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Libnodelay 1.0.1 publishes the Ld_preload library that disables the Nagle algorithm

Libnodelay is a ld_preload library that disables the Nagle algorithm. Disabling the Nagle algorithm can result in improved TCP performance for latency-sensitive applications. Using this library may not be possible through code and confusing or ambiguous configuration options. Libnodelay 1.0.1 This version has a strict C compiler user's security being repaired. Download Address: Http://bogomips.org/libnodelay.git/snapshot/libnodelay-1 ...

apache+php 5+mysql 5 Source code compilation installation

In addition, Apache open url_rewrite Expansion, PHP open curl,soap,imagick,mb_string,mysql,mysqli expansion and so on. First step, install http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/14417.html ">apache2 download httpd-2.0.59.tar.gz, execute sudo tar xzvf httpd-2 ....

Intlize 1.0.2 publishes the tools for internationalization programs and libraries

Intlize is a tool for internationalizing programs and libraries that allows developers to use catgets without cumbersome syntax and the right directory details, with GetText tools available for processing human-readable files. C++atgets is an internationalized C compiler suite. Intlize can produce a compact, optimized file format for quick access, support for intermediate files in GetText PO format, with multiple translation tools, native support for C, C + +, catgets, and ...

GCC features superior multi-platform compiler detailed

Inadvertently, GCC has developed into a 4.3 version, although the http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/36661.html "> Development community outside the software But because GCC is used in almost all open source and free software, the fluctuations in its compiler performance directly affect the development of thousands of of projects, such as Linux, Firefox and even OpenOffice.org and Apache. So put GCC in ...

Hadoop Local Library

For some components, Hadoop provides its own local implementation, given the performance problems and the lack of some Java class libraries. These components are stored in a separate dynamically linked library of Hadoop. This library is called libhadoop.so on the Nix platform. This article mainly describes how to use the local library and how to build the local library. Component Hadoop now has the following compression codecs local components: Zlib gzip Lzo in the above components, LZO and gzip compression ...

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