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Children are not suitable! Cartoonists spoof Nintendo role horror Zombie

We all know that Nintendo's games are full of childlike beauty, and this purpose can be fully reflected in the role of Nintendo's design. If these cute characters are infected with the virus, what is it like to be a zombie?  Look at the Overseas professional comic designer Josh Mirman, the Nintendo character is so scary and disgusting. From the picture we can see, the former lovely Yiu West, prank Wario, as well as cute pet elves, have become so disgusting. It also has the most Meng, The Legend of Zelda Lin ...

Cartoonist Bird Shanming and so on network newspaper peaceful painted smiling face refueling cheer

Japanese famous cartoonists such as Hello Kitty's mother Shimizu, who had been "killed" in the earthquake after the great earthquake in Japan, "reported peace" through the Internet and cheered the Japanese people in the disaster with a paintbrush. After the great earthquake in Japan, the "Japanese cartoonist Safety notice" in micro-blog and other network platform spread, in this list compiled by netizens, Hello Kitty's mother clear water gifted son, "Seven Dragon Bead" the author Bird Shanming was "confirmed to be killed", "Detective Conan" the author of Castle Peak Chang, "Naruto" The author of the Bank of the history of Qi is in the "missing" ...

The 42nd session of the French comic strip festival, the China Pavilion

January 29 to February 1, one of the world's largest comics festival-France Angouleme International cartoon Festival ushered in the 42nd session of the celebration. This cartoon festival is not only a special "China Pavilion", but also specially invited China International comic strip City--Guangzhou as the main guest city. This is the 2008 Ministry of Culture organized by the Chinese cartoon delegation to participate in the Angouleme Comics Festival, again by the Chinese government-driven, large-scale Chinese original anime foreign cultural exchange activities. During the Angouleme Comics Festival this year, the "China Pavilion" has been held for 4 consecutive days to hold "China Animation Golden Dragon Award" and "Past ·

The third Taipei International Anime Festival debut Nangang exhibition hall, fans waiting for the January sprint grab Goods

Xinhua Beijing, February 11, according to Taiwan's "joint newspaper" reported that the third Taipei International Animation Festival on 10th 6 days in Nangang exhibition Hall debut, please come to the island and more than 70 cartoonists, sound excellent and fans meet, the history of new highs. To rob Limited goods, fans top wind, tents tent "Camp Night Platoon", the earliest to have been waiting for one months outside, waiting for a opening will rush into the "sweep goods", the first day of the number of visitors broke 96,000 people. Thousands of anime fans in the early morning of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition hall surrounded by 10 points, fans with sprint speed straight to the stall to buy limited goods, and fans shouted "This is the road ...

Conan "Dad" reported to the Christmas Day cartoonists "disappeared"

"Bird Hill Ming" new works to encourage cartoon fans (1/11) understand the concerns of Japanese comics enthusiasts, but if there is a biography of So-and-so cartoonists in the earthquake in Japan, the tragic death of the news, first do not mess up the right to spread immediately. The best way to confirm this is to be on the cartoonist's blog, primary school or set the English club's official website, fans to do the site and Twitter search for their more reliable news to verify that, in addition to Twitter to use the mainland users are not convenient, the above said that other sites are very easy on, after verification, all kinds of rumors scattered. Until 15th ...

Japan's most artists confirm the rescue message

Han-Han's "Uncle Cat" popularity is very high, its photos are often taken by netizens to PS, home in the Yanshou County it has no news (1/8) The Japanese earthquake caused the Chinese people's concern and worry, in addition to their friends in Japan, Japanese artists and cartoonists are also a lot of Chinese netizens worried about the object. After the earthquake, there is news that famous cartoonist Eiichiro Eiichiro ("Pirates of the King"), Bird Shanming ("Dragon Bead") and shore Ben Zish ("Naruto") together buried in flames, many netizens expressed shock, but subsequently confirmed no such thing, cartoonists also have reported peace. However, in the ...

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