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Production enterprises deny "Mooncake coupons into Futures"

Mid-Autumn Festival has passed but some brands of Mooncake coupons can be postponed to use in the past, the Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncake coupons almost become "waste paper." However, the reporter visited yesterday to understand that some of the brand generals Moon Cakes extended, up to the end of the month.  For the media reported that the mooncake coupons have become "futures products", the Shanghai Moon cakes merchants more to deny. This week, you can also get mooncakes yesterday morning, the reporter in Nanjing East Road, the moon Cakes Shop has seen, although the Mid-Autumn Festival has ended, but the people who come to get the mooncakes still lined up hundred meters team. Citizen Zhang Dabe said, the store's bulk moon cakes buy one get one, he has lined up more than 3 ...

Mid-Autumn night mooncake price hold not live after the shelf or be destroyed or feed the pig

"The first few days are crowded with people to buy, today is not very attractive to see."  Yesterday is the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, every time, the moon cakes like lost pet, silently waiting for the fate of the city. Yesterday evening, Hangzhou several supermarkets of the moon cakes sales into the final fight period, have played discounts let promotions. At 7 o'clock, the supermarkets are busy packing the rest of the mooncakes, overnight removed the moon cake counter.  Reporter interviewed a few moon cakes manufacturers learned that the sale of moon cakes will be destroyed, or take to do feed, will not return to the market. The last moment "buy one Get One" "now buy the most cost-effective, ...

Good eyesight is suspected no real effect is still in promotion buy one get one free

Every reporter Chen Chenting jin from Beijing at present, good eyesight eye paste this is questioned, "the eye affixed with no substantial effect" of the relevant products are still in the normal sales channels. At a gold elephant pharmacy in Chaoyang District in Beijing, the daily economic news reporter found that the basic paragraph of good eyesight is still on sale, but the pharmacy's shop assistants are not recommended for this product. In addition to pharmacies, good eyesight also has stores, electric dealers and telephone orders and other channels. Yesterday (May 6), "Daily economic news" login good eyesight eye Paste official website, good eyesight is still vigorously promote: "Good eyesight 51 great benefits, Series products ..."

Self-goods and settled businesses "two clear"

The most recent period, Yi Xun quite turmoil, while selling hard to drink preferential clearance, leaving a large number of employees on the other side, easy Xun "Jingdong" accelerating. In the meantime, the former CEO of Easy Xun BuGuangqi to "IT Times" reporter exclusive revealed that he has now left. It seems the industry, easy Xun already "in name only." Self goods and settled businesses "Two" Although not a big business day to promote electricity, but Yi Xun some recent promotional activities in the price comparison site in the forefront, over 100 by 50, buy one get one free activity indeed make a lot of buy Home shouted "worth it." Accompanied by "big promotion", followed by "...

Skin Thirst Special prescription buy one get one

The weather is becoming more and more sultry today, and it's more uncomfortable to run around the street office. See May has come, the sun hung high, thinking that if you can find a number of cures heat, soothing the skin, the return of the net through the porcelain muscle is very good. Learned that this height of goods linlang, and fear of price unbearable, very melancholy. Kiss, Speak! Watson's "> Day Cat flagship store May specials!" Full 99 yuan Package mail, but also with the package with Watson double-effect stone ...

Linkage world "free cloud" on-line, armed sites even more powerful!

Intermediary transaction"> SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Hosting Technology Hall "There is no free lunch in the world," "the sky may not fall out of the pie, but the discus" And so widely recognized, the conclusion is that there is no real free in the world.But I think: free of charge does not fly, but can be close.It is understood that the linkage world ( has also given its action, In 9 ...

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