Can You Make A Database In Excel

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Access database to Oracle database sharing

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Lobby Internet there are many articles about access to Oracle database methods, I have tried, Not very successful, enumerate, Up-and do not have to blindly try, basically unsuccessful: 1, Access-->excel-->pl/sql-->ora ...

Microsoft opens big data in the era of mr.big everyone can be a

There is one Mr Big in our city, he is so great that he has the power to change the world, to see what is happening, to foresee what is to come, to help us create a moving surprise, to see what is happening--with big data, who can become mr.big. The picture is Microsoft Global Senior vice president, Greater China Region Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Hele (Ralph haupter) in the Microsoft Big Data Strategy conference speech above is excerpt from yesterday Microsoft in Beijing launches its big data strategy the scene to play ...

Analysis: How can the big data develop in depth?

The large data in the wall are registered as dead data. Large data requires open innovation, from data openness, sharing and trading, to the opening of the value extraction ability, then to the foundation processing and analysis of the open platform, so that the data as the blood in the body of the data society long flow, moisture data economy, so that more long tail enterprises and data thinking innovators have a colorful chemical role,   To create a golden age of big data. My large data research trajectory I have been 4-5 years of mobile architecture and Java Virtual Machine, 4-5 years of nuclear architecture and parallel programming system, the last 4-5 years also in pursuit ...

Java in the processing of large data, some tips

As we all know, Java in the processing of data is relatively large, loading into memory will inevitably lead to memory overflow, while in some ">   Data processing we have to deal with massive data, in doing data processing, our common means is decomposition, compression, parallel, temporary files and other methods; For example, we want to export data from a database, no matter what the database, to a file, usually Excel or ...

Analyze the large data processing function of Microsoft Hadooponazure

In large data technology, Apache Hadoop and MapReduce are the most user-focused. But it's not easy to manage a Hadoop Distributed file system, or to write MapReduce tasks in Java.      Then Apache hive may help you solve the problem. The Hive Data Warehouse tool is also a project of the Apache Foundation, one of the key components of the Hadoop ecosystem, which provides contextual query statements, i.e. hive queries ...

Microsoft Hele: The mission of large data is to help users make decisions

Absrtact: October 18, 2013, Microsoft held a big Data media day event with big control, big wisdom, big Insight, Microsoft Global Senior Vice President, Hele Ralph Haupter, chairman and chief executive of Greater China, said: Big Data not only October 18, 2013, Microsoft held a large data media day event on the theme of "Big control, big wisdom, big insight", said Mr Ralph Haupter, senior global vice President and chairman and chief executive of Greater China, Hele.

Statistical significance test of data in Web Analytics

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall in the website analysis, often do site optimization test, will compare the conversion rate of different schemes, such as bounce rate, Order Purchase rate, button clicks, etc., will also record the visitors or customers detailed data performance. But many times the difference is very small, whether it is to maintain the status quo or full use of the content of the new plan, it is difficult to have a conclusion, so ...

The basis of the pricing of virtual products in APP class

Absrtact: This article comes from knowing what is the basis for pricing virtual products for app.   Economist Varian Definition: All digital products or can be digitized products, can be regarded as information products, traditional information products in books, movies as a representative, now talk about this article from the "for the app for a class of virtual products on the basis of pricing." Economist Varian Definition: "All digital products or can be digitized products, can be regarded as information products", traditional information products in books, movies as a representative, now talk about ...

A method of customer segmentation to improve marketing return quickly

Wang Ming Tam database marketing training excerpt customer segmentation, English "segmentation" is the marketing staff has been doing the work, customer segmentation is the eternal theme of marketing. On the one hand, because of the limited marketing resources, we can not put the same marketing resources for all customers, on the other hand, today's consumer behavior more and more personalized, have different preferences, marketers must cater to the personalized needs of customers. Our question is: is not the finer the customer is better, is not 1 to 1 marketing is the pursuit of precision marketing the highest position ...

Microsoft Shenwey: Big Data in business intelligence and visualization

Recently, the first China CIO annual meeting held in Beijing. The CIO's annual meeting with the "new technology wave of it Change" as the theme, focus on hot technology, focus on enterprise applications, leading it changes. From the Government, finance, education, medical, manufacturing and other industries, 1000 CIOs, as well as from Microsoft, Ufida, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Informatica and other business solutions provider of experts, gathered at the National Convention Center, We discuss the new opportunities and challenges brought by new technology wave to enterprise informatization construction. Microsoft Greater China Vice President and marketing strategy ...

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