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Integrated Marketing Communication in certified training industry

At present, the qualification of vocational certification training in China has two types of distinctions, one is "practice qualification" generally refers to social relations adjustment, social public interest, physical health and safety of the major legal impact of the occupation, such as lawyers, certified public accountants, independent practitioners. The second is the vocational qualification that is the job certificate, which refers to the basic quality conditions that should be possessed in a certain occupation. China's professional certification training has been developed for nearly 20 years, from the original national machinery has been fully responsible for the development of national institutions, trade associations, professional training institutions to jointly develop management stage. With the gradual improvement of market economy system, especially China's accession to the WTO ...

Into the Cloud ERA H3C Data Center Network Technology Certification

The network construction of cloud era not only provides unprecedented market opportunity, but also presents unprecedented challenge to all data center operators. H3C in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen Three grand released the first heavyweight data center network Technology Certification--h3cse-data Center (H3C Certification Data Center network engineer) Autumn October, "leading a new era, smile proud cloud Era", H3C in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen Three solemnly released the first domestic heavy ...

2014 The world's most authoritative 11 major data qualification certification

Large data era, test computer card has gone out to the horizon. Data scientists and analysts with experience in large data analysis and engineers and developers who understand how to manage the Hadoop cluster and other technologies are now becoming hot. The number of certifications that are closely related to big data is rapidly increasing, and perhaps the following 11 certifications are the most important alternative you should consider. Data scientists, data analysts, engineers, and even developers! As long as you have the ability to handle large data-related technologies, the talent market shows a generous smile and a warm embrace. ...

Educational Training Chaos Survey: Tens of billions of markets, crisis lurking?

With the rapid development of science and technology, lifelong learning becomes a trend.  The current grim employment situation, to the vocational skills training market to add a fire.  The training industry in China contains huge business opportunities: according to the conservative estimate of Chinese residents ' savings deposits, the potential market of China's education and training market is up to 300 billion yuan, and it keeps the rapid development speed. The training market lurks a crisis that cannot be neglected: the quality of the training institutions is mixed, the false advertising is rampant, and the training personnel are mixed ... Recently, the reporter visited the relevant departments and a number of training institutions, trying to uncover the unusually hot and "charming eyes" of our education culture.

Economic winter accelerates training industry reshuffle many institutions will be eliminated

Under the background of the global financial crisis, what are the opportunities and challenges faced by the Jiangcheng training industry?  We may be able to glimpse the three popular industries through foreign language training, business management training and professional qualification certification.  Foreign language training-competition is facing shuffle no gongs, no firecrackers, English Fort International English Hankou Campus 16th in Baofeng Road low-key opening.  The already fierce competition of Hankou foreign language training market is "worse". British Fort International English is a local brand, headquartered in Wuchang Street mouth. Considering the students from Hankou, in Wuchang class ...

Iffy training qualification and "two associates"

Absrtact: Just after the Lunar New Year, Wusuyan's heart is almost without a hint of warmth. With the lily net lasted nearly a year of the dispute let her suffer from the mental burden of torture. Just discharged her soon, wait not to Lily net unfeeling break up after any account, next, is Christie Lunar New Year just, Wusuyan heart but almost no hint of warmth. With the lily net lasted nearly a year of the dispute let her suffer from the mental burden of torture. Just discharged her soon, wait not to Lily net unfeeling "break up" after any account, next, is brewing to commercial fraud charges and lily Nets court. Wusuyan and lily nets correction ...

Zi Fish: Profit for the SEO engineer certification disclosure

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall benefit for the SEO engineer certification as the meeting was made in January this year, Remember the first time I heard of this thing, just feel a little bit of the feeling of cloud, and then a smile. But unexpectedly, the recent "God Horse Certification" propaganda seems to have a great boiling potential. So, the child fish to take a little precious time to do a little bit of this ...

Zhengzhou Mobile push complaints processing grade certification system

Multi-module Upgrade service management level NA recently, Zhengzhou Mobile innovation implementation of the "Complaints processing level certification system", through the "skill standard", "Certification Assessment", "post management" modules, multi-channel, all-round improve the level of complaints processing staff. First, through the level of certification system to establish "certification-training-certification" care long-term management mechanism. The Grade Attestation system first carries on the comprehensive appraisal to the complaint processing personnel's work position and the post application ability, thus provides the effective basis for the branch company to carry on the business instruction and the training, and after the training authentication establishes the care ...

Four puzzles to be solved in international class: The concept of certification is ambiguous

Under the background of global economic integration, the internationalization of higher education has become a trend, all kinds of Sino-foreign Cooperative Schools, international colleges and international projects have sprung up. In recent years, with the deepening of the industry, international classes in the publicity, enrollment, management, teachers and other aspects of the problems gradually surfaced, how to let the international school embarked on a formal, benign development path, began to cause the industry to ponder. and the international class from the qualification approval, admission to school education certification process has been not known to outsiders. Puzzle 1 Difficult to distinguish the concept of international class is difficult to unify since September 1986, with the approval of the State Council, the first foreign ...

Search Engine Optimization training, what kind of service do we need?

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Guide: Recently widely circulated a news about the search Engine optimization training (SEO Training): "Mii Electronic Profession Center launches" The Search Engine Optimization Promotion (SEO&SEM) "The Vocational technical training", The author of this article stone based on the report of the SEO training site to carry out relevant tracking and analysis, through a large number of capture and facts, trying to uncover the so-called Search engine optimization training authorized agencies true face. And questioned Mii and Sadie Media. Hope to throw bricks ...

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