast number of domain name investors and domain enthusiasts enthusiasm, for everyone to provide a good exchange of experience, and lessons learned opportunities, but also in order to allow more netizens to understand domain names, understanding domain names, Portal Forum Special held this "tell my Domain name Story" award ...

Your own money to do the site is not your own?

I remember November 2006, I found a web designer on the Internet, asked him to make me a Shenzhen urban collection and waste network. Because I did not understand the site, so the domain name, space, database by that designer together to purchase, that is, the so-called one-stop station service. The net is my first website, the design is very beautiful, I like it very much. The designer gave me the site's background landing address, account number and password, I can log in to the background to update information, inquiries registered members information. I take it for granted that this site is mine. But once, do not remember why, suddenly ...

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