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Programmer's third professional channel: to the product

Thousands of programmers have been puzzled by questions such as "What is the future of a programmer," and "How long a programmer can work?" At present, the more common understanding is that there are two advanced routes for the programmer's career channel. A technical route is from programmers, senior programmers, system analysts, to architects. In this line, is based on the business model to the computer software model conversion, and strive to become high-end software technology workers. The other is the management of the route, that is, by the programmer, the development team leader, project manager, and finally to the corporate high-level ...

Position of the programmer

"There are very few people who can be real artists in computer programming, and most people are just painters of houses," he said. Tim Bryce, a management consultant ——— Tim Bryce, doesn't like programmers, and many programmers don't like him. (Note: Tim Bryce once published an article called "P Theory: the Philosophy of managing programmers.")   The following is Bryce's view of programmers: Programmers are people who like to be mysterious and arrogant. If with ...

Some qualities a good programmer must have

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall as a qualified and excellent programmer, what should be the quality? In fact, I worked half a year,   Seems to be far from qualified to talk about this topic, but this six months of growth so I benefited, in the programmer this topic can also more or less say a little something valuable. First, the development of work to be necessary ...

How to be a programmer who understands products

"Guide" In many companies, programmers and product managers are "railway police, each section of the tube", the programmer is only responsible for implementation, do not care about who is in what circumstances with this product, what to do; The Product manager is only responsible for planning, not caring about whether the technology can be achieved or how much the implementation costs. It is estimated that in the minds of such an arrangement, programmers are like blind people who walk without looking at the road;   The so-called division of labor Cooperation, is the lame conductor blind, everyone to escape. About six years ago, I was in a ...

10 Secrets The new programmer should know

The fledgling you with the remaining ink with the graduation certificate on the job, immediately by the book did not write the rules and a variety of miscellaneous day-to-day affairs to a. Such stories are commonplace, and programming is no exception. Few students are 100% ready for their first real job. If you don't want to be one of them, learn the following 10 basic skills that you can learn without hands-on instruction: 1, Version control system (VCS) VCs may be the biggest omission in the computer curriculum. These lessons just remember teaching how to write code, but often forget to teach students ...

Such a beautiful sister can not be a programmer! The programmer's ads get off the shelf because the girl looks so attractive

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "articlebody" > Software technology industry How odd is sex discrimination? Not long ago, the technology community was first-hand experienced by the program workers. LinkedIn and Topta (a small developer Network platform) staged a farce about the credibility of the girl on Toptal's ad on the LinkedIn website ... The event originated from ...

I'm a garbage programmer.

English Original: I am a bad Software Developer, compiling: Dennis Gao in the past 4 months, I profoundly reflect on myself. Just 7 months ago, I was working on a job that was not very annoying but did not feel happy. I can't exactly describe why I feel this way until a friend of mine finds me again and says that I have a job that I do, but I have the opportunity to participate in open source software project development, and then I quit. All this let me know: I am a garbage ride ...

As a garbage programmer

In the last 4 months, I have profoundly reflected on myself. Just 7 months ago, I was working on a job that was not very annoying but did not feel happy. I can't exactly describe why I feel this way until a friend of mine finds me again and says that I have a job that I do, but I have the opportunity to participate in open source software project development, and then I quit.   It all let me know: I am a garbage programmer. I chose to leave the company 3 months later. I signed a temporary contract at the time.

How the programmer will develop in the future

Programmer career in the development of a certain degree of time, will face such a choice, is to go business + technical direction, or choose simple research technology. Almost all programmers are looking at the development of programmers ' careers, what to do in the future, and whether to be a programmer after age 30. Most programmers end up with a career goal that may be CTO, the CEO is very few people, there are a small number of people to start their own business to become the boss, of course, some people change careers, can be the boss of the people are very few, career change people do not do in this line, nature has nothing to say. Pass ...

Programmer interviewing has been a popular topic for community discussion

Since I worked as an internship in 2006, I have experienced four software companies, all of them foreign companies, among which are Fortune 500 telecommunications companies, middle-sized European financial companies engaged in options futures trading and Android development for large automobile manufacturers. Emerging companies in smart cars. Since entering the IT industry, I have been interviewed for many times during the job search process. In the past two years, I have also had many interviews with other people's experiences. I feel now to express my views on this issue, this article is a stand-in reflection of the interviewer's point of view on the programmer interview and experience summary ...

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