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"Call of Duty 7" new intelligence avatar hero for his voice

The Washington Post has officially unveiled the "Call of Duty: Black Ops" exclusive new intelligence: The one-man campaign model is mostly focused on the protagonist Alex Mason,mason also affiliated with the 40th Department of Operations and Research and observation group-two CIA departments.  The beginning of the game the Torture chamber Oldman (Gary Oldman) will be the voice of a British role, from the "Call of Duty: Black action" Viktor Reznov role. Gari Leonard · ...

Call of Duty Black call

Some details of the game were found on the Xbox Live website of Call of Duty black action.  A symbol called "Theatre mode" and a mushroom cloud after the explosion of a nuclear weapon was first exposed to the player, plus a typeface called "First Strike" (Strike) with a file size of only 1GB. "The first Strike" is the code for the internal beta of the call of duty black action, but it does not explain why the contents of the internal beta version appear on the ...

"Call of Duty" multiplayer online mode will be permanently free

The network (compilation/Mao) Call of Duty series has always been the mobile vision of making money, the latest "black action" has created a record of entertainment products. There have been rumors that the move will be charged on the online multiplayer mode of the game. According to the current online game volume calculation, if the online multiplayer game mode charges, then the resulting profits must be an astronomical figure.  But the move insists that it has never changed the online multiplayer model to a fee. Erichirshberg, President of the issue, said in a media interview, "multiplayer online mode charges, this ...

"Call of Duty 7" Peripherals developing game map multi-human

June 3 Message peripherals manufacturer Mad Catz announced that it will make a call to the Mission: Black action Theme of the mouse keyboard and other accessories, just as they were before the call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 developed products.  Of course, now we can not see these still in the concept of the goods, but according to previous experience, these products are all with black action logo and posters of the mouse keyboard and other equipment. Peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz external equipment has inherited the mantle of modern Warfare 2, then the game content. Call of Duty: black action Development ...

Transmission view April or will be announced "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3"

(compilation/star drizzle) on the dynamic depending on the smoke Jinda "Call of Duty" series of new rumors, recently is an endless stream. However, the British game magazine PSM3 the most reliable news so far, according to the magazine revealed that Blizzard will be released in mid-April a "heavy" FPS game series continued.  The industry speculated that the game was most likely a new series called Call of Duty. Incidentally, "Call of Duty Black action" last year on the official website of the news, is also April 30. The rumours of the April mid-April are also very much in line with the announcement schedule of the blizzard. This ...

Call of Duty vs statistics every 24 hours. 300 million

The latest news from January 20, the Dutch media Spijkermat the world's popular "Call of Duty Black action" 24-hour online game statistics: The most popular region is the United States, Players online to kill nearly 324 million people, including the head shot killed 28.34 million people, behind the attack dagger assassination of 2.26 million people; the most popular weapon is mp5k, with 54% of players using it when they are online, and the cumulative cost of players spending on weapons and upgrades is as high as € 16.4 billion The length of the explosive crossbow shot is 6,280-kilometer, the length of the Great Wall in China ...

Transmission View Blizzard to launch "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3"

Beijing time February 26 afternoon news, according to the U.S. Science and Technology blog VentureBeat reported that Blizzard is expected to be held next week in the "Game Developers Conference" on the launch of the new game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3." Call of Duty: The launch of Modern Warfare 3 is noteworthy, and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the best-selling games in history, and Blizzard has almost assured investors that it will launch a new "Call of Duty" game every year. It is reported that the "Modern War" series of the storyline is different from the "Black Action" series, the latter is 2010 ...

Call of Duty: Phantom game demo video-New battle dog mode and underwater warfare, which is the rhythm of pets can be kept?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" has released the first authentic demo video of the Call of Duty: The Ghost (called Duty:ghosts). Visible from the video, the protagonist will have a dog walk, it seems to be able to make an order, only the dog can be controlled by the players do not known, there will be underwater warfare. If no accident, this game will be on November 5 in ...

Call of Duty black action confirms "zombie mode"

Multi-Play online (compile/applies will) Treyarch Studio community manager Josh Olin on Weibo yesterday hinted that "the Call of Duty black action" will have a "kill zombie" model. When a player asks on Weibo whether "Call of Duty Black action" will have "zombie mode", Josh Olin writes: "I want to say ... I didn't mean to leak before the time was set. "If there are zombies or anything else that will appear in the game's cooperative mode, it will be our top secret set." For the sake of safety, please pay attention to the official video ...

The egg hurts to death! "Call of Duty 7" Lightning Kill method Video

"Call of Duty" many people online often have some unexpected, laugh and cry scenes, the following is from YouTube, a lightning kill process: How did he die? You have to see it clearly! (Digging the shell net)

"Call of Duty 7" in the UK as the reason for the 18 ban: disharmony

The British Film Classification Committee (BBFC) defined "Call of Duty: Black Action" as "18"-and leaked some new details. The British Film Grading Board (BBFC), after grading the game, revealed "Call of Duty: Black Action" is a "war of the first person shooter game, players in the game play a CIA elite Action team members, active in the Cold War, tried to stop the Soviet Chemical weapons program threat."  So now you have no doubt about it. BBFC defines the game as "18", containing blood and ...

Call of Duty: Black action welcome players to make their own mod

Play video (compile/freelancer) when the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, many players were dissatisfied with the lack of dedicated servers or mod tools.  As if to make up for this, Treyarch confirmed in the previous period that "black action" will have dedicated servers, and today Treyarch officially announced: The game will welcome players to make their own mod. In the official forum of Call of Duty: Black Action, a Treyarch staff member called "Pcdev" was posted yesterday.

"Call of Duty 7", the most overvalued four games in the near term.

The latest news of March 25, we've seen from the media too much praise for a game that isn't really what it is, for example, the following four: 1. Call of Duty Black action: Thanks to the success of "Modern Warfare 2", this is a powerful propaganda offensive under the dynamic vision of the new high,  But in reality there is not much significant progress.  2. "Halo 3 Orbital Airborne": Microsoft's Super Hype, hard to add a plot between 2 and 3, many people online is not how, most people buy just to obtain "Zhiyuan Star" test eligibility. 3.

Rumored "Call of Duty" online games version from Shanghai Dynamic Vision production, is deliberately developed for the Chinese market

Editor's note: The rumored "Call of Duty" online games edition is made by Shanghai Dynamic View, which is specially developed for the Chinese market.  Foreign analysts said it would be the agent of Tencent, coincided with the "Call of Duty: Black Action," the U.S. release date, the news is indeed a gain. Related reading: The most investment in the history of the Mission call: Black action "sell" or for the Chinese market special development "Call of Duty" online games version of Tencent won the "sword" proxy right once again won South Korea look forward to the work of this network (compiler/Sky White) foreign analyst Mike Hickey recently published a ...

"Call of Duty 7" German ban on CD-ROM release only digital version

According to the German media, the call of Duty black operation has been determined to prohibit the sale of the CD-ROM retail version in Germany. The report said this was due to German legal restrictions.  The move will be for Germany to launch the steam digital version, but this version only allowed for German players open, not allowed to other EU countries, including the United Kingdom. "Call of Duty Black action" game is scheduled to be listed on the global scale on November 9. (Digging the shell net)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as the best-selling game in the history of England

Play video (compiler/wendy) "Kane and Lynch 2: Voldemort" in the UK listing only a week to occupy the top of the list of sales, but the dynamic view can still rob the page, because "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" has become Britain's all-time best-selling video games. Although the European Third-party sales statistics agency GfK Chart Track did not disclose the specific value, but the agency said "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" has surpassed the previous record holder, "brain training of Dr. Sichuan Island" as the first. "Dr Sichuan Island of Brain Training" surpasses its previous record ...

Blizzard executives criticize EA for Call of Duty attack speech

EA game continued as "Battlefield 3" Sina Science and technology Beijing time August 19 Morning News, the dynamic view of Blizzard's dynamic View Publishing Company (Activision Publishing) CEO Eric Hersberg (Eric Hirshberg) in Thursday at the Cologne International game show accused EA said,  EA exposes the "Call of Duty" series of privacy practices that are detrimental to the industry or the players themselves. Hesburgh said: "This is not a political game, one side wins, the other does not have to fail." This is the entertainment industry, innovation, and most of all ...

"Call of Duty 7" sold 13.7 million copies of the largest U.S. sales

"Call of Duty 7: Black action" has sold 13.7 million copies in the U.S. market as the best selling game in American history as of February 2011, according to data from market research firm NPD. In February this year, the top 5 games in the U.S. market were in turn: Call of Duty 7, comic hero vs Capcom 3 (Marvel vs. Capcom 3), "Full Dance 2" (Ethically Dance 2), "NBA 2k11" and "Death Space 2". "Call of Duty 7" since the sale last November, the cumulative ...

Call of Duty has reached 10 million fans on social networking sites Facebook.

Summary: Beijing time May 10 News, according to foreign media reports, the world's largest video game developers Dynamic Blizzard announced in Monday, the company will launch a micro-payment network game for Chinese gamers "Call of Duty." This is the first time in the Asian market to push the news of Beijing, May 10, according to foreign media reports, the world's largest video game developers Dynamic Blizzard announced in Monday, the company will launch a micro-payment network Game "Call of Duty" for Chinese gamers. It is the first time that Blizzard has launched a free version of "Call of Duty" in the Asian market. Blizzard Monday also announced that the mission called ...

"Free online Games" "Call of Duty Ol" will be in other countries or regions operating problems

A few days ago, Hirshberg, the CEO of the Distribution department, spoke at a performance conference about whether the "free online game" called "Call of Duty ol" (called deriving online) would operate in other countries or regions. "I think it's a great opportunity for us and for the game itself to release the Call of Duty ol (called Deriving Online) in China," he says. And we can learn from the "free online games" Micro ...

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